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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below.

You have to be registered here to be able to post.

I still have a pressing personal petition.

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ASK FATHER: Gregorian Masses

poor souls purgatory massFrom a priest…


I was in Fatima earlier this month and in the office to request Masses be offered for pilgrim’s intentions, I noticed a sign that said the stipend for a standard Mass stipend is 10 Euros but for “Trintario Gregoriano” Mass, it is 350 Euros.

I was told this is a month of Masses offered on consecutive days. Are you familiar with this?

Is this a European tradition?

You are asking about “Gregorian Masses”.

First, let’s make a couple distinction.  Sometimes Mass in the Extraordinary Form is called “Gregorian”, because the Roman Rite goes back at least as far as Pope St. Gregory I “the Great” (+604).

Next, “Gregorian Masses” can mean Masses said at a “Gregorian altar”, that is, a “privileged altar”, that is, an altar to which certain added benefits or indulgences were once attached such that when priests said Mass there the indulgence was gained.  These altars had the same privileges as the altar of the Roman basilica of San Gregorio in the Caelian Hill, where St. Gregory the Great had his monastery.  That original Gregorian altar had a plenary indulgence for a soul in Purgatory.  No Gregorian altars, called Gregorian altars ad instar, were so blessed after 1912.  Also, the entire treasury of indulgences has been revised.  Those privileges seem no more to apply.

Also, another way to understand “Gregorian Masses” refers to the custom in the Roman Church for Requiem Masses to be said on the third, seventh and thirtieth days after the death of a person.

That said… what are Gregorian Masses?

By this term we usually mean the celebration of thirty Masses for thirty consecutive days for the soul of someone who has died. 

It is thought that Gregory the Great spread this practice, which was already a tradition by his day.  Pope Gregory had these Masses said for, at least, a fellow Roman monk named Justus. At the end of the thirty days the dead monk appeared to his brother to let him know he was free from Purgatory.  In any event, this became a widespread practice after Pope Gregory.  I believe that the Dominican’s even had special Mass prayers in their Rite for this practice. (Dialogorum 4,57: Vade itaque, et ab hodierna die diebus triginta continuis offerre pro eo sacrificium stude, ut nullus omnino praetermittatur dies, quo pro absolutione illius salutaris hostia non immoletur.)

Basic guidelines:

First, thirty Masses must be said on thirty consecutive days for the same intention.  If the priest can’t say one the Masses himself, for any reason, he must arrange for another priest to say the Mass for that same intention on that same day so that the series is not broken.  They are said only for the dead.

The Masses can be said anywhere, and they need not be Requiem Masses.

Because this is a heavy commitment, the stipend offered should usually be pretty generous.  Given that very few priests are able to take their own chosen intention every day for 30 days, that is fitting.  The stipend can be whatever is agreed on, of course.  How much should it be?  That can’t really be fixed down.  I have done Gregorian series three times.  On one occasion I was offered 450 euros, and the person who offered the stipend was very pleased to have found a priest who could do it.  On another occasion I took far less, because it was requested by an elderly woman on a limited income for her dead husband.  So, it depends on the circumstances.  Whatever is decided, if the stipend is accepted, in justice the priest is strictly bound to fulfill his part of the commitment.

Friends, have Masses said for the dead… and for the living as well!


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NOTE TO READERS: Registration, Comments, getting LOCKED OUT

Medieval siegeEven as you read, right now, this blog is under siege by vile spammers trying to register to post their putrid slime.

I now have logs that show me what’s going on.

I ratcheted up the drawbridge and released the gators into the moat.  Oil is on the boil.

To comment here, you have to be registered and your registration must be approved.  Registrations go into a queue, which I check when I can.  I’m not always near my computer.  Be patient.

You don’t have to register simply to lurk (i.e., read without posting comments).

If you register to comment, pay attention to that field where I ask information about you.  You don’t have to provide a biography, address or blood type.  Just write something that will show me that you aren’t either a bot or a nefarious ne’erdowell.  Your confirmation name is a good one, favorite encyclical, a brief explanation of circumincession… that sort of thing… easy stuff.

NB: The defense software is set to DEFCON 2 (hint: high).  Therefore, be careful how you log in.  The log keeps track of the number of failed attempts. After 3 failed attempts, you are locked out for a few days.  Also, if you log in from multiple devices, you might be mistaken for a vile spammer and you will be consigned to Lockout Limbo™.

frz email image graphicDrop me a note if you get yourself locked out.   I will try to fix it.  SEND YOUR IP ADDRESS. Click HERE and then bookmark it or jot down my email and squirrel it away.

