ASK FATHER: A soul in anguish about the state of the Church. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

From a reader…


Dear Father,

I feel [unsafe] going to Church, which I unfortunately cannot bring myself to do. I firmly believe in the Catholic Faith and all of its traditional teachings. However, going to Mass anywhere has proved to be such a discomfort to me, that I fear I may never go again. I feel gravely uncomfortable attending Mass in the company of those priests who are themselves racked with limitless perversion and heresy, and I feel completely hypocritical for listening to them. Half of them appear to be homosexual, and I can’t bear the thought of touching their hand, much less by that same hand, receiving Holy Communion. Also, due to recent scandals regarding the Seal of Confession, I do not entirely trust the Clergy to absolute secrecy.

Least to say Father, I feel quite lost as a Catholic, and experience only feelings of disgust and affliction in the company of other Catholics, especially priests. You will tell me to go to Confession, which I have tried, many times over. What I am telling you is that I am disillusioned, and I am afraid that such disillusionment is irreparable. I do not feel compassion or understanding in this Church which has become a circus for pseudointellectuals and neofeminists. I wish I could feel right at home, but I don’t I’ve entertained thoughts of becoming Orthodox or even Anglican, but I can’t bring myself to do so; I believe, from a chiefly historical point of view, that the Roman Catholic Church is the True Church, Established by Christ. I also cannot escape a deep sense of faith to that end. But when I think of the Catholic Church I believe in and love, I do not see it in the one which currently claims the title. There appears to be a complete dichotomy between the two; it is as if the Catholic Faith were divorced from Visual Representation (i.e. church buildings and everything institutional that we can visibly see). I would greatly appreciate your wisdom and guidance. I have long read your blog, and have for you nothing but the deepest respect.

I get it.  I really do.

I am not sure that a long, systematic answer will help as much as a few bullet points with thoughts as they occur to me.

You might take these – one at a time over as many days – and reflect on them.

