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AUDIO: Damian Thompson on boring bishops – @HolySmoke

Are you tired of torpor-inducing cliches from the pulpit?  Do you grind your teeth and then yawn at the cringe-worthy pabulum dribbled by high clerics in interviews? I guide the readership to the latest and superb podcast from Damian Thompson. … Continue reading

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15 March – A ramble about the #IdesOfMarch

We call today the Ides of March, made especially famous in the English speaking world by Shakespeare in his play Julius Caesar. Caesar: Who is it in the press that calls on me? I hear a tongue shriller than all the … Continue reading

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Dems push to save cats after abandoning babies to death

From LifeSite: Democrats fight for kittens’ right to life after voting to kill born-alive babies March 14, 2019 (Family Research Council) — What do cats have that newborn babies don’t? Democrats’ support. In one of the sickest ironies no one … Continue reading

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A “binding” German synod… What could possibly go wrong?

The German Church continues its imitation of the Body of Christ’s theological and disciplinary Necrotizing fascitis, more commonly known as “flesh-eating disease”. From the Catholic Herald comes news about a synod which the Germans want to hold. What could possibly … Continue reading

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LENTCAzT 2019 – 10 Friday in the 1st Week of Lent: The involuntary, personal response to a gracious epiphany

These daily 5 minute podcasts are intended to give you a small boost every day, a little encouragement in your own use of this holy season. Today is EMBER Friday in the 1st Week of Lent.   Remember, it’s Friday in Lent. … Continue reading

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