I am keeping an eye on the logs.  I try to fix things for obviously innocent participants even before you write.  But… I can’t be watching all the time.

Finally, ask whatever Guardian Angels assigned to help us out here.

I direct you once again to my Litany For The Conversion Of Internet Thugs (a wry work in progress):

It’s summer.  Start thinking about ICED coffee.


Are you thinking about ICED coffee yet?


How about now?


Litany for the conversion of internet thugs (2.0)
(For private use only, when truly irritated, and when the alternative is foul language.)

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the World, have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.

Lest internet thugs be eternally tormented by all the fiends of hell, convert them, O Lord.
Lest they pass eternity in utter despair, convert them, O Lord.
Lest they come to be damned for the harm they cause, convert them, O Lord.
Lest they roast forever in the deepest cinders of hell, convert them, O Lord.
Lest they suffer the unceasing pain of loss, convert them, O Lord.

Lest devils endlessly increase their physical agony, convert them, O Lord.
Lest devils twist their bowels and boil their blood in hell, convert them, O Lord.
Lest devils use them as toys and tools, convert them, O Lord.
Lest devils forever gnaw upon their skulls, convert them, O Lord.

Lest the innocent be harmed by the sins of thugs, convert them, O Lord.
Lest the innocent yield to thugs in weakness, convert them, O Lord.
Lest the innocent be drawn into thuggish traps, convert them, O Lord.

From faceless Facebook admin drones, spare us O Lord.
From tweeting Twitter idiots, spare us O Lord.
From loony Wikipedia liars, spare us O Lord.
From from heart-hardened spammers, spare us O Lord.
From liberal nut-case smear-blogging hacks, spare us O Lord.
From thread-dominating combox trolls, spare us, O Lord.
From sophomoric drive-by commentators, spare us, O Lord.

From server memory resource difficulties, spare us O Lord.
From rss feed problems, spare us O Lord.
From DOS attacks, spare us O Lord.
From power outages and surges, spare us O Lord.
From viruses, trojan horses, and all manner of snares, Lord save us.
From wasting our time, Lord save us.
From our own stupidity, Lord save us.

St. Michael, defend us.
St. Gabriel, defend us.
Holy Guardian Angels, defend us.
St. Isidore of Seville, defend us.
St. Francis de Sales, defend us.
St. Maximilian Kolbe, defend us.
All ye angels and saints….. GRRRRR.

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord,
Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

V. Christ, Jesus who died for our sins.
R. Please return, and return swiftly.

Let us pray.

Almighty and merciful God, who according to Thy ineffable plan hast called us into existence to do Thy will amid the vicissitudes and contagion of this world grant, we beseech Thee, both protection for Thy servants who use the tools of this digital age and confusion for evil-doers who abuse their neighbors and Thy gifts.

Through Christ our Lord.   Amen.

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Doing things “wrong” at Mass

A blog called EpicPew has some points to review about your participation at Mass.  NB: A serious omission in the blog post is that it ignores the Extraordinary Form.  It doesn’t even mention the Extraordinary Form.  That is, when the author writes of participation at Holy Mass, he doesn’t even consider the existence of the Extraordinary Form.  FAIL.

That said, we can take a look at a few points:

10 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong at Mass

Maybe it’s because we’ve just adopted these habits, maybe we’re just lazy…let’s take a bit of a tongue-in-cheek look at some common practices that may need correction during the Holy Mass. Here are 10 things you might be doing wrong at mass.

1. Changing posture early
Seriously, what’s the deal? Why can’t we just wait ’til we actually finish the Sanctus before kneeling? […] [ummm… really?  Uniformity?]


5. Standing in the Orans position during the Our Father
No. Just no. […] [Well… okay.  And it’s in persona Christi capitis….]

6. Walking around at the Sign of Peace [Huzzah… of course it can/should be eliminated where it is abused.]
What is this, social hour? Not only is this obnoxious (my opinion), but it’s illicit. The rubrics tell us that it is “appropriate that each person offer the sign of peace only to those who are nearest and in a sober manner”. We all love you, but stay where you are.

7. Not saying “Amen” before receiving Communion […] [ehem! EXTRAORDINARY Form!]


8. Not singing [Ummm… really?]

RING. OUT. Skill is not a prerequisite. Just, please, sing to the Lord.  [*cough*]



Check out the post over there and spike his stats.

Speaking of the Sign of Peace… here’s the old poll!

3rd ROUND: The congregation's "sign of peace" during (Novus Ordo) Mass

View Results

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And the winner of The Most Meanfull Job is…

#1… Clergy.

