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Canonist Ed Peters eviscerates bishops – one in particular – who won’t apply law

Right away go over to canonist Ed Peters’ place and read his vivisection of Card. Cupich. It’s not just Cupich whom he has eviscerated.  It’s all the bishops who refuse to implement the Church’s Canon Law.   I believe bishops take … Continue reading

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Canonist Ed Peters on trying Gov. Andrew “the Ghoul” Cuomo for heresy. Fr. Z makes some observations.

When I was travel back to these USA from Tokyo, I was addressed by fellow travelers about Gov. Cuomo.  “When is he going to excommunicated?”  They were really angry. People are angry.  Rightly so.  They want action, not words, from … Continue reading

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Msgr. Pope and canonist Ed Peters on NY Gov. Cuomo: “It is time to end the charade”

Canonist Ed Peters responded to Msgr. Charles Pope’s implicit request for canonical clarifications in the matter of NY Gov. Cuomo and his complicity… nay, rather, full-throated promotion of infanticide.  If there were ever a case of application of the law … Continue reading

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“Rome, we have a problem.” Ed Peters on … surprises?… in new document on Consecrated Virginity.

TIMING is everything. Right now the US Association of Consecrated Virgins is in their annual meeting. THAT’s when this happens? Some time ago, Holy Church decided to revive a state in life, a vocation, that was once identified and lived … Continue reading

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WRONG: Maltese, Germans, Argentinians and now Braga. “Patently and gravely wrong.” Ed Peters explains the situation.

My old pastor and mentor, Msgr. Schuler, used to say: When you’re right, you can’t be wrong. The flip side is: When you’re wrong, you can’t be right. There are a lot of people out there who are just plain … Continue reading

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Canonist Ed Peters on the Papal mid-air airplane nuptials

From canonist Ed Peters comes a post.  I wrote about it, HERE.   There are some striking parallels.  I wonder why? Any way… Thoughts on a mid-air marriage Show of hands! Who wants to rain all over the sentimental parade lining … Continue reading

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UPDATED – Wherein faithful canonist Ed Peters guts papolatrous dilettante Stephen Walford

We’ve seen Stephan Walford before. HERE He is, in essence, papolatrous.  He’s also pretty nasty, when it comes right down to it.  He blasts away at La Stampa against anyone who dares to have quizzical thoughts about Amoris laetitia. Canonist Ed Peters … Continue reading

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Canonist Ed Peters performs an autopsy.

When it was found that the Pope’s Letter to Bishops of Buenos Aires was included in the AAS with a note from Card. Parolin, libs lined up for their customary conga line.   They blew up the importance of that moment … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Ed Peters provides refreshing clarity about force of odd papal letter to Argentinian bishops

UPDATE: Joseph Shaw has some observations about the appearance of the Pope’s letter to the Bishops of Buenos Aires in AAS.  HERE Among other things he states: There is, however, more to making something part of the magisterium, and therefore … Continue reading

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Canonist Ed Peters contributes: A note on Madison’s funeral policy

From the spasmodic reactions of hysterical homosexualists and their abettors, you would think that the chancery personnel in the Diocese of Madison were clubbing babies… no, that wouldn’t be so bad…. baby seals … no, gay baby seals and eating their beating hearts … … Continue reading

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Expert canonist Ed Peters explains the sit to Matthew Boudway (Nihil habens) re: Fr. Murray

This is something that every parish priest and seminarian should read and commit to memory. It is at the heart of many controversies (not excluding the mendacity of the Left trying to edge out the Truth with innuendo and ambiguity). … Continue reading

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Is homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. @JamesMartinSJ a heretic? Canon Law with Ed Peters.

Canonist Ed Peters posted at his excellent site In The Light Of The Law, an illuminating post bringing greater clarity to what heresy is and what Jesuit homosexualist activist Fr. James Martin thinks. Peters doesn’t have a combox, but I do. … Continue reading

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Canonist Ed Peters’ observations about post-Conciliar liturgical as “irreversible”

Today canonist Ed Peters provides some helpful notes (HERE) about something His Holiness of Our Lord said the other day about the liturgical reform after Vatican II being irreversible.   Pope Francis seemed in invoke the Magisterium. Peters explains what … Continue reading

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Peters on Nichols

The distinguished theologian Fr. Aidan Nichols, OP, recently gave a talk to a group of Anglican and Orthodox (both of whom are not yet in union with the Pope of Rome) about what might be done in view of the … Continue reading

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Ed Peters schools Austen Ivereigh about “converts”

The liberal attack on converts who are concerned about the Church continue.  Lately liberal paplatrous gnostic Austen Ivereigh, once editor of The Bitter Pill in the UK, jumped aboard the band-wagon launched by Michael Sean Winters of the Fishwrap.  (HERE) Liberal historian … Continue reading

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