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The Rome “summit”, “gay” priests, and #sodoclericalism – Wherein Fr. Z rants.

You’ve probably heard that a book is timed to be released simultaneously in several languages at the beginning of the Roman episcopal “sex summit”.  Bishops from around the world are to meet to discuss important problems that scandalize and wound … Continue reading

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A “puzzled” and “surprise” Card. Kasper is “furious”

You know how Communion in the hand was accomplished.  You know how the use of “altar girls” was achieved. Libs intentionally violate the law until the law is changed.  That’s what happened. Moreover, even the restraints and caveats in the … Continue reading

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Yet another German moral mudslide: bishop proposes blessing homosexual relationships

Yesterday I took time away – mostly – from the blog and email.  I checked in only long enough to approve comments in the queue, etc. Of course today lots of things are going “DING”, whimpering for my attention. Most of … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: “Transgender” nun?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: What is going to happen when someone who identifies as a male , but is in a sane biological based world female, wants to become a priest of some male who competed on the girls soccer … Continue reading

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Robert Mickens – Scaredy Cat

The analogy has been offered before.  Once upon a time there were only a few news outlets which had a strangle hold on news, which was pitched from only one, liberal, view.   Then came talk radio and after that cable. There … Continue reading

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Our new ‘catholic Cultural Revolution’s Red Guard. Their cadres and their tactics.

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao and other leaders signaled to the masses, such as gangs of students, whom they should target for attack and public abuse.  Quickly the mobs, led by party cadres, began to conduct purges of “enemies … Continue reading

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Fr. Murray on the Jesuit-run Boston “Amoris laetitia” Agitprop Workshop

The other day I read of and wrote of the recent Jesuit-run Boston College conference on the reception of Amoris laetitia.  HERE and HERE  and HERE  In the balance, this confab was really an Agitprop Workshop.  The participants in this closed-door … Continue reading

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