Of Disasters, Preparedness and You

I’m coming up for air and finally turning attention to stuff going on in the world (other than Church stuff).

I have caught up a bit about the horrible challenges that many are experiencing in Texas, due to rains and flooding.

Some people were notified to leave your home now or face the possibility of being cut off for days or worse.

So… would you be ready for such news?

“There’s a [FILL IN BLANK] coming.  Stop what you are doing, get your kids, and leave NOW.”

Friends, you simply must make plans along these lines, especially if you are responsible for the well-being of others.  You need some sort of plan.  That plan should include drinkable water, food, proper clothing, transportation and a place to go, if possible.  And don’t forget comms and self-defense.

Could you stop what you are doing, grab a bag, and leave?

I’ll bet quite a few of you readers have made at least basic preparations.  You may have “go bags” or “get home bags” or “bug out bags”.

It would be interesting to hear what you have done for BOBs or even your everyday carry items.  Others could benefit from ideas.

Remember: It always happens to somebody else… until it happens to you.



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Conspicuous absence from the recent “shadow council”

You heard about the strange “shadow council” held about the same time that the Pope’s council of the Synod of Bishops was meeting to discuss, inter alia, the upcoming Synod and its MO.  HERE

The “shadow council” was held in Rome, at the Jesuit-run Gregorian University.  There were participants from Germany, (Vichy?) France and Switzerland.   They had weird talks, from weird theologians.

There were no Italians there.

Not even Archbp. Bruno Forte was there, and he did his doctorate in German, speaks German, probably thinks German.   Forte was the one identified last October by the Synod’s chairman Card. Erdö as being the author of the controversial paragraphs in the Synod’s midterm report which were about the very topic of the “shadow council”. HERE and HERE  So, where was Archbp. Forte?

One is driven to ask: What do the Italians know that the others don’t?

In the past we have an example of the Italians leaving their collaboration with the Germans.

I wonder:  Perhaps the Italians have figured out that the Allies are going to win and the Axis is over.

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Juventutem member gives Latin oration at Harvard

A couple years ago I was at Harvard to give a talk and sing a Mass organized by – among others – Juventutem.

Now I see that one of the young men in Juventutem gave the Latin address at Harvard’s commencment.

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Blog problems

The blog is running slow right now.  Please be patient.  We are looking into a couple possibilities, first with the server itself.  There are some memory issues and database problems.


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My View For While: Yooper Edition

I’m off to another ordination.   This time it is the ordination to the priesthood of one of the frequent commentators here, soon-to-be Fr. Tim Ferguson.   He is, as you might remember, the author of the parody songs I’ve done from time to time.  Fr. Ferguson has been on this road for a long time, so it will be a great joy to see him ordained at long last.

This will take place in the Cathedral of Marquette.

I had to drive to Milwaukee for the flights, since there was nothing available in and out of Mad City.  So, I had a bit of a drive to get to the airport and, I found, my car’s AC isn’t working.  Blech.


Oh the glamour of travel.  So far during boarding I’ve been bumped in the head by the backpacks of the spatially challenged, and I changed my rental car reservation.



So I walk into a Delta Sky Club at DTW-B and “Maria” at the desk sends a young man to chase me down to tell me that I can’t eat it in the club.  I wasn’t trying to by the way, but, damn, Maria had me hunted down

Of course these Sky Clubs have such wonderful fare for the clients.  

I should start chronicling how awful some of the stuff is… especially in comparison with thee lounges at Heathrow and Schipol.  


One more flight.  Please let the car be there.


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Another bishop thinks Catholic teachers should be role models

Another bishop supports the idea that teachers in Catholic schools must serve also as role models. The Cardinal New Society, which watches the status quaestionis of Catholic education in these USA, has a letter that His Excellency Most Rev. Richard Lennon, Bishop of Cleveland, sent to teachers in the diocese entrusted to his care.

Find the great news feed of the Cardinal Newman Society on the sidebar of this blog!

