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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during the Holy Mass in fulfillment your of Sunday Obligation? Let us know. Also, please take a  look at this!  It has a helpful tip.  HERE  

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Benedict XVI’s words for Card. Meisner’s funeral

Benedict XVI sent a message for the funeral of the late Joachim Card. Meisner, emeritus of Cologne.  For the German, HERE His words include: Was mich an den letzten Gesprächen mit dem heimgegangenen Kardinal besonders beeindruckt hat, war die gelöste … Continue reading

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Jesuit Fr. Spadaro’s ‘Apologia pro nugis suis’

Jesuit Fr Antonio Spadaro must be feeling the heat resulting from his poorly conceived anti-American hit piece in Civiltà Cattolica (now aka Inciviltà cattolica) HERE. He gave an interview to Jesuit-run Amerika Magazine (no, this isn’t at all incestuous) in which he tries … Continue reading

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Some Good News: His Hermeneuticalness is back in the saddle again

Sometimes I post “good news” posts.  We all need good news for a change, right? One piece of good news gets special notice today. My good friend Fr. Tim Finigan, PP of Margate, is posting more often again at his exceptional … Continue reading

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FOLLOW UP: Requests for GREGORIAN MASSES and priests who can say them

UPDATE 15 JULY: I have a couple requests.  Are there some priests who can do this? ____ People sometimes write to me to request Gregorian Masses (i.e., the same Mass intention for 30 straight, uninterrupted days).  Many priests have parish Masses, … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z endorses Fr. Cipolla’s call to ACTION!

Though some of the Rorate folks have waged a bit of a war on me, I have tried occasionally to acknowledge their good contributions.  I was sent a link to one contribution which I would like to endorse. Fr. Richard Cipolla, … Continue reading

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WDTPRS – 15th Ordinary Sunday: To be good lenses and reflectors of Christ’s light we must be clean

This week we have a good example of a dramatic difference Obsolete ICEL version and the Latin with the Current ICEL. The Collect or Opening Prayer for this 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite … Continue reading

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Jesuit @AntonioSpadaro, Jesuit-run Civiltà Cattolica attacks Americans

By now you may have seen the attack on Americans – conservative Americans and traditional Catholic Americans – in what some people consider a semi-official publication of the Holy See Civiltà Cattolica (now aka Inciviltà cattolica).  The title in English: “Evangelical Fundamentalism and … Continue reading

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Fr. Z asks help from readers for text from French “La Nef”

The Bitter Pill has a blurb which say that Robert Card. Sarah gave a piece to the French publication La Nef on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. Can someone out there send me the French text? It’s not … Continue reading

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A REVIEW of Jesuit James Martin’s doctrine-eroding bad book

In First Things, my friend and faithful biblicist Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, has reviewed fellow Jesuit but homosexualist activist Fr. James Martin’s book advocating an abandonment of Church teaching.  Martin’s book is ostensibly about “building a bridge” between the Church and homosexuals. … Continue reading

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BOOKS RECEIVED and the guy with the “Best Job In The World™”

UPDATE BELOW! ____ I have a huge stack of books to work through, but the books are still coming. I appreciate people who send books from my wishlists. First, Signs of the Holy One: Liturgy, Ritual, and Expression of the … Continue reading

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Fr. Blake on fake news, filthy lies, nasty people, anonymity, vilification and bile

From my friend Fr. Ray Blake, the great PP of Brighton: Did you believe the story about the Pope submitting his five dubia to Cardinal Mueller? No nor did I, I just don’t believe the stories that begin Monsignor A … Continue reading

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CONTINUED: 100th Anniversary of Fatima Apparitions – 13 July 1917: HELL IS REAL

Today is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima to the three seers on 13 July. What happened? The father of Jacinta and Francisco said that when the 13 July apparition began, a small grayish cloud hovered over the … Continue reading

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Feedback from a priest and the offer of a priestly pact

Last night I exchanged emails with a priest friend.  We bumped along on a couple topics, expressing a measure of concern for what we are seeing in the Church today, and then came this: I guess today I realized the … Continue reading

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UK’s CH: Can anything stop Catholic infighting?

At the site of the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, there is a preview article from their upcoming 14 July number which merits your attention. I ingested it with great interest along with my at least quadruple espresso ristretto this … Continue reading

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