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Rome Day 5-7: Caponata, Carbonara, and Che Guevara

I’m behind on my travelogue.  May I make this a quick one? An advantage to an apartment is that you can make breakfast when you want from leftovers. Out of order.. which drink is mine?   This is NOT breakfast. But … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Prayer “Pro seipso sacerdote – For the priest himself” (1962MR)

This time of year many new priests are being ordained and, consequently, many priests observe their own anniversaries. In the traditional, Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite a priest can add orations for himself, Pro seipso sacerdote, on the anniversary … Continue reading

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Fr. Z’s 28th Anniversary of Ordination: St. Philip plays a prank.

“Well… I made it this far.” That’s what I say to myself when this date rolls around. Many priests observe the anniversary of their ordination at this time of year. It is a common time for ordinations, probably because Ember … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: How to break the bondage of bad habits, vices?

From a priest: QUAERITUR: Father, you stated: “Create a vacuum and something else will rush in to fill it. Think of this in our human, lived experience. If you have a bad habit, you will more than likely never break … Continue reading

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10 Great Meals In Literature

A friend – quite the eclectic reader – sent an interesting piece from The Telegraph of a few years back. 10 Great Meals In Literature Wow.  Great idea.   How did the selector do?    Let’s see. 1) Mad Hatters Tea … Continue reading

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Francis: Church Must Learn to Abandon Old ‘Traditions’

Today is the Feast of St. Vincent of Lérins.  He bequeathed to the generations a few principles of identifying sound doctrine.  I wrote something at length about that HERE.   It might be a good idea to read that in tandem … Continue reading

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Editorial: Church leaders, to be “transparent”, are still abusers. Of priests.

What an easy way the forces of Hell have found to bring down good priests and bishops.  First, through agents and for decades undermine the Church’s identity through dreadful preaching and worse liturgy.  Then, as society swirls on its parallel … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Little daughter interested in the Mass

From a reader… QUAERITUR: My daughter, aged 5, was playing and I saw she had set up a little altar with bread and fruit juice. I jumped in and went over the mass with her; including why and what the … Continue reading

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PARIS: 500 undocumented Africans stormed, seized Terminal 2 of CDG airport

From Canada Free Press: In a rally on Saturday,  Salvini kissed his rosary, looked up to statue of the Blessed Virgin atop the 14th-century Milan Cathedral and said on behalf of the Italian people, “I entrust Italy, my life, and … Continue reading

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Rome Day 4: Of crashing ceilings, weeping parents, and the dust and hearts of saints

Lots of walking today.  I purposely guiding my path past Er Belli’s house.   You remember him from yesterday’s post. I went to Gammarelli and picked the lace for Fr. Johnson’s new alb which my Society, through the donations some of … Continue reading

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@Church_Militant report on a twisted priest-predator has a familiar ring

I received this note from Church Militant: Church Militant filed a FOIA request and obtained the disturbing police audio recordings of Fr. Robert DeLand, now serving time in Michigan State Prison, caught in the act of preying on a 17-year-old … Continue reading

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Card. Müller on deaconettes. “No.”

I am reminded of years in the past when I would sometimes be challenged again and again for decisions I had made.   I eventually would say, “I have two answers.  There’s a short answer and a long answer.”  “What’s the … Continue reading

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Rome Day 3: Roman trash talk, perspiration, and prostitutes – UPDATED

UPDATE: Below, I inserted the Great Roman’s reading of the Belli Sonnet.  It’s a hoot. ___ In the rush to get a few things posted yesterday, I forgot this.   I saw this chasuble at Gammarelli.   I don’t in general like … Continue reading

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Requests for GREGORIAN MASSES and PRIESTS who can say them

Sometimes when I post this, people send emails about various places that take Gregorian Masses.  That’s not what this post is for. Also, I am on the road, so I might not react immediately. ___ People sometimes write to me to … Continue reading

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Persecuted Fr. Kalchik responds to homosexualist Jesuit Martin

At Church Militant, there is a response by Fr. Paul John Kalchik – who was notoriously tossed from his Chicago parish after an infamous and blasphemous “gay” flag was burned – to homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. Jasmine Martin, SJ. More … Continue reading

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