POLL: The Luminous Mysteries – For them or against them?

I saw a post which argues that we should “dump” the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary proposed by St. John Paul II.  The reflections were based in part on the writings of Bl. Bartolo Longo.  I wrote some notes about the Luminous Mysteries in my Patristic Rosary Project (which I must return to one day).

I must admit that I never use the Luminous Mysteries.

Some people on the traditional side of things have an aversion to them that seems to be on the edge of strange.  I remember one loony argument that, since Our Lady wants us to pray a third of the whole Rosary each day, if we added in the Luminous Mysteries we would be praying 66.6 Hail Marys… or something like that.  Get it?  See those evil sixes?

LET’S BE CLEAR!  Not wanting to use the Luminous Mysteries doesn’t mean that you are against the mysteries they underscore.  Who is against the Transfiguration of the Lord?

Anyway, here is a little poll.

Pick your best answer and, if you are registered, comment below.

Luminous Mysteries: When I pray the Rosary, ...

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More Boko Haram Terror in Nigeria against Christians

I saw at Cross Map (with the help of Pewsitter) that the mouth-breathers of the Religion of Peace called Boko Haram, who seriously suffer from “Isis-envy” (I’m no shrink but that’s what it looks like) have upped their game right on schedule.

After declaring their own little caliphate, our of “Isis-envy”, they are proceeding to the next logical step for Islamists: decapitations of Christians, forced “marriages” of women. You know… the usual.

Boko Haram Declares Full Sharia; Beheads Christian Men, Forces Women to Marry in Gwoza, Madagali

Following the declaration that Gwoza, a town in the troubled northeastern state of Borno is as an Islamic Caliphate and the recent takeover of Madagali by the Boko Haram insurgents, Islamic extremists have reportedly beheaded every Christian man they could find in the area.

In addition, their wives have been forced into Islam and given in marriage to sect members.

According to a story by Maina Maina of an online Nigerian newspaper The Daily Post, the director of social Communications of the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri, revealed this Thursday, in an electronic statement to journalists in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

According to the statement, the Daily Post reported, “The Catholic diocese of Maiduguri covers the whole of Yobe, Borno and Adamawa States, the three states under strict emergency rule. Apart from the churches within Maiduguri that have great share of such attacks by the terrorists group, all the churches on the major road linking Maiduguri and Adamawa state have been shut down due to activities of the insurgents.”


Thus, the Religion of Peace.

Take a moment to say a prayer for these poor people in Nigeria and everywhere radical Islamic terror is on the rise. And get your heads into that place where you can envision their style of terror comes to a neighborhood near you.

When will some nation or coalition of nations take these maniacs out?  Will it be European?  Who wants to bet?

Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.

St. Lawrence of Brindisi, pray for us.

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ACTION ITEM! 9 Sept – International Buy a Priest a Beer Day!

A reader asked:

“When is buy your priest a beer day?

I thought it was a great idea last year. it was in Aug/Sept. Wondering if you remember when it was so we can start a tradition….”

Around here we are all for tradition.

Last year I posted on this important day, HERE.

Tuesday, 9 September is International Buy A Priest A Beer Day!

As posted last year:

At the blog of The Catholic Gentleman:

International Buy a Priest a Beer Day!
Did you know that this coming Monday, September 9, [last year, 2013] is International Buy a Priest a Beer Day? On this festive day, faithful Catholics all over the world take their priests out for a beer and get to know them better. It’s a beautiful Catholic tradition that goes back to the time of St. Hopswald of Aleyard, the first man to take his priest out for a beer.

Okay, if you’re getting suspicious by now, there’s a good reason. Buy a Priest a Beer Day is not a real holiday. But I would argue that it should be! [Do I hear an "Amen!"?]

Believe it or not, priests are real people, and they enjoy socializing over good food and drink as much as anyone. They also have a thankless and difficult job, a job that we couldn’t get to heaven without. Priests are the lifeblood of the Church, and they deserve some appreciation.


If you can’t take me out for a beer, you can always use my donation button and add a beery note!  Or a stout or ale-ing note, for that matter.

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FOLLOW UP: Soccer Match for Peace – COEXIST sighting

The Holy Father threw his weight behind yesterday’s (1 Sept) Soccer/Football match for Peace at Rome’s Olympic Stadium.

One of you readers caught something at the Spanish section of Vatican Radio… HERE.  I am not making this up.

It’s the rainbow theme that really makes it special.

