ACTION ITEM! Help a reader, an aspiring monk!

I can’t do many of these, but I can do this one.


From a reader…

I will stay brief, but I want to make sure and thank you for your
ministry. Your blog was a rock and a beacon for me as I struggled to escape sin and return to the Catholic faith I grew up with while surrounded by priests who told me not to worry about it. You helped get me to confession, thank you.

My question is about where I am going now. Last Fall I was accepted into the monastery at Norcia but my entrance date is contingent on how quickly I can resolve my student loans. [Not uncommon.] (You may remember me mentioning this to you when I introduced myself at St. Peter’s after Cardinal Burke’s Mass last October.) For the past five months I have been working with the Laboure Society to raise the money I need, but I still have quite a ways to go and only a month left until my deadline. [Okay, folk…!] Would you be willing to let your blog readers know about the Laboure Society, my vocation, and offer them the opportunity to help me? I’m not sure how well links come through in the question box, but my support page is ? CLICK THAT!

Rod Dreher posted the video earlier today, too, to coincide with the release of the monks’ new chant CD. His praise of the monastery is effusive but by no means exaggerated.

Again, thank you for your work, Father, may God reward you for it. Be assured of my prayers. God bless!

I’ll keep the combox closed on this. Help if you can.

The Monks at Norcia are great!

As I post he has 26% of his goal.

Let’s go!

And the Monks new CD is out as of today!

Here is a spiffy video about the life of the monks.

A sample of the chant:

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Madison, WI – Thurs 4 June – Corpus Christi – Pontifical Mass at the Throne

Morlino Mass at ThroneCorpus Christi falls on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday.  Yes, it is transferred in many places.

On Thursday 4 June at the Bishop O’Connor Center in Madison, WI at 7 PM we will have a Pontifical Mass at the Throne with His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino.

Weather permitting, there will be a procession outside with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

All are welcome!

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2 June 1865: America Civil War officially ended (and more)

150 years ago today, the American Civil War officially ended.

From History:

In an event that is generally regarded as marking the end of the Civil War, Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith, commander of Confederate forces west of the Mississippi, signs the surrender terms offered by Union negotiators. With Smith’s surrender, the last Confederate army ceased to exist, bringing a formal end to the bloodiest four years in U.S. history.

The American Civil War began on April 12, 1861, when Confederate shore batteries under General Pierre G.T. Beauregard opened fire on Union-held Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Bay. During 34 hours, 50 Confederate guns and mortars launched more than 4,000 rounds at the poorly supplied fort, and on April 13 U.S. Major Robert Anderson, commander of the Union garrison, surrendered. Two days later, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation calling for 75,000 volunteer soldiers to help quell the Southern “insurrection.” Four long years later, the Confederacy was defeated at the total cost of 620,000 Union and Confederate dead.

George Satayana wrote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I sometimes wonder if we are not headed in this direction again. So many people are so very ignorant of history … and what’s going on around them today!

Also, from History and also on this day in 1774:

Parliament completes the Coercive Acts with the Quartering Act

On this day in 1774, the British Parliament renews the Quartering Act, allowing Redcoats to stay in private American homes if necessary. The Quartering Act, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Government Act, the Administration of Justice Act and the Boston Port Act, were known as the Coercive Acts.

News of 342 chests of tea dumped into Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773, in what was dubbed the Boston Tea Party, reached Britain in January 1774. Disgusted by the colonists’ action against private property, the British Parliament quickly decided upon the Coercive Acts as a means of reasserting British control over the colonies and punishing Boston.

As of May 20, 1774, the Massachusetts Government Act curtailed democracy in Massachusetts by altering the colonial charter of 1691 to reduce the power of elective officials and to increase that of the royal governor. [I refer the readers to debate about federal influence/interference over local law enforcement agencies.] On the same day, the passing of the Administration of Justice Act ensured that royal officials charged with capital crimes would not be tried in the colonies, but in Britain. On June 1, 1774, the Boston Port Act demanded payment for the destroyed tea before the port could reopen for any imports but food.