  • The Church was established by Christ, God, as our ordinary means of salvation.  As Lumen genitum reminds us, anyone knowing and believing this who refuses to enter the Church or stay within, cannot be saved.
  • The Devil is really good at being an Enemy.  The Enemy is relentless and knows how to hit us where we are weak.  Use the sacraments and sacramentals and ask your Guardian Angel for help.
  • Some pundits would have you believe that nearly every other priest is some sort of deviant.  That’s simply not true.  Are there deviant and weird priests?  Of course there are.  The Church has been systematically infiltrated.  Again, the Enemy is really good at being an Enemy.  That said, even the wickedest, weirdest, or most wearisome priest confects the Eucharist and absolves your sins.  Father gives you the creeps?  Even disgusting leeches and maggots have their salutary use in medicine.  Sometimes they are all you’ve got.  And then they are a blessing.
  • Yes, I will tell you – and everyone else – to go to confession, but not because of what you have written here.  Go to confession when you are aware of mortal sins you haven’t confessed.  However, I’ll remind everybody that an effect of the Sacrament of Penance is also to strengthen us against temptations.   And you, sir, are being tempted.   The Enemy has gotten a crowbar into your head and he’s prying away, trying to get you to distance yourself from the means of our salvation, Holy Church.  Fight temptations to avoid the Church.  There’s merit and grace in that fight.
  • If the situation of the Church where you are is truly that corrupt, if it’s really the case that you can’t find a good parish or chapel, maybe it’s time for you to move.  “But… but… but… that would be hard!”  Of course it would be hard.  On the other hand, “If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away; it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell.”  Sometimes you have to make the hard call for the sake of your immortal soul.  Life is short and eternity is… well… not.  Is it worth it to stay where you are when you might relocate?  To put it another way.  You’ve been spotted by the Enemy, pinned down and are under heavy, well-directed fire.  If you stay where you are, you’re toast.  Pick up your weapon and get out of your foxhole.  A hail of small arms fire might get you, but your present position is mortal.  But…  if it truly isn’t as bad as all that… then, again, pick up your weapon and get out of your foxhole.   We need you.
  • I am convinced that even wicked and stupid priests take the Seal of Confession seriously.  When it comes to the Seal, at least, they are like different men and God is strong in them when it comes to keeping their mouths shut.  Another phenomenon I’ve noticed – and many priests can have the same observation to me – we amazingly seem not to remember the content of 99% of the confessions we hear.  It’s a mystery.
  • What do you suppose priests to be?  All priests are unworthy of their calling.  He doesn’t choose men who are worthy.  He chooses those whom it pleaseth Him to choose. God chooses and uses us anyway.  It has ever been so.  While He was still alive, 1/12th of the bishops sold the Lord and 10/12ths ran away from the Cross.  What hubris infects us now to think that today’s priests are better than they?  We only know and have more stuff, now.  We aren’t any more worthy than they were.  And they had Christ face to face every day!  We, unworthy, see Christ as if through the dark glass.  This is one reason why the traditional Mass is so helpful.  It constantly reminds the priest, and the people, about who he is and who he isn’t.  From the very beginning of Mass he declares himself a sinner and begs for your forgiveness.  To you, friend, and to all, please forgive me, unworthy, in the place of all and every priest who has ever been stupid, wicked and low.  Don’t punish yourself by staying away from the Church due to my sins and those of my unworthy brethren.  Try to see, instead, the love and might of God at work even in us unworthy sinners.  That’s His way of doing things, and we must submit to this unfathomable plan.  Help us to be better.  We are for you, in the manner of priest and also the victim offered.  If I tell you to “man up”, then please help us to “man up”.
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta wrote in her spiritual diary that she endured decade upon decade tormented and anxious, with no consolations, persevering in a ceaseless dark night of the soul. Thérèse de Lisieux also suffered from a sense of abandonment at the end of her life. At the Lord’s tomb Mary Magdalen in anguish cried, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him.”  Such suffering is permitted by God, who at times withdraws consolations and hides, to purify and test and strengthen our love.  No pain, no gain, pal.  Maybe it’s your turn to suffer for the sake of your soul and even for the unseen good of others if you can offer it back to God.
  • You were probably confirmed.  Call upon that indelible mark!  Ask God, explicitly as a confirmed man, to strengthen you in your trial.  Use that sacrament. That’s what it’s for!  Never forget that the Holy Ghost’s mark is now forever in your soul.  If you haven’t yet been confirmed… what the heck are you waiting for?!?
  • If I can say it in such a publicly private space as this, I often avoid certain kinds of gatherings of priests.  I have in common with most of them that we are both carbon-based life forms and that we have been ordained.  And, for decades they have both demonstrated to me that we have little in common and they have let me know precisely that they see me that way too.  I think many of them don’t belong to the same religion that I embraced when I converted.  Again, the Enemy is really good at being an Enemy.  Division is both a powerful weapon and sign of enemy activity.  The impulse to withdraw must be resisted.  The Enemy must not be allowed that terrain.
  • Our Savior suffered during His Passion from beatings so bad that he was hardly to be recognized, fulfilling what Isiah wrote: “his appearance was so marred, beyond human semblance, and his form beyond that of the sons of men”.  If our Lord suffered that way, then His Church too will suffer that way in her own Passion.  I think that is what has begun.  The Church again enters her Passion.  Think of the holy women, Mary, and Christ’s newly ordained priest John who did not flee, who ran from the garden but who remained at the horrifying, saving Cross.
  • A cardiologist friend has a good response to those who grumble about their prescribed treatment.  “Do I have to take these pills forever?”, they mew.  “No,” she says, “Just until you die.”  We weren’t promised a bed of roses when we were baptized.  We who are Christ’s disciples will all drink at least some drops of the chalice He drank on Calvary.   It is our task to be faithful, brave and persevere.
  • Connected to the previous points, of all the possible universes God could have created, He created this one and not some other.  He knew every one of us before the creation of the cosmos, and He called us from nothingness into existence in this particular universe at this particular time according to His unfathomable plan.   We have a role to play in God’s economy of salvation.  We have to trust that we are exactly when and where God wants us to be.  We have been born into troubling times.  This is our battlefield, not some other theoretically ideal battlefield.  It’s ideal for us because it’s ours and this is the one God gave us.  If you want to stop feeling “unsafe”, then review the exigencies of your Christian, Catholic vocation, trust in God’s divine providence (He knows what he is doing) and, get into the fight.
  • I wrote elsewhere that maybe you should move.  Maybe.  But maybe you are the one needed to help others where you live to deal with what you are dealing with, faithfully.  Faithfully.  Even though and precisely because it hurts.  Faithfully.
  • I will pray for you and I will fast for you and I will do penance for you.  I will put you into my chalice at Mass to be transformed by God into the upright, confirmed, convicted man, filled with the Holy Ghost, you can be.


