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ACTION ITEM! Milwaukee Art Museum – Anti-Catholic offense! @MilwaukeeArt

You may have heard about the highly offensive move of the Milwaukee Art Museum.  They displayed a “portrait” of Benedict XVI made from colored condoms.  That’s just plain nasty.
The Vicar General of the Diocese of Madison, Msgr. James Bartylla, wrote … Continue reading

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23 June – St. Æthelthryth – Etheldreda – Audrey (and ACTION ITEM!)

Today is the feast of St. Etheldreda, a 7th c. Angl0-Saxon. In some accounts she is portrayed as a “warrior queen”. I don’t think she’d like modern day feminists one little bit.
A long-time reader and commentatrix here is … Continue reading

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Want to study Latin with the famous Fr. Reginald Foster? Now you can!

I’m reposting this so more of you can have this opportunity.
So far I see that 211 volumes have been ordered through my link.  Happy people!
Now available for order in the UK – £23.75! HERE
___ Original Jun 11, 2015 @ 17:52 CDT … Continue reading

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ROME: The faithful defend the family. Where were the bishops?

In Rome there a vast throng of lay people turned out to defend the family and human ecology in the public square… in front of Rome’s Cathedral, St. John Lateran.
Some snaps from The Great Roman Fabrizio™.
Perhaps has many as 1 … Continue reading

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An idea whose time has come! Exorcism over an entire nation.

Remember when Illinois gave the F-finger to God and passed same-sex marriage? Bp. Paprocki of Springfield performed an exorcism over the state. For which he is to be applauded.
Catholics – traditionally – not so much today – use exorcisms.
There are … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Father didn’t make Sign of the Cross at absolution

From a reader…
I went to confession this morning preparation for Ascension Mass, the priest was wonderful, yet when it came to the absolution part, i could see through the holes of the screen that the priest didn’t make the sign of the cross … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Where is Father supposed to be during the Novus Ordo?

From a reader…
When ‘presiding’ at the NO ‘facing the people’, is there anything that mandates that during things like the Collect, or the Kyrie, or the Gloria, or the Communion prayer, that the priest has to face the people? I help at parishes … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! Help a reader, an aspiring monk!

I can’t do many of these, but I can do this one.
From a reader…
I will stay brief, but I want to make sure and thank you for your
ministry. Your blog was a rock and a beacon for me as … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! “Officer Down!”

I am reposting this after learning of the death of a woman officer in Omaha who was scheduled to take maternity leave.  HERE  She was killed in a shootout with a fugitive.  She recently gave birth to a daughter, and was stepmother … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Getting waxen “Agnus Dei” from schismatics

From a reader…
I recently obtained several Agnus Dei from Sisters in a traditional, cloistered order here in the U.S. They supposedly procure a smaller amount of the blessed wax from an original Agnus Dei from the pontificate of Pope Leo XIII. The items … Continue reading

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