Teachers ‘Instrumental’ in Developing Students’ Catholic Faith, Says Cleveland’s Bishop Lennon

Catholic school teachers must be role models of faith and morality for their students to emulate, Bishop Richard Lennon of Cleveland, Ohio, has told teachers in his Diocese.
In a letter sent to diocesan teachers and administrators and provided to The Cardinal Newman Society by diocesan spokesman Robert Tayek, Bishop Lennon highlighted teachers’ irreplaceable role in inspiring their students to deepen their Catholic faith.
“As a teacher or administrator in a Catholic school, you are engaging a beautiful and uniquely important vocation and ministry of Christ’s Church,” his letter states. “You are instrumental in the development of each and every student as a whole and authentically Catholic person… As such, it is a great honor and privilege to play such a special and important role in the life of the Church through your ministry.”
Bishop Lennon’s statements are similar to those of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone in San Francisco, who has proposed contract changes to ensure that his Catholic school teachers are witnesses to the Catholic faith. The Diocese of Cleveland also recently defined faculty members as “teacher-ministers” and added detailed language in teacher contracts to require moral behavior.
According to a Diocesan statement, these changes are necessary for students’ faith lives:
Our teacher contracts have for quite a long time required that teachers be models of the Catholic Faith, because we recognize the great influence our teachers have on the Faith formation of our students, not only by how they teach in the classroom but also by how they live their lives. We recognize that now, more than ever, the secular culture is offering a view of life and humanity that is often at odds with Christ’s truth as presented through the Catholic Church.
Cleveland’s Catholic teachers and school leaders sign a contract “which recognizes his/her role as minister and role model of the Faith,” Tayek explained to the Newman Society. The contract agreement for administrators states:
The Administrator-minister further understands and acknowledges that it is the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church that administrators in a Catholic school are truly and in a very real sense engaged in a special ministry, or apostolate, of the Roman Catholic Church and that such administrators should be witness to Christ in their lives as much as in their classroom instruction.
This “morality” clause “has always been a part of the teacher-minister contracts for elementary and secondary educators in the Diocese of Cleveland,” Tayek continued.


Read the rest there.

Fr. Z Kudos to Bp. Lennon

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Christological well… not quite… Edulcorated Goldfinch Alert!

Long time readers here have seen my shots of Christological Goldfinches from Medieval and Renaissance paintings and statues snapped during my museum visits.

Here is a detail from one I shot in the Louvre a while back by the Master of the Nativity of Castello, 15th c.

Here is another view of the Christological Goldfinch, having its bath with the help of a friend.  You can see how the finch (Carduleis carduelis… Spanish “Jilguero”), not a shy bird, might have won the legendary reputation it enjoys now.

And then there is the book, The Goldfinch, having the cover of the painting by Carel Fabritius, which I saw a few months ago at the Frick Gallery in NYC, when Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl was also visiting.


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ASK FATHER: Father wears the chasuble for everything he does

From a reader…

medieval massQUAERITUR:

Is it appropriate or allowed for a priest to wear a chasuble while hearing confessions, baptizing babies or other non Mass functions?  Some priests seem to always wear a chasuble for everything while others wear an alb and stole (or cassock, surplice and stole) for these other things outside of Mass. It seems to vary in the Novus Ordo but every EF baptism I’ve ever attended, the priest has always worn a cassock, surplice and stole.  Thank you for your work!

Interesting.  Some (liberal) priests seem to refuse to put on a chasuble even for Mass and here is one that won’t take it off!

The chasuble – in whatever its style, ample “Gothic” or streamlined “Roman”, is a priestly garment.  It is the vestment of the sacerdos, which includes priests and bishops.

Traditionally the chasuble is used for the celebration of Holy Mass and also – though you don’t see this done often now – for processions.  It used to be that priests walking in procession would put on a chasuble over their cassock and surplice.  These days, we most often use a cope if we have a vestment for a procession.

Should the priest wear the chasuble for everything he does?


Is it “wrong” to do so?  I think it is, but it probably isn’t a formal abuse.   The priest should wear the prescribed vestments.  These are spelled out pretty clearly for the Extraordinary Form.  They are more vague for the Novus Ordo, wherein it seems that any old former flour sack with velcro fasterners can be, and is, used.

For a rite such as baptism, the priest traditionally wears surplice over cassock with the proper stole.  In the Extraordinary Form, he either changes stole from purple to white (sometimes two stoles, sometimes one handy reversible).  For more solemn conferral of baptism, Father would wear a cope.

