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VORTEX REPORT: What is that … growth?

As you know, my friends and I have been exploring … The Vortex. We managed to send in the remote probe to take photos of the thing, a portentous plant or growth of some kind, in or near the epicenter … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Where did Mass “facing the people” come from?

We should network our brain power for this.  Father’s tired. From a reader: I once wrote (by invitation) an article for a diocesan newspaper in which I mentioned, inter alia, that Vatican II never called for the priest to face … Continue reading

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Sister Act

I read the National Catholic Fishwrap piece about the change of sisterly presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. They had their rite of farewelling and leadershiping for the outgoing prez. What the hell is this?  Star Trek?

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OLDIE PODCAzT 84: St. Pius V and Quo primum

An oldie PODCAzT for today, which in the feast of St. Pius V in the older, traditional Roman calendar: On this feast of St. Pope Pius V (+1572) I drill into one of his most famous acts as Roman Pontiff.  … Continue reading

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Bp. Slattery’s Sermon in Washington DC – unforgettable

Here is the audio of Bp. Edward Slattery’s marvelous sermon at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Amazing. Bp. Slattery, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, stepped up and made himself available to be celebrant for the Pontifical Mass in the older, traditional … Continue reading

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A magisterium of nuns

In this matter of contingent, prudential judgments, whose judgment will in time prove to have been the more prudent? The Catholic bishops with pro-life groups or their opposition, the LCWR and CHA and NCR, etc? I happen to think the … Continue reading

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STATIONS OF THE CROSS (audio from Fr. Z)

Many parishes and chapels will have the Via Crucis or Stations of the Cross during Lent. What version does your parish use?   Let’s get some titles/versions/authors and we can have a poll later on. I have audio projects with the … Continue reading

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Merry del Val revisited; sundry digressions on Ratzinger and Horace and The Cardinal

Once upon a time the Secretary of State was not at the top of the heap in the Vatican Curia. Then came Pope Paul VI. To gain some historical perspective be sure to check the piece about Card. Merry del … Continue reading

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Gaudete Rose is coming; WDTPRS POLL

We know that blue is not the color for the season of Advent in the Latin Church. But we also know that on one Sunday of Advent we can have a variation from purple/violet. Therefore, confident in the principle behind … Continue reading

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Pro-death politician refused Communion

You probably already read this story last May, but here it is again, to refresh your memory. A reader, PR of Adelaide, alerted me to the following from Ille Curator News Service. I have a few qualms about the details … Continue reading

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PODCAzTs on the 40th Anniversary of the Novus Ordo

On the 1st Sunday of Advent in 1969, 40 years ago, the Novus Ordo of the Mass went into effect. I recently made some audio projects about this monumental event (and I may make more). Be sure to check these … Continue reading

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Wherein Bp. Trautman runs down new translation and Fr. Z responds

In the Catholic Review of the Archdiocese of Baltimore comes this CNS story. On 22 October His Excellency Most Rev. Donald W. Trautman, Bishop of Erie, gave a talk at Catholic University of American in which he ran down the … Continue reading

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OLDIE PODCAzT: Augustine on Prayer; how to treat newcomers to Traditional Latin Masses

I am digging out of the archive an old PODCAzT. These days in the Liturgy of the Hours we have had readings from St. Augustine’s Letter 130 to the wealthy widow Proba, who had fled to North Africa after Alaric … Continue reading

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How St. Augustine came to be in Hippo

Many bloggers – certainly patristibloggers – will be posting today about St. Augustine. Rather than relate the same old stuff you already know, you might be interested in other less known episodes from the life of this titanic figure who … Continue reading

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The bones of St. Augustine

Augustine died on 28 August 430. His friend and biographer Possidius describes his last days during the siege of Hippo by the Vandals. Sometime before the early 8th century, Augustine’s remains were translated from N. Africa to Sardinia for fear … Continue reading

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