Let’s all sing John Lennon’s “Imagine” again, as they did before the game.  All together now…. a-one… a-two….


This just in…


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“to become highly educated, travel the world … without being beholden to a husband or children”

Some of you alert readers have sent me links to an article in TIME about the Vatican and the LCWR nuns.  Vatican bad, nuns good.

For example, they think this one is pretty spiffy:

For more than four decades Sister Jeannine Gramick has been tireless in her fight for gay rights through her organization New Ways, despite coming under intense scrutiny from the Vatican.

Oooo…. Vatican scrutiny!  You will recall Sr. Gramick from NUNS GONE WILD!


The Vatican doesn’t celebrate these women. In fact, it has done the very opposite. Attacks on American nuns have been happening since 2008, when the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life initiated an “Apostolic Visitation,” a euphemism for investigation, of the nuns.

To put it in perspective, previous “visitations” conducted by the Church were designed to investigate things like the priest sex abuse scandal.

This is simply wrong.  Visitations happen all the time and for various reasons.  From time to time check ups are needed in all manner of the Church’s institutions.  But the silly writer is trying to paint the Holy See in the worst possible light by leading you to accept a false equivalence.

Back to the TIME piece.  It may be that TIME let the cat out of the bag:

Why would a generation of young women raised to believe that they can be anything join an institution that tells them there is something they absolutely cannot be, that there is a certain level they will never reach? Many of the women who are nuns today joined the vocation because it was a way to become highly educated, travel the world and dedicate themselves to a higher good without being beholden to a husband or children.

So THAT’s why the LCWR types became nuns!

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UPDATE – Soccer game for peace!

I am being kept in the loop about the Soccer Game for Peace that Pope Francis called for.  This should take care of the whole war and terrorism problem.

I am told that the stadium is half empty.

“But Father! But Father!”, some of you are howling, “You are such a pessimist!  It’s half full!”

Fine, it’s half full.

Now they are singing John Lennon’s Imagine”, you know, the song about a world without any religion.  Sweet.  I suspect Pope Francis didn’t choose that song.

“Imagine there’s no heaven…

… no religion too…

and the world will live as one.”

Apparently the Pope has donated yet another Peace Tree to be planted for the event!   I wonder if the Peace Tree in the Vatican Gardens when the Imam prayed for defeat of infidels (read: us) is worried about competition for the Nobel Prize.

UPDATE: The Peace Tree has been planted!  Ministers of religion (which is apparently preventing peace, according to the John Lennon song they just sang) did the honors.  None of them were women.  One of the rainbow flags is in the background.

UPDATE: It sounds like there are lots of rainbow flags waving around…. hmmmm.

UPDATE: Diego Maradona is playing.

UPDATE: There’s a hashtag!  #P4Peace (The first P is for “Partita”, Italian for match)

UPDATE: No women are playing in the game, either.

UPDATE: I found a live stream.  A little fuzzy.  Yes, Maradona is playing.

UPDATE: Gooooooooo…. yawn….oooool!

UPDATE: Gooooooooo…. yawn….oooool!

UPDATE: He made the sign of the Cross when coming off the field.

UPDATE: Kevin Kostner does Italian canned salmon commercials.  Who knew?

UPDATE:  Liturgical music now.

UPDATE: Lots of homosexualist pacifism flags.

UPDATE: Gooooooooo…. yawn….oooool!

UPDATE: Gooooooooo…. yawn….oooool!

UPDATE: Gooooooooo…. yawn….oooool!

UPDATE: Gooooooooo…. yawn….oooool!

UPDATE: Gooooooooo…. yawn….oooool!

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ASK FATHER: Hand missals, Mass books for children

From a reader…


Do you have any recommendations for good children’s missals for both the ordinary and extraordinary forms of the Mass? We have two school-aged children (2nd grade and kindergarten) that we want to work with on a better understanding of exactly what is happening at Mass and would like to find some good missals for them.

I can warmly recommend A Missal for Young Catholics by Peter A Kwasniewski, who occasionally posts comments here:

Also, check out the Marian Childrens Missal.

There is also the St. Joseph Children’s Missal

And there’s the My See And Pray Missal:

I am not sure about a Novus Ordo children or young people’s hand missal. Perhaps some readers here will know.

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ASK FATHER: Father gave me a penance that discouraged me.

From a reader…


I am struggling with food and alcohol addiction. After confessing this, my penance was to fast the next day after such indulgences. I was discouraged. My confessor did not know my circumstances. I have successfully done “fast’” and abstained from alcohol more times than before, but I feel horrible about my failures. I need more help than this guild of failure. I feel this priest does not understand. I do need forgiveness and grace, but not this sense of hopelessness.

