ADVENTCAzT 2018 18: The damage liturgical ‘expertise’ has done to us!

Once again this year I offer short daily podcasts to help you prepare for the upcoming feast as well as for your own, personal, meeting with the Lord.

Here is ADVENTCAzT 18, for Wednesday in the 3rd Week of Advent. Gaudete!

These 5 minute offerings are a token of gratitude especially for my benefactors.  Thank you!

Today we have a taste of Peter Kwasniewski’s Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness: Why the Modern Age Needs the Mass of Ages


Have some Mystic Monk Coffee and have a listen!

Chime in if you listened.

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7 Responses to ADVENTCAzT 2018 18: The damage liturgical ‘expertise’ has done to us!

  1. Ms. M-S says:

    Thank you, Father Z. This passage crystalized thoughts that had been roiling formlessly around for some time. Now I see that the hours we spend driving to the TLM on Sundays are less an escape from the minimal vessel of the NO than a pilgrimage into the Church of the Ages.

  2. JonPatrick says:

    Thanks Fr. Z. Following only one calendar and attending only one liturgy – I wish. Currently I find myself following 3 calendars – Traditional, Novus Ordo, and Eastern Rite. Unless you belong to an FSSP or SSPX parish that offers daily Mass it seems you can’t get away from the NO as much as I would like to.

  3. DMorgan says:

    Thank you Father.

  4. Hidden One says:

    I agree sadly and completely with the insightful account of the problem. Still, I’m not so sure that some of us who are afflicted by it, myself included, would not need still more medicine than Dr. Kwasniewski proposes, at least in the excerpt given.

  5. grumpyoldCatholic says:

    We need more traditional Masses. I wish I could go more often. My nearest Mass is 130 miles one way. The saddest part is all the diocesan leaders won’t give it a try. I think they would be amazed at what would happen

  6. NBW says:

    AMEN!!!!!! Thank you Father ! Your Adventcazts have been very spot on!

  7. cantrix says:

    So true! I find myself constantly analyzing what is going on at Mass, even when I am attending a traditional liturgy. It is hard now to simply pray the Mass. I consider it a great fault.