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The TMSM welcomes Bp. Hying to @MadisonDiocese – UPDATED

His Excellency Most Reverend Donald Hying has come to Madison as the diocese’s 5th Bishop.  On Monday, 24 June, Vespers was celebrated on the vigil of his installation on 25 June.  You can see the ceremony and hear the Bishop’s sermon HERE.  In the video skip forward to about 40:00 for the beginning and 1:03:00 for the sermon.

The installation Mass will also be live streamed on Tuesday, 25 June.

I was pleased that the Tridentine Mass Society of the Diocese of Madison provided the vestments for the evening and also for the installation Mass on Tuesday.  That means that many of YOU readers have contributed to make these occasions more beautiful.  So, in a way, the “mutual enrichment” goes forward.

Here are a few photos from Vespers.

First, a couple shots of the fabric for these vestments being prepared for cutting, some time ago in Rome.  2017…

And now, in 2019 … the dalmatics and antependium are from what we call the “Madison Set”, because the pieces bear the diocesan coat of arms.

We now have 10 chasubles, including the one made for Bp. Morlino with his coat of arms and now the new one just made with Bp. Hying’s arms.


Just unpacked!  Thank you, dear readers, for your ongoing support of the TMSM and its work.


Gammarelli told me that they are just about out of fabric and they have run out of the trim.  If we want to expand this any more (though I’m not sure why) we’ll have to find another supplier.

The set has 7 copes, 10 chasubles and dalmatics (including 2 “plus” sized), canopy and ombrellino.   And, if you can imagine, all the chasubles came with all the other pieces needed for Mass, and the copes and dalmatics came with stoles.  There are piles of burses and maniples and chalice veils.

The TMSM welcomes Bp. Hying.

Dear readers, please say a prayer for him as soon as you read this?  Bishops today have a heavy mandate.

UPDATE 25 June.

VIDEO of the installation Mass is HERE

For the Bishop’s sermon advance to about 1:25:00

It good to see many of the TMSM’s vestments in play today.  A few shots.  Note: Archbp. Listecki with the pallium… a first for these vestments.

The Apostolic Nuncio.

At last, seated and with the symbols of his office.


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Aftermath: the modernist star-trek altar from Notre-Dame de Paris

You might recall that the fire in the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris brought down part of the roof precisely over the modernist star-trek altar set up in the crossing of the nave and transepts.   A massive rubble smashed down on it, almost as if guided by a powerful – perhaps – feminine hand.  VIDEO HERE

Today a friend sent a link to a Fakebook page where a priest posted a note about being ordained near that altar many years ago and that he is in “better condition”.  HERE

Congratulations to the priest on his 30th anniversary!

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Clerical beards.

Julius II

I saw at Pathetic from the esteemed Rev. Mr. Kandra a fluffy bit about more and more seminarians and priests – of the Latin Church – sporting beards.   HERE

A couple things.  It has not been the custom of Latin Church priests to have facial hair for a long time.  As a matter of fact, the older, superseded 1917 Code of Canon Law, mandated simplicity in the matter of clerical hair.  Local legislation often forbade facial hair.  The newer, 1983 Code is silent.   Going way back to the early Church, it was usual for priests to have beards.  Also, in both the Easter Church and in Western Monasticism, beards are common and even expected.

Some Popes were, famously, bearded, such as 16th c.  Julius II, who grew a beard in mourning over the Papal States defeat at Bologna, despite the biblical comment that shaving one’s beard was a sign of mourning (cf. Jeremiah).  Thereafter papal portraits reveal that a long string of Popes (with the exception of a couple Medicis) had beards, the last being the reformer Innocent XII (Pignatelli +1700).  From his successor Clement XVI (Albani +1721) onward, no Pope has had a beard.

I would note that, at Acton University this year, I heard a presentation about what the “Alt-Right” is really all about.  One factoid was that, in one stream of “Alt-Right” the length of a beard is perceived even to exonerate a man from more and more moral norms, depending on its length.

In any event, in the Latin West, there has been a strong clerical cultural custom, even reinforced by local legislation, against the sporting of beards.  I had, for a short time, a beard as a priest, but it wound up being too much of a bother.  Gone.  And, over the decades, I’ve just the right stuff for me to make shaving as least annoying and time consuming as possible.  Frankly, I see clerical beards to be, right now, an affectation that follows a contemporary fad/style.