First, good for you for recognizing that you have a problem to confront.  Find all the help you need from others in order to map out your strategy and continue to ask God for help.  I do mean all the help you need, which probably involves professional counseling and might involve support groups.

Be ready to suffer!  You can do it.

Next, penitents are not obliged to accept every penance that the confessor suggests.  There are, indeed, circumstances that the confessor may not know (e.g., telling you to find someone and make amends when there is not way for you to find that person, or there is no prudent or realistic way to have that conversation).  Also, the confessor might suggest something that is not able to be accomplished in a reasonable period of time (e.g., say 10 Rosary a day for the next four months).   Moreover, the confessor could give you something that is so vague that you have no idea of when you have done it (e.g., think nice thoughts about someone today).   We are not obliged to accept such penances and we can ask for another.

Furthermore, I have written before about the matter of validity of absolution even if you do not do the penance assigned during confession.  HERE.

It is clear in the Latin Church’s law that the confessor is to give penances.  If he doesn’t give one, the absolution is still valid.

We are obliged to do penance for sins that we have committed.  This is a matter of justice.

That said, the imposition of a penance is not required for validity of the absolution.  In normal circumstances it should not be omitted.   I can envisage situations when I as confessor would not give a penance, as when I am absolving an injured teen in an overturned car while the emergency teams are cutting it up with the saw to get him out.  (I didn’t give a penance, but the absolution is valid.) Another moment might be when I have, with some difficulty, heard the confession of native Hmong speaker having only a few words in English or French, with no translator or even book to point to.  Rather than make the situation an ordeal, I might just be confident in the penitent’s sincerity, absolve, and send the frustrated fellow on his way, satisfied that the confession itself was a penance.

You, as a penitent, can ask for a clearly defined penance, achievable in a reasonable period of time without undue burdens.  You are not required to take whatever the priest suggests, particularly if by attempting to fulfill it, you might do yourself or others harm.

Finally, don’t be discouraged.  God works wondrous things through fragile and erring priests: you obtained absolution for your sins!  Now, be of good cheer.  Even though you have a long road ahead, you are pointed in the right direction.

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass of obligation?

Let us know!

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NIGERIA: The Religion of Peace terrorizes Catholic parishes

More from the Religion of Peace via Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.  This time we see the deadly ministrations of the mouth-breathers of Boko Haram. I’m no shrink, but these guys clearly suffer from “Isis-envy”:

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists loot and vandalize Catholic parish

Remember: Christians in the West are not to speak of such things. To do so would harm the “dialogue”: “Talk about extreme, militant Islamists and the atrocities that they have perpetrated globally might undercut the positive achievements that we Catholics have attained in our inter-religious dialogue with devout Muslims.” — Robert McManus, Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts, February 8, 2013.

Boko Haram overruns Madagali, loots and vandalizes Catholic parish,” Vatican Radio, August 30, 2014:

The Diocese of Maiduguri covers the whole of Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states in Northeast Nigeria. These three states are under Nigeria’s declared emergency rule for the region. Fr. Obasogie says that Madagali and Gwoza are now effectively under the brutal control of Boko Haram sects.

Christian Churches within Maiduguri Diocese have borne much of the brunt of the terrorist activities although some Moslems have also not been spared by Boko Haram extremists. According to Fr. Obasogie, all Christian churches on the major road linking Maiduguri and Adamawa state have been closed after several acts of terrorism at the hands of Boko Haram sects. St Timothy’s parish in Bama which has been attacked several times in the past has been abandoned and the parish priest, Fr. Timothy Cosmas was relocated to a different parish. Early this year, St. Peter’s parish in Pulka was brutally attacked by Boko Haram insurgents though fortunately, the parish priest, Fr. James John who seems to have been the main target, was not at the parish when the attack happened.

On 24 August, Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shakua, in a move that seems to mimic the Middle East terrorist group “Islamic State” declared a caliphate in Gwoza, North eastern Nigeria. [Again, they suffer from Isis-envy.  And their Caliphate is clearly not as big as Isis' Caliphate.  They had better terrorize a little more to feel themselves bigger than they are.] The Islamic State formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) are a brutal Jihadist group that has declared a caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq. They claim religious authority over all Moslems in the world. The militant group, Islamic State, is known for its chilling brutality and executions that seem to appeal to Boko Haram.


Read the rest there.

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