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Zuhlsdorf’s Law and the blog

If you are reading this today, we are both lucky. I actually got it posted and you brought up the page!
Today we have a great example of Zuhlsdorf’s Law in full force.
Zuhlsdorf’s Law
Murphy was an optimst. Therefore…
When you need your … Continue reading

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My view for a while and Z’s Law

I am on my way to Rome today, thanks to all of you… quite a few of you!
Of course this is when Zuhlsdorf’s Law clicks in big time. Many of you will remember Zuhlsdorf’s Law. Many of you will … Continue reading

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URGENT: Problems posting comments

I have received a few emails from readers who have been getting a message about a “white list” when trying to comment here.
I will try to get to the bottom of this.
A reader send a screen shot of what they … Continue reading

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My laptop solution revealed

As most of you know, I had serious laptop problems – according to the incontrovertible cosmic Zuhlsdorf’s Law – while in Rome.
I am so very grateful to all of you who pitched in to the old “Get A Mac” Fund … Continue reading

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How I received our new Pope.

Today was a day of deep blessings and deep frustrations. It was a day of wetness from rain and wetness from tears.
Let me dispense with the frustrations. The cellular network and internet in the area was nearly completely overwhelmed so … Continue reading

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RECENT POSTS and THANKS and NEWS (and Mass for Benefactors)

What a whirlwind.
First, help each other out by checking… daily…
Then, also daily for a few more days… just a few seconds of your time…
HELP! 2013 About Catholicism Readers’ Choice Awards

POLL: Which U.S. major secular network has the … Continue reading

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If it’s Rome there must be some disaster looming …

I have a real problem, dear readers.
On my first full day my laptop is dead.
I mean dead.

Hard drive dead.
I have my phone. I hope I can borrow a laptop from someone.
And if course the blog was … Continue reading

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Blog was down for a bit… an attack

This afternoon the blog was down for a short period.  I figured it was just the higher than usual traffic stressing out the poor server.
I am informed that it was an attack that caused the problem.
What’s the old phrase?
“If they … Continue reading

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Blog problems and the blog’s future (and ads)

Lately, because of high traffic, there have been problems keeping the blog running properly.  The server hasn’t been able to handle the load.  Also, there is something wrong in how the blog is set up, but I don’t have the … Continue reading

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Of Conjunctions, Cornetti, and Corollaries

Last night there was a beautiful conjunction of your planet’s moon with the gas giant Jupiter. My phone photos don’t do it justice.

The stars are not conjoined for my internet connection however. This morning I am working my … Continue reading

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