This would also go for more ceremonious singing of the Major Hours, such as Vespers.  Father would wear a cope.  He wouldn’t need the stole unless he was to handle the Blessed Sacrament.   He would also use the cope when performing important blessings, such as the blessing of Epiphany Water.  He wears if also for other non-Eucharistic rites, including conferring of sacraments.

As far as confession is concerned… chasuble for confessions?  No.  I suppose if it is 5 minutes before Mass and he is vested… okay (not that that is a good time to ask Father to hear your confession, mind you).  Otherwise, for confession, at the least the purple stole if not stole over surplice over cassock.

The chasuble is a specifically priestly vestment, but that doesn’t mean that it is the Swiss Army Knife of priestly vestments.  He should probably use the cope more often.

Would I send Father to liturgy jail for wearing the chasuble for everything?  No, but I’d try to introduce him to a few other options.

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Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane – wonderful things happening!

I received a note from Fr. Robinson of the little church in Maiden Lane near Covent Garden in London, Corpus Christ.  Father has quite the restoration project going and it is worthy of notice by everyone.

I also remind the readership of the public witness of so many priests in England regarding Catholic doctrine and the dictates of reason.  HERE

Here is another image of work in progress on the little Lady Chapel at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane.


Also, by email I learned that Fr. Robinson will soon be visiting the counterpart church in NYC, St. Malachy’s, also an “actors church”.  Let us not forget that actors have souls.  Given the difficulties of their environments, they too need the help of prayers, sacraments and sacramentals.
___ UPDATED May 11, 2015
I was recently reminded of the great work Fr. Robinson is doing at Corpus Christi in London, Maiden Lane near Covent Garden.  He has a great restoration project going that could use some global support!

You should know that this is one of the locations where the TLM was preserved even during some of the earliest and more difficult times.

____ Originally Published on: Jan 14, 2015 @ 16:51

I recently visited the beautiful little Church near Covent Garden, Corpus Christi. HERE It is, among other things, the local “actors church”. However, it was originally intended by Cardinal Manning to be a site for special veneration of the Blessed Sacrament in the heart of London. This is a city that needs it!

If you haven’t been in Corpus Christi for awhile, you are in for a treat the next time.

The parish priest, Fr. Robinson, has undertaken an extensive project of renovation. The results so far are wonderful. You might recall that, in the back of the church, the brickwork was covered over with a rather dingy – let’s call it white. The red bricks are now exposed and everything has been tuck-pointed. The lady chapel is being spiffed up with new marble and a new meter high (or so) marble statue of Our Lady of Walsingham from Italy. And, drum roll, an ad orientem altar!

Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society posted a few photos of what the sanctuary is like now without the free standing altar.

The sanctuary right now is free of the free standing table altar and, if I understood Father correctly, it might not be coming back!

I’ve been promised some photos of before and after.  Hopefully I’l be able to post them soon.  In the meantime, check out some renderings. HERE

Every Monday there is a sung Mass at Corpus Christi at 6:30 pm, after which some people go for a drink and a bite.

This parish doesn’t have a church hall, which limits how they can bring in income.  It is a good project and there is a way for Americans to donate and get a tax deduction.  HERE

BTW… since my trip this time has been so filled with Turner, the painter was born in Maiden Lane!  And another point, today – 14 January – is the anniversary of the death of Card. Manning, mentioned above.

And do you know the hymn Sweet Sacrament Divine?  It was written by a former priest of the parish, Fr. Francis Stanfield.

Fr. Z kudos to Fr. Robinson for the great start on the restoration.  I hope people will visit the church when they are in London.  It is close Covent Garden which so many people visit (remember My Fair Lady).

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New Chant CD from the outstanding Benedictine Monks of Norcia! (And a note about a pilgrimage.)

Click here to Pre-Order

Click here to Pre-Order

Here is some great news.  The wonderful Benedictine Monks in Norcia, Italy (they make the best beer you may ever have), are releasing a new Gregorian Chant CD on 2 June.  It is available for pre-sale now.

Click HERE

It is dedicated to chants of Marian Feast Days.  BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia

BTW… the Traditional Mass pilgrimage group I am leading in October, for the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage, is going to visit Norcia!  Click HERE or see the ad on the sidebar.

Here is a spiffy video about the life of the monks.

Here is video:

A sample of the chant:

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