This comes from Business Insider.

The 13 most meaningful jobs in America

If your goal in life is to make the world a better place, you should probably pursue a job in education or healthcare.

Twelve of the top 13 most meaningful jobs in America, according to PayScale, fell into one of those two categories.

To compile its latest list, PayScale asked over 2 million professionals whether their work is meaningful, and ranked almost 500 professions based on the percentage of people in each of those jobs who answered “yes.”

“Many people hope to find work that they find meaningful, but the secret is that you can find purpose in a variety of professions,” says Lydia Frank, senior editorial director at PayScale. “And, you don’t always have to sacrifice a good paycheck in order to have a positive impact on the world.”

To find out where your career fell, check out PayScale’s new interactive “meaning” tool.


Read the rest there.

Also on the list:

4. Directors of religious activities and education

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HUNGARY: Juventutem summer retreat

Juventutem (I wish it were Iuventutem) is on the march!  They are organizing all over the place.

I received word of this by email:

This year, Juventutem Hungary is organising it’s annual summer retreat in Sopron, St. George’s parish. At this retreat, there will be an EF mass workshop for priests and seminarians led by father Gerald Kovacs O.Praem from the priory of Gödöllő. We are also organising a latin language and a gregorian chant workshop for the faithfull to participate in.

During the retreat the complete divine office will be sung, with daily solemn mass in the extraordinary form.

Daily schedule and addresses are available on our homepage:

I assume that the language will not be restricted to Hungarian.

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for your Mass of obligation for Sunday?

Let us know what it was!

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CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Saturday – POWER!

Morse telegraph operator tap truth2I have power.

That is to say, the folks who made my Juicebox finally got the new batteries to me.  You may recall that my hardened portable power unit wouldn’t charge, despite my various efforts.  So, the Juicebox folks wrote to say they were going to send new batteries.  Then, days later, I got the email with the shipping information: no movement of the package, even though it was 2nd day shipping.  I dropped them a line and they started the process over.  New batteries arrived.  I pull the guts of the unit out of its ammo can case.  I swapped out the batteries and – bada bing!  It works.

I tried to charge the removed batteries with my 12 v 6 amp trickle charger for a couple days each but – no joy.  The multimeter suggests that these batteries have gone to the Voltaic Pile Happy Hunting Ground.

The effect of this battery switching operation is that I have now a way to plug in the Kenwood T140S which WB0YLE sent and which came with an Anderson Power Pole cord! Since the Juicebox has, among others, these Anderson Power Pole connectors, I’m in business.  I can now take the unit out on the road, if I wish.  Heck… now I can actually power it up!

I set up the rig on the balcony of the building with a Buddistick antenna (I thirst for their Buddipole, the versatile dipole).  The location isn’t ideal, since the balcony has a lot of limestone around it, and tuning the antenna is a little tricky (at least for me).  Still, the elevation is excellent.  The building is on one of the highest spots in the city.  I could probably string some wires to the nearby trees… hmmm.

I am gaining practical knowledge now, not just theoretical, about the importance of antennas.  So far, I’m doing a lot of measuring with a tape measure.

So, yesterday I fired up the transceiver and scooted around listening on the 20m band. I heard quite a few CW contacts (Morse code) going on.  My Morse Code is really bad at this point, though I am practicing.  The code was flowing pretty quickly.  I switched on my iPhone Morse decoder app and, when I got the tone adjusted so that the app had a shot at deciphering it, I read some clear texts. I heard one fellow in Maine make a QSO (contact) with another fellow. I wrote down what I heard and looked him up so I could at least send an email.  He responded right away with a friendly and supportive note.

NB: So far, the hams I’ve met have been really nice people!  They are friendly and helpful.

So, I figure it is time for me to develop a QSO card.  I also have to pull out some of the old UStream Z-Chat hardware and find that adapter plug for my headphones.  Some of that Morse is a little weak and covered by static.

With CW, I am not yet in an active mode of sending out CQs (requests for contacts).  My Morse code isn’t there yet and – even more fundamentally – I don’t have even a basic key!

I have looked into a couple rigs which also decipher Morse and PSK31.  There’s a spiffy Yaesu in the FTDX series that looks useful.  I also saw a super versatile and portable Elecraft KX3, which can decode.  It has a keyer that you can attach directly to the side. There is a bewildering choice among keying hardware and, therefore, methods.  Anyway… that’s what wishlists are for, I guess.  I will need a couple different styles of keys so I can figure out what I want to use the most.  For the time being, however, the old fashioned key seems to be the best option.  Meanwhile, my brain works and I am learning.