On June 2, 1774, Parliament completed its punishment by expanding the Quartering Act to allow soldiers to board in occupied private homes. In its original incarnation, the Quartering Act of 1765 had merely demanded that colonists provide barracks for British soldiers. In Boston, those barracks were on an isolated island in Boston Harbor. In 1766, the act expanded to include the housing of soldiers in public houses (hotels) and empty buildings. With Boston in an uproar, the British now demanded the ability to house the military among civilians, if necessary, to maintain order.

In the evening I will something watch a movie or an episode of some TV series or other.  Right now I am slowly working my way through the Netflix series Revolution.  It is, in many respects, absurd because of plot gaps etc. (Just how many times can people be shot or beaten over the head with a pipe? Why don’t men ever have to shave and they remain relatively clean-shaven?  Why do they seem to have a never-ending supply of whiskey 15 years after the obliteration of power and the collapse of society?  Why is everything so damn dirty?  Doesn’t anyone clean anything?)  In any event, there are some points that are common to “prepper” lit, the dystopian TEOTWAWKI scenarios that inevitably involve bad government actors swooping on the defenseless.

Still… Satayana was on to something.

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ASK FATHER: Can friends of same sex “marry” to avoid deportation?

From a reader…


A friend of mine is a faithful homosexual Catholic, in a committed chaste relationship with another homosexual Catholic since years [in a non-USA country]. He is [from non-USA country A] and his partner [from non-USA country B]. In accordance to the [country B] law for foreign students, he has only a few months left to find a job in order to avoid eviction. Since the search is not going so well, he and his partner are contemplating the possibility to “marry” so that he could automatically receive a residence permit. They know that it’s not right, but they seems to run out of time without another possibility.

My question is, is a “marriage” with such motive and under such circumstances possible for the Church to at least tolerate or even understand it? And what are the consequences if they insist to do it?

Catholics are called to live in truth. We are obliged by the Commandments not to bear false witness.  We must resist cooperation with evil.

While the bond of friendship between these two men, both of whom labor under the tremendous burden of an attraction to the same sex, may be a chaste and holy friendship, it is not, cannot ever be, a marriage. Nor can it ever be anything like a marriage.

Marriage is ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of children. It is, inherently, a covenant between a man and a woman.

For two men, whatsoever the civil law says, to attempt to enter into a “marriage” is to live a lie.

They would be deceiving the state, deceiving their friends and family, and deceiving themselves, even if they remained physically chaste and entirely continent.

They would be cooperating with a grave evil.

They would be living in an objectively sinful state that would bar them from the reception of the sacraments.

They would be seriously imperiling their souls.

One of the most damaging aspects of the contemporary fascination with same-sex attraction and its attendant circumstances is the diminishing understanding of true friendship.

Two men certainly can be friends, even very close friends. Even intimate friends … though not sexually intimate.  The Christian tradition is replete with stories of friends who are closely bonded and who help each other attain holiness. One major difference between the bond of friendship and that of marriage is that friendship does not require close physical contact. It can be a true and holy joy to be in the presence of a friend, but the bond of friendship does not necessitate physical proximity.

If these two friends, because of a certain immigration law, have to live separately, it need not mean the end of their friendship. In fact, since they both struggle with same sex attraction, their bond of friendship might grow stronger if they’re apart, since it won’t be clouded up any warped physical attraction.

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Long-time readers here will remember my relationship with the Bugatti Veyron.

Well, the Veyron has been retired and replaced by the new 150HP Chiron for a cool $2.5 million.  Since it’ll do 248 MPH it would be the perfect vehicle for the order I started (in my mind) years ago, the Rubricians, who go forth into the world two by two to teach rubrics and battle liturgical abuse.

In the Car and Driver description, I liked this part:

The 8.0-liter W-16 engine returns, though now with direct injection, increased boost pressure, and at least two of its four turbochargers electrically powered. Output rises from 1200 to 1500 horsepower, and the 1106 pound-feet torque peak arrives lower in the rev range. A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic again handles the shifting, and the four-wheel-drive system adds torque vectoring.

Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, an actual F-18.


But… I’ll still miss the Veyron for those quick forays to battle evil and to end clerical oppression.



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Vanity Fair and the Synod

From the often amusing Eye of the Tiber:

Synod On The Family Admits New ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner Vanity Fair Cover ‘A Game Changer’

Marx Jenner

Members of the Synod on the Family scrambled to meet today to discuss what some bishops are calling “a game changer” after Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair revealing his new Caitlyn Jenner identity.
The impromptu meeting was called by Cardinal Reinhard Marx to review how they could leverage what he called the potential “straw that broke the discriminatory camel’s back.”
“You guys…tell me you saw Caitlyn on Vanity,” a giddy Marx said to fellow members of the synod as he clutched the magazine tightly to his chest and hopped up and down. “Look at this, look at this…is she not a doll? Listen…she might look like a doll, but she’s human just like us, and deserves the right to become whoever she wants and to do whatever she wants, and we as a Church need to applaud her courage. This is it boys…the day we’ve been waiting for.”
Marx went on to address the council members, asking all those gathered to make proposals for how to get his idea of a more inclusive Church into the official synod document before the “African bishops” found out about it.

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If you are a little bored someday

If you are a little bored someday, you might watch some Calcio Fiorentino, the 16th century version of “football”:

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ASK FATHER: When does Paschaltide end?

Liturgical calendar WheelFrom a reader…


You have posted before that the rubrics after the Ember Saturday Mass in the octave of Pentecost read “Post Missam exspirat tempus Paschale.” However, in the breviary, it reads “Post nonam, terminatur Officium proprium de octava, et explicit tempus paschale…” So when does Easter time really end?

Since you mention the Octave of Pentecost – appallingly obliterated for the Novus Ordo – I’ll stick to the traditional Roman calendar

Insofar as Holy Mass is concerned, the last Paschaltide Mass would be that Saturday morning.  We assume that Mass is said in the morning.

However, the liturgy is more than the Mass.

By the way, it really gripes me when people refer to Holy Mass simply as “liturgy”. But I digress.  “Hello, Eyebrow of Jesus Catholic Community, how may I direct your call?  … What time is Sunday… Mass?  Well, we have liturgy at 9 and 11 if that’s what you mean.”

As far as the whole of the Roman liturgy is concerned, which includes the Office, Paschaltide ends after the recitation of Nones on Saturday. Thus, the Time after Pentecost begins with 1st Vespers of Trinity Sunday, which properly recited Saturday in the afternoon sometime.  You just don’t see the green yet, for 1st vespers or for Mass, because Trinity Sunday white trumps the green.   But I assure you, the green is really there.  It’s just spiritual, invisible green.

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Fathers! A serious warning!

Here is something to chew on, reverend and dear Fathers!

From Methodus pie et fructuose celebrandi Augustissimum sacrificium missae by G. Tamburino:

Si sacerdos per notabile tempus voluntarie distractus, eas missae partes quae canonem continent recitet, peccabit mortaliter. Videtur autem mihi gravis irreverentia, qua quis dum profitetur Deum summe venerari, cum illo irreverenter per voluntariam distractionem se gerat.

Mass eucharist sacrifice

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June and You

The Octave of Pentecost – which we observed with the traditional Roman calendar – is over and so we move into the Time After Pentecost.   With the Novus Ordo calendar this period is variously called Ordinary Time or else Greater Meatloaf™.*

This is also KAL. IVN., the Kalends of June, the 1st day of June.  June is traditionally dedicated to devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We have a couple great feasts coming up later in the month, including the Nativity of John the Baptist.  I remind the readership that for the Vigil of the Nativity of John the Baptist, there is in the traditional Roman Ritual a special blessing for bonfires.  It is also when, in certain places, witches are burned.  Yes, you read that right.  It is also a Roman custom to eat snails on the Feast of John the Baptist.

You have a few weeks to make preparations.

*Lesser Meatloaf describes the Novus Ordo’s equivalent of Time after Epiphany.

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