That said, there is no legislation and there are changing views throughout the Church’s history.

The fact remains that, going back into the depths of time, auctores scinduntur.  Someone as esteemed as St. Augustine writes of the beard as a symbol of manly virtues.  Durandus, in the Middle Ages, writes of the beard as being a symbol of sinfulness and being bad for the humors.  In the 16th c., the great St. Charles Borromeo tried to check the affectation in his clergy and in 1576 wrote a letter De barba radenda.  Smart guy.

There are good arguments on both sides of the razor. These days, freedom reigns.

For those Latin Church seminarians and priests who put time and energy and money into their attention drawing facial hair, I would simply ask…

… how’s your Latin?


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PARODY SONG ALERT: Amazoniana Synod

The other day, I posted about the upcoming Pan-Amazonian Synod at which the members will among other things discuss married priests as a solution to the shortage in that mission territory.  I wrote that “I try try try to give these Synod (“walking together”) guys the benefit of the doubt, but does anyone sincerely believe that talking about married clergy is really about shortage of priests in a mission country?”

That “Try Try Try” part got me thinking in terms of a parody song.   The Official Parodohymnodist™ of the blog and I collaborated on one during the last round of rigged synods on the family.

So, I wrote to The Official Parodohymnodist™ suggesting something based perhaps on the song by Smashing Pumpkins or one by Johnny Cash.

He, being he, came up with a better idea.  He wrote:

“I think it needs more of a South American rhythm. I tried some Carmen Miranda songs, but then I got the mental image of Cardinal _____ in a floral print wrap with a basket of fruit on his head and couldn’t stop shuddering. So I turned to North American versions of South American music and came across the legendary Eydie Gormé, “Blame it on the Bossa Nova””

Here it is.   Sure to get certain feet tapping at the Fishwrap... before they figure out what’s going on.

This is what you need to have in your head to appreciate the work below.  Eydie Gormé’s original HERE.

Amazoniana Synod

Leonardo Boff, tried to change the Church,
Paolo Cardinal Arns, left us in a lurch,
It was looking bad, and the Germans cried,
But then we laid a plan we hadn’t tried.

Amazoniana Synod, it’s ecology,
Amazoniana Synod, poor theology,
Oh, it all began when Hummes said to me,
“Let us build upon Laudato si’
Amazoniana Synod,
Will seal the deal.”

(Now will we stand firm?)
No, no, another Synod
(and retain the truth?)
No, no, another Synod
(We’ll make traddies squirm)
Yes, yes, another Synod
(they’re so uncouth)

We’ll let the priests get hitched in the Amazon,
Turn attention from what turned McCarrick on,
They might worship earth, and ignore the Creed
But at least our plans for change will soon succeed!

Amazoniana Synod, it’s ecology,
Amazoniana Synod, poor theology,
Oh, it all began when Hummes said to me,
“Let us build upon Laudato si’
Amazoniana Synod,
Will seal the deal.”


Zuhlio dropped me a note to say, “Dude, if only I could get my voice up high enough to do the recording but I haven’t had any Jesuit training.”


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Shades of Windswept House – UPDATED with a new interview about the late Card. Bernardin


There is MORE. McCarrick’s victim was also abused by Bernardin. He’s on the record in a video interview with Michael Voris.


Do NOT watch any of this with children present.  And if you are at all hesitant on hearing it yourself… just leave it alone.

The basic idea is that McCarrick set up his victim to be abused also by Bernardin.

This seriously creeps me out.  Back in the ’80’s there were rumors about Bernardin too.

__ Originally Published on: Jun 21, 2019

A quick post… y’all should go over to Church Militant and see the report about Chicago’s Card. Bernadin and Card. Cupich.  HERE

Do any of you remember Windswept House?

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Earthquake at near Rome – 20:43:47 (UTC) Magnitude 3.4 at a depth of 5 KM – @ Colonna, Italy

There was just an earthquake 1 KM north of Colonna, Italy, in the Castelli Romani 24 KM SE of Rome. 20:43:47 (UTC) Magnitude 3.4 at a depth of 5 KM.

This is near well-known places such as Frascati and other producers of the Lazio white wine, such as Monteporzio Catone, Fontana Candida, and, over the hills, Castel Gandolfo.

