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Mark Shea wryly points out the obvious

The National Catholic Register published a very good piece by a blogger’s friend Mark Shea.
Catholic Church Says Same Thing as Ever: Millions Shocked
BY Mark Shea
September 16-22, 2007 Issue | Posted 9/11/07 at 1:44 PM
Oh my stars and garters! … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: How to go to a Catholic college without losing your faith and your mind?

From a reader:
I will be attending a catholic university in the fall, and I have recently learned that it teaches heresy. While I am not shocked by this, I am concerned about myself and my faith. I am still a … Continue reading

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“End the Male Only Celibate Teacher’s Union…”

I picked this up from Mark Shea over at Catholic And Enjoying It.  Actually he just posted the kink… er um… link to a story about a teacher who seduced a student under the age of 17.
Shea’s point?
End the Male … Continue reading

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Something lighter: Purgatory for Catholic bloggers

I saw this at Acts of the Apostacy and it made me chuckle.
The writer muses about what penance in purgatory Catholic bloggers might have to endure.
* LarryD – transcribe every issue of the National Catholic Reporter onto strips of bark … Continue reading

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Color differentiation

A tip of the biretta to Mark Shea and Mike Flynn for this chuckle.  o{]:¬)

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QUAERITUR ALIBI: Why isn’t Mary considered a priest?

Mark Shea in his blog, Catholic and Enjoying It, has a good Q&A:
A reader asks:
Why isn’t Mary [the Mother of God] considered the first priest since she actually brought Christ into this world?
Well, in a certain sense she is since … Continue reading

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Chicago: 12 Dec. at High Noon: Mass in front of Pres.-Elect Obama’s HQ

From Mark Shea‘s place.
On Friday, December 12, the Pro-Life Action League will be co-sponsoring a solemn Mass at noon at Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago in honor of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
This Mass, the first ever in … Continue reading

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Blogs I look at react to the Washington D.C. Mass – UPDATED

Some reactions from the internet.  My emphases and comments throughout:
Over at DC Catholic there is an entry responding to my own comments here at WDTPRS:
I was in attendance today and found the experience incredibly moving. I would like to … Continue reading

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Anti-Catholic wacko disrupting a Mass – video

I picked this up from Mark Shea’s place.  Take a gander at the spittle flecked anti-Catholic wacko disrupting a Mass in this YouTube video.
Some people’s kids, huh?
This reminds me of something from years ago.  The late Msgr. Richard Schuler once … Continue reading

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Somebody PLEASE wake me up!
Biretta tip to Mark Shea

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