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Where’s the Prefect? Woman “priest” at altar of Benedictine monastery in Austria for 10 years?

I saw a piece by the intrepid Marco Tosatti of La Stampa about a “wedding” in Austria that was witnessed at a Benedictine monastery in Kremsmunster, by a woman “priest” (wymyn pryst).
The wymyn was excommunicated 11 years ago, but she regularly … Continue reading

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John Allen on Pope Francis’ targeting of conservatives, traditionalists

Over at Crux (and my jury is still out… sort of… well… maybe not so much), John Allen posted something about how it seems that, under Pope Francis, conservatives and traditionalists are under fire.
Does Pope Francis have an enemies list?
In … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News about Ignatius Press and the “Five Cardinals Book”

I have been pushing the so-called “Five Cardinals Book” from Ignatius Press called  Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church.
This is an important book.  More about it HERE
Ignatius Press’s handling of the release of this … Continue reading

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“Brown Shirts” threaten medical workers treating illegal immigrants

Via Todd Starnes:
Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest
A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien … Continue reading

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Have the civil rights of any group (besides the unborn) been trampled by U.S. courts more than Catholic priests?

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is being torn limb from limb by the hyper-liberal MSM in the Twin Cities.
There are some clerical abuse cases in the spotlight right now.  It is a kind of perfect hideous storm.  Homosexualists … Continue reading

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This isn’t 1 April: Vatican spokesman clarifies that Pope Francis hasn’t abolished sin.

Sometimes the truth is weirder than fiction.
I saw it first at Newsmax and hunted up the links.
On 30 December atheist editor of La Reppublica, Eugenio Scalfari, wrote in an editorial piece entitled  “La Rivoluzione di Francesco – Ha abolito il … Continue reading

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The New Normal

Have you been following the goat rodeo in Brasil?
The government hiked transportation costs which will hit Los Pobres, who are also concerned about the costs of the World Cup next year.  Response? Demonstrations, riots… you know… the new normal.
This in … Continue reading

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Ed Peters on “Clerical Slumming” (make popcorn