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VIDEO Fr @GeraldMurray8 and Dr @RobertSRoyal analyze hot-button issues

My friends Fr. Murray and Dr. Royal were on EWTN with Raymond Arroyo last Friday, 21 June.   They spoke at length about the upcoming Synod, about the new document from the Cong. for Catholic Education on “gender theory”, about ongoing Vignanò phenomonon and also about the head of the Knights of (Vichy) Malta forbidding the Usus Antiquior.  They have some great comments about the Traditional Latin Mass and young people.

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ASK FATHER: Can I really fulfill my Mass obligation at an SSPX chapel?

UPDATE 24 June

I had a note from Peter Vere which, with his permission, I should add to the post.

A number of folks have sent me the following link, in which you mention my name directly, regarding the SSPX.

A few points:

The individual cites my previous position, back when a clear schism existed between the SSPX and Rome. In light of Pope Benedict’s subsequent lifting of the excommunications, the SSPX’s expulsion of Bishop Williamson and those within the SSPX loyal to him, and subsequent rapprochement under Pope Francis, I’m now on record publicly as stating my previous position on this issue is now moot since the SSPX are no longer in a state of schism or display a schismatic mentality.

Likewise, in response to your reader in the comments section, the SSPX are back in communion with Rome. They have even re-established limited canonical ties with Rome in the practice of canon law like any other Catholic diocese or major institute of consecrated life.

Thus the SSPX remain in an irregular canonical situation, but it is slowly being regularized. As such, they can no longer be considered schismatic, or outside of communion with Rome.

Please note my canonical opinion expressed above applies to the main SSPX only. It does not extend to the so-called SSPX Resistance and other groups that broke away under Bishop Williamson from communion with the SSPX.

Thanks to Peter Vere for sending this in!

___ Originally Published on: Jun 23, 2019

From a reader…


I’ve always had the impression that Cardinal Hoyos and Msgr. Perl have affirmed that so long as a person is not developing a schismatic mentality, that he/she may fulfill their sunday (and assumedly holyday?) obligation at an sspx mass, regardless of whether there’s a novus ordo mass nearby or even a licit tridentine mass (fssp, etc) nearby.

However, I’ve recently come across arguments made by Peter Vere and others to the contrary, i.e., that attendance at an sspx chapel can only be justified if there’s no other catholic mass nearby at all, and even then, one’s duty towards a sunday obligation is waived anyways.
What do you think? This has left me confused.

Mr. Vere and others are confused and have drawn incorrect conclusions.

I worked at the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” for a long time.   It was always the position of the PCED that people could attend Masses at the chapels of the SSPX, that people would on a vigil of or day of a holyday of obligation (e.g., all Sundays – can. 1248 §1) fulfill their obligation, and that they could also contribute, out of justice, to the collection.   The letters often hedged saying that the PCED wouldn’t recommend Communion at the chapel, but that language doesn’t forbid Communion either!

Yes, you can fulfill your obligation at an SSPX chapel.  No, you don’t need to be in a situation where you can’t get to another Mass at a recognized church or chapel.  Wanting to go is reason enough.

Of course God cannot be deceived.

People shouldn’t go to these or any other chapel if their Faith and their unity with their proper pastors is being undermined.   It seems to me that thinking, “I really dislike Card. C__, so I won’t go to a parish Mass.  I’ll go to the SSPX instead”, would be a deficient motive.   It seems to me that if you attend the SSPX chapel and all you hear is harangues against Francis and the “modernist Church” blah blah blah and you are sensing that that scandalous preaching is affecting your unity with the local church, then that would be a reason to reflect on why you were going to the SSPX chapel.

You can go to confession and be validly absolved by SSPX priests, just as with regular priests.

It is now in most places possible validly to marry at an SSPX chapel, so long as they are working in harmony with the local diocese in the matter of marriages.  I don’t know of a US diocese where this is not the case.

In 99% of cases, lay people want reverent worship and solid, trustworthy preaching.  And in 99% of cases, that’s what they will get at chapels of the SSPX.  There are rotten lay apples and rotten clerical apples in our big barrel.  They are rare.   But a rotten apple can do a lot of harm to the rest of the barrel.

Be prudent.

And remember that God cannot be deceived when it comes to motives.

