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Would the young Joseph Ratzinger – or I – have had the same reaction if….

As I often write, we are our rites. In the new interview book with Peter Seewald, Benedict XVI was asked how the son of a Bavarian policeman became a priest. I have a measure of sympathy with Benedict’s answer. I, too, … Continue reading

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Did Pope Francis really write that letter?

UPDATE: I have found a “news story” (but not really) at the site of Vatican Radio by Philippa Hitchen saying something about the letter. HERE Also, in today’s L’Osservatore Romano of 12-13 September there is an unsigned piece on p. 7 … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Address: 10 years later

Has it been 10 years already?   Job 7:6!  John Allen at Crux reminded me of the anniversary. Ten years ago Benedict XVI delivered his famous Regensburg Address which sparked huge controversy over his inclusion of the example of Islam … Continue reading

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Would Millard Fillmore’s VP pick be preferable to Tim Kaine?

As I have often said and written, I would vote for the corpse of Millard Filmore (the last Whig President and an anti-Catholic No Nothing) to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. And now, with Tim Kaine (can. … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for your Mass of Sunday obligation? Let us know!

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My View For Awhile: 11 Sept Edition

I’m on my way to the deepest south for a maternal visit. Cutting a bit closer than usual today I went from door to seat in about 45 minutes.   This isn’t a day I would have chosen as my … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! Norcia Earthquake Relief Effort


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An interesting Sunday Mass on 11 September – Mass in Time of War

Something a little unusual.  In the Diocese of Madison, His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary) has given permission to use, for the Novus Ordo, one of the “Masses for Various Needs and Occasions” on Sunday … Continue reading

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How to pray the “Cursing Psalms” against our enemies

Saturdays are my field days.  I field strip my computers (scan, defrag, update etc.), police the Cupboard Under The Stairs, do laundry, try to fill up a garbage bag or two (that’s satisfaction), police both the fridge (especially on a wake-up) and my conscience.  Well, that last … Continue reading

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WDTPRS – 24th Ordinary Sunday: “Is God is our cosmic concierge?”

The Collect for the 24th Ordinary Sunday was not in pre-Conciliar editions of the Roman Missal but it has an antecedent in the ancient Veronese Sacramentary among the prayers used during September. Respice nos, rerum omnium Deus creator et rector, … Continue reading

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PARIS: Notre Dame Terror Suspect Engaged To Murderer of Fr. Hamel

This is interesting. Remember, this is coming your way wherever you are. From Sky News: Paris Terror Plot Suspect Was Engaged To Priest Killer A woman accused of plotting a Paris rail station bombing was legedly linked to a man … Continue reading

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Pope Francis writes to a bishop about the proper interpretation of Chapter 8 of #AmorisLaetitia

Pope Francis wrote to the Bishop of San Miguel of his old haunts Argentina, about the proper interpretation of Chapter 8 of the Post-Synold Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia. Let’s test your Spanish. Via InfoCatólica with my emphases: Carta del Papa Francisco … Continue reading

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WDTPRS – 17th Sunday after Pentecost: Shun diabolical contamination!

Sunday’s Collect prayer did not survive the scalpel-wielding experts of the Consilium, slicing and suturing our orations under the surveillance of the late then-Fr. Annibale Bugnini.   It was not in the typical edition of 1970 or the edito altera of … Continue reading

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Just Too Cool: Medieval Cathedral of Amiens was decorated in bright colors

Church architecture reflects the belief of the people, their ecclesiology, what they believe about the Church (or at least what their pastors believe). Compare churches built by our forebears and the structures built these days, hardly to be distinguished from municipal airport terminals. … Continue reading

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Was that a Catholic Mass or a Protestant service?

From the often amusing Eye Of The Tiber: No One At Mass Sure Whether They At Catholic Or Protestant Service Despite efforts to figure whether they were in a Catholic or Protestant service, local parishioners were left baffled after an “animated” … Continue reading

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