On the little hand held Baofeng front, I received a USB cable and got the Chirp program set up. The computer talks with one of the radios but not the other. I have more than one of these inexpensive, low-power radios for work on the local repeater.  Yesterday I attached a mag antenna to one and spoke to a couple guys while I was running errands.  One nice fellow, Catholic and Knight of Columbus, was on his way to visit his 2.5 lbs daughter in a local hospital’s NICU.

In the meantime, I will turn on my Echolink program for a while today while at my computer. It’s homily prep continuation today (Novus Ordo on Sunday! That’s a change of pace.)  If you are a ham, you can use Echolink.  Install the program and send your call sign in for a password.  Easy.

Also, I am building a list of hams who frequent this blog:


  • acardnal KE4WKV
  • Joan W4JMJ
  • BMKoenig K3BMK
  • chris1 KJ4MPE
  • crule N4TII
  • Bryan Boyle WB0YLE
  • Andy Lucy KG4ZMF
  • Navy Jeff KC9TCZ
  • pledbet424 WB0MZT
  • Kenneth Jones KB3JA/BY
  • asperges G4NJH
  • Dan Soderlund KBØEO
  • Hesiodos AD7QQ
  • MWindsor – KT5WX
  • dahveed – KD8ZIB
  • FloridaJoan – W4JMJ
  • Jilly – WA4CZD
  • jpaluh – KB3LUE
  • Humilitas – KC4RAC
  • Jeffc – AC5XL
  • pledbet424 – WB0MZT
  • Patrick L – AG4JQ
  • Dr Guinness – VK3SJB
  • MacBride – KC2MEO
  • Evan C – N5EDC
  • boxerpaws1952 – N3XFQ
  • chris_R – N3GBJ
  • Jack – W1JEM
  • Julia12 – KC9ALW
  • moon123 – KB9VSE
  • Pearl – KC8JSL
  • OK_doc – KF5THY
  • Baritone – KD5AYJ
  • ByzCath08 – W8GMN
  • Mojoron – K0CCP
  • Deacon Bob – W8CRO
  • Incensum – N9WIV
  • SimonsDad – KB1WOL
  • O. Possum – KC1BGU
  • Curt – AF7KQ


  • Fr. David McGuire AE4LH
  • frdanbecker WA1ZHQ
  • Rev. Canon Glenn Gardner K9ALT
  • plaf26 – KC0GA
  • Fr. Bryan – KD8ZFF
  • starprst- AB4TS
  • Fr. J. Stefanski – SQ3SWS / N2FCH
  • Fr. Paul A. – Cannariato KB2TJY

There must be more of you!


phantom ham radio operator 02

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Fr. Terence Ryan, CSP, approves of lesbian marriages

At the blog of one Fr. Terence Ryan CSP, I saw this.

Apparently Father believes that the moral doctrine of the Church reflects bigotry.

Lesbian Dismissal

Seems that a Catholic Academy fired a woman for being a lesbian. She was living with a partner. I guess that did her in. If she was teaching something like math, but happened to be a lesbian, she might have survived. She was not teaching about her lifestyle. The reason given for the firing is that the church has clear teaching about lesbian unions. You don’t say. Well, we have a lot of clear teachings and some of them rub one off of another. Don’t judge. Welcome all. Sexuality is supposed to be for the forming of a community of two, a domestic Church, if you will. We teach this. So what did the lesbian do wrong? She did not desecrate a sacrament. She has a legal right to her relationship. The Supreme Court just said so. Is a lesbian supposed to be celibate, remain single, simply because she is a lesbian? Suppose she said to her students that it is OK to be a lesbian, that a lesbian has value and is loved by God? Unless she proposed that all become lesbians, I am left in the dark about her firing. But then if you are a bigot, everything is clear.

I will grant this post will bring far more attention to Fr. Ryan than perhaps he has ever had.

But stuff like this…

Sexuality is supposed to be for the forming of a community of two, a domestic Church, if you will. We teach this. So what did the lesbian do wrong?



Comment moderation is, for obvious reasons, ON (here, at least).

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ASK FATHER: Hand clapping during TLM

From a reader…


I’m unlearned in the extraordinary form, and the other day, I saw the MC clap his hands when the servers were supposed to kneel. Is that common? I thought it was a little odd.

Yes, a handclap is a typical signal given by a Master of Ceremonies. It shouldn’t be loud, just loud enough to be heard. Some MCs will have a different number of claps for different movements, but that seems unnecessary to me: servers and sacred ministers should know what’s coming next.

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