I suppose now that some will jump in with all sorts of notions and assertions that you can’t fulfill your obligation.  They are all wrong and I am right.

And, as my old pastor used to say, “When you’re right, you can’t be wrong.”

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Concerning the upcoming Synod, Germans and Tapirs

I try try try to give these Synod (“walking together”) guys the benefit of the doubt, but does anyone sincerely believe that talking about married clergy is really about shortage of priests in a mission country?  Really?

I can’t say that I do.

I suspect what it’s really going to be is a way for weird German theologians and bishops, using their huge economic clout in mission fields, to ram through married clergy so that they can then migrate the same back into Germany.

Thus, at the Synod, the Germans are sticking their South America Tapir’s nose under the tent.

I want to be wrong about this.

That said, I was sent a link to a site that makes an interesting point.  At the site Unam Sanctam I read:

The ostensible reason the ordination of married “elders” is being discussed for the Amazon is because of a critical priest shortage in the region.

Let us set aside for a moment the fact that the ideologue of the Amazon Synod, Bishop Fritz Lobinger, has stated that the priest shortage is not the real reason for the proposal to ordain married men; let us look at the historical background of “priest shortages” in general.

The Amazon is more or less a missionary region. I do not deny there is a priest shortage there. But there have always been priest shortages in mission areas. How is this a new problem? Mission territories generally don’t have the population density or Catholic base to produce a sufficient level of indigenous priests. This is why evangelical efforts in mission countries have typically been spearheaded by foreign priests supported by subscriptions or donations from the faithful in more thoroughly Christianized areas. This is just common sense.


There’s more but that’s the essential part.

There have always been a shortage in mission countries.   The shortage stops when it isn’t a mission country anymore.  Right?

Wouldn’t a strong sign that a country isn’t a mission territory anymore be that produce locally an adequate number of priests for replacement and growth?

These USA, by the way, are a mission country.

Germany is a mission country for sure.  So, if the Amazon, which is a mission country, then why not Germany and these USA?


I need to revive that old project I thought up the last time this topic boiled to the surface.  I think it was called “P-Harmony”, a dating service for priests to meet prospective wives.  Because, as you know, priests… gosh… what a catch we are.  Don’t line up all at once, ladies.


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ACTION ITEM: How you can help defend the Seal of Confession in California

Every once in a while, some legal case pops up whereby one side tries to undermine the Seal of Confession. These attempts usually go down in defeat. However, each time they are advanced, the needle is bumped ever so slightly in their desired direction.

In California the Seal of Confession is under attack.

A priest friend sent me this:

If you get a chance while you’re enjoying the Acton Conference, you might encourage people to join the fight against California’s attempt to punish priests for keeping the seal of the confessional.

The Archdiocese of San Francisco has a webpage on what people can do:

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“This ‘Communion in the hand’ thing needs to stop.”

I received this from a priest…

Dear and Reverend Father,

I thought that you may find the attached image useful, as heartbreaking and enraging as it is. Today, an elderly woman came into my office. She was very confused and upset. She handed me this book and explained that she found it while cleaning out the estate of a deceased friend.

Inside the book, she found two Hosts. I thanked her and told her I would take care of it. She left, relieved.

I don’t know whether they were consecrated (I’ve already consumed them). I also don’t see why anyone would have two unconsecrated hosts in their possession.

This “Communion in the hand” thing needs to stop.

Thank you for all you do, and know of my prayers! Peace!

I might add this…

Father, those are Hosts which were found because they were in a book.

Then there are the Hosts which are never found, because they were taken for evil purposes.  There are the Hosts which were simply thrown away.

This Communion in the hand thing…. it has to stop.

CITH… just say ‘No’.

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#ActonU 2019 Day 4: Great people… great content

I’ve been to a lot of conferences.   Often, things get behind schedule due to lack of planning and discipline (which is disrespectful of the participants and speakers).

None of that at Acton University!  Things run on time.  You never have to guess about where to go and when.

This is one of the many benefits of attending Acton U.

Another is that the food is genuinely good for a large group of people.  There are about 1000 people from (I think) 85 countries.

Last night our speaker was an amazing young man, the Brazilian prosecutor who is driving the incredibly complex and far-ranging Car Wash corruption investigation.   Deltan Martinazzo Dallagnol told us last night that this isn’t just a matter of prosecuting corrupt politicians.   Another true motive is to return to the public good the vast sums of money that have been misappropriated.   The talk was riveting.

In the evening, after supper and the talk, a bunch of us got together and chatted over some drinks.  Very pleasant.

This morning was Mass, of course, to start the day.   A kind soul sent a couple of photos.

As for the courses, I stuck my head into an intriguing talk about what monks who make booze can tell us about capital. The focus was the Grand Chartreuse. My friend MNF would have been over the moon.

Here’s one of the spacious common area in the center.

A glimpse of part of today’s schedule on the well-designed appl.

I had to say hello to Sam Gregg, of course.

More later.


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Archd. of Indianapolis says Jesuit school isn’t Catholic

UPDATE 22 June:

CNA has more of the back story.


UPDATE 21 June:

Check out canonist Ed Peters on this story. HERE


You may have already seen this, but I’m both glad and sad to post it. This speaks for itself.

Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ statement on Brebeuf:

Decree acknowledges Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School’s choice to no longer retain its Catholic identity

The Catholic Church teaches that Catholic schools are integral to the mission of the Church to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and to be places of learning where students encounter the living Christ.

All those who minister in Catholic educational institutions carry out an important ministry in communicating the fullness of Catholic teaching to students both by word and action inside and outside the classroom. It is their duty and privilege to ensure that students receive instruction in Catholic doctrine and practice. To effectively bear witness to Christ, whether they teach religion or not, all ministers in their professional and private lives must convey and be supportive of Catholic Church teaching. The Archdiocese of Indianapolis recognizes all teachers, guidance counselors and administrators as ministers. A comprehensive description of Catholic Church teaching can be found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

In the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, every archdiocesan Catholic school and private Catholic school has been instructed to clearly state in its contracts and ministerial job descriptions that all ministers must convey and be supportive of all teachings of the Catholic Church.

Regrettably, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School has freely chosen not to enter into such agreements that protect the important ministry of communicating the fullness of Catholic teaching to students. Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School has chosen to no longer be recognized as a Catholic institution by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The attached decree is effective as of June 21, 2019.

So, the powers at the school didn’t want to be Catholic. They got their wish. The bishop did his job.

It is sad that this happened. I am glad it happened.

I’m glad the bihsop made the tough call and I hope that other bishops will be strengthened in their own dealing with Jesuits and other in their dioceses.

Meanwhile… Jesuit homosexualist Fr James Martin wrote:

Breaking: Brebeuf Jesuit Prep, a Jesuit school in Indianapolis, stands with its LGBT employees after the Archdiocese of Indianapolis ordered the school to fire a teacher who entered into a same-sex marriage. The Archdiocese now no longer recognizes the school as Catholic (Thread)

If that was the reason – I suspect there are other issues as well – then …GOOD!

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#ActonU 2019 Day 1 = Day 3: getting up to speed

Once again I have the pleasure of participating in Acton Institute’s summer event, Acton University, several days of outstanding lectures and meeting people from dozens of countries and varying walks of life and religions.

Getting here wasn’t easy this time.  I was in NYC for a previous engagement and then encountered flight nightmare, including mechanical problems that took our plane back to LGA.

As soon as we landed, there was a “ground stop” for weather.  Then they had to find another plane.  Then we had to get out of the tangle of planes waiting to leave.  It was awful.

However, it was deja vu.  The first flight returned to LGA because both the AC units were out.  It was really hot in that airplane.   Sound familiar?  This was the same pattern as when I went to Gitmo, and that plane crashed.   As a matter of fact, when this flight returned to LGA there were lots of emergency vehicles along the runway with their lights on.

But I digress… I arrived.

This morning we had a lovely Missa Cantata with Gregorian chant.

The bookstore always has good stuff.  Lib heads would either get straighten out in a hurry, or explode.

David Clayton, who always comes, also writes for NLM.  And Bradley’s book is a must.

Meanwhile, start ’em young.

The early schedule each day reflects the diversity of the attendees.


Jennifer Roback Morse of Ruth Institute

ALWAYS good.

On “gender ideology”. As you know “gender ideology” is from Hell.

The idea is that gender ideology is putting western society at risk.

Jennifer used for the example of how Fr Cusick was tweet-mobbed for suggesting that women should dress modestly in church.

She also used examples of Drag Queen stuff in libraries and boys beating girls in sports.

Combating gender ideology… remember…

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