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ASK FATHER: How to have Masses said for me after my death?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: What is the best way to ensure that part of whatever funds are left in my estate are used to have masses offered for the repose of my soul? I think we all wonder about this. … Continue reading

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“Welcome to Hell! Here’s your ice cream!”

It has been sometime since I posted anything from Savage Chickens.  (I wonder where the Masked Chicken” got himself off to, anyway.  You don’t suppose The Colonel finally caught up to him, do you?) New Hell!  How jolly. While we, … Continue reading

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OBITUARY: Spirit of Vatican II – RIP – 52 years of age

The often amusing Eye of the Tiber had this. CINCINNATI, OH- A Solemn High Requiem Mass was held Thursday at St. Martura Church in downtown Cincinnati for the Spirit of Vatican II, aged 52. After suffering a progressively debilitating illness … Continue reading

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Why Fr. Z harasses you to GO TO CONFESSION!

Friends, examine your consciences daily and go to confession regularly. We are going to get God’s justice whether we want it or not.  But, while we still live, His mercy is for the asking. You are going along… doodee doodee … Continue reading

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It’s a terrible thought: dying excommunicated…

I want you to stop for a moment and do something: Right now… try to imagine what goes through the mind of a soul during her first 15 seconds in Hell.  The realization of where you are… “This can’t … … Continue reading

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Malaysian Airlines 17, Death and You

The black boxes from Malaysian Airlines 17 might indicate that the pilots attempted a vain evasion. I doubt it. I suspect that exploding death was sudden. Who knows who may have survived the initial blast and remained conscious for some … Continue reading

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Reverend Fathers: It’s someone else, until it’s you. Wherein Fr. Z implores.

Reverend gentlemen, the murder of one priest and the assault on another in Phoenix compels me to remind you to… GO TO CONFESSION. Our schedules are busy.  Sometimes we have to drive even farther than lay people.  But go to … Continue reading

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OLDIE PODCAzT: Pentecost Tuesday St John Paul on the unforgivable sin; O.L. of Fatima and the vision of Hell

Here is an item from the archives.  It is dated, but enjoy!

As I wrote then… ___ Today is Tuesday in the Octave of Pentecost, or at least it ought to be in in the Novus Ordo as it … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on the Devil, modern education “horrors”, mother and father families

Today the Pope spoke during his non-Magisterial, off-the-cuff fervorino at morning Mass in strong terms not just about generic, impersonal “evil”, but about the Enemy of your soul, the Devil. From VR: “We too are tempted, we too are the … Continue reading

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Fewer Catholics schedule funerals for their dead

A tip of the biretta to Pewsitter for this piece from the Worcester Telegram: Bishop McManus worried that some omit funeral Masses WORCESTER — Bishop Robert J. McManus is expressing concern that Central Massachusetts Roman Catholics are not scheduling funeral … Continue reading

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