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CQ CQ CQ Ham Radio Thursday: ZedNet, my first pile up, and remote from GITMO and… Vatican City?

Just a reminder to any hams out there who might be interested in ZedNet. ZedNet is a worldwide talkgroup – 31429 More HERE.   But quickly… For you who are into this digital stuff, ZedNet still exists on the Yaesu System Fusion (Wires-X) “room” … Continue reading

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GERMANY: Pro-women’s ordination group: “We want to take Mary off her pedestal”

The German Church seems to be the caput malorum omnium. In the wake of the dissolution of the misplaced aspirations of promoters of female diaconate, comes this. From CNA: German bishop supports ‘Church strike’ for women’s ordination Munich, Germany, May 15, … Continue reading

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What’s up at the southern border of these USA

This is one of most informative video clips I’ve yet seen about what’s going on at the southern border of these USA. Watch the latest video at The bit about the Honduran woman learning about how to get to … Continue reading

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Lib liturgy positivists force people to stand after Communion

We’ve seen notices from a diocese of chancery decrees (bullying?) imposing that people remain standing after Communion, instead of having personal freedom to kneel in prayer and awe about the Presence within them.   No, No!  You MUST STAND. My friend … Continue reading

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Student ‘steals’ pro-life sign on camera, gets arrested, but she’s the victim!

This is largely satisfying in an awful sort of way.   Listen to this brainwashed girl, a great example of the subversive work of decades within “education” and pop-TV, etc. From WND: Student who ‘steals’ pro-life sign on camera shocked by … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s recent essay is a subtle correction of Amoris laetitia ch. 8

At Crisis find analysis by Richard A. Spinello of Benedict XVI’s recent explanation for The Present Crisis. The writer says that Benedict has, between the lines, criticized Amoris laetitia. I also, a couple says back, saw a piece arguing that … Continue reading

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15-18 July 2019: East Coast Priest Conference in Wheeling, WV – looks good!

I have heard great things from a couple priests about the St. Paul Center’s East Coast Priest Conference.   This year, 2019, it is to be held at Oglebay Resort and Conference Center in Wheeling, WV, which looks like a really … Continue reading

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NEW BOOK from Martin Mosebach – Subversive Catholicism: Papacy, Liturgy, Church

German-born Martin Mosebach in an award-winning author who has penned works in many genres, novels, poems, and even opera libretti.   He is an eloquent defender of our Catholic traditions and patrimony.  If you haven’t yet read his exquisite The Heresy of … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: The TLM’s Orationes Diversae and Oratio Imperata

UPDATE: My good friend Fr. Finigan has a post about Votive Mass which is sort of related to this. HERE ___ From a reader… QUAERITUR: In the Missale Romanum of the traditional Mass (1962), there is a section called “Orationes … Continue reading

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Historic chasuble rediviva

A priest friend sent photos of a chasuble he initiated at Gammarelli in Rome.  It is inspired by the chasuble of St. Thomas Becket. The fabric is cut and it is ready to be sewn.  

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This might have an effect on Ham Radio operation.  Also, those of you in the north might watch for aurora borealis! From SpaceWeather: GEOMAGNETIC STORM UNDERWAY NOW: A surprise geomagnetic storm is underway on May 14th. Storm levels are currently at G2 (moderately … Continue reading

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The shortage of priests didn’t just happen by itself, it was engineered.

At The Media Group there is a piece about the epidemic of false accusations against priests.  They have the numbers.   This is economic persecution based on greed, pure and simple. On another note concerning priesthood, LifeSite re-posted a great piece … Continue reading

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14 May – St. Paul, MN: Argument of the Month – SSPX

If I had a little more time before my next trip, I would head over to the Twin Cities for this. Argument of the Month has been going for years at the parish of a friend of mine, Fr. John … Continue reading

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Day 8-11 – NS Guantanamo Bay: Homeward, delayed and GITMO colors

My time at the base has been terrific.  If there is a good time in the future, I would return to give my friend Fr. Johnson more leave. During the last few days of my time at GITMO I did … Continue reading

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“Don’t bite the priest!”

This is a great tweet. I am reminded of a post on this I wrote in April. HERE. And I even once had a post with the phrase, “Don’t bite the priest!” HERE Today we celebrated First Communions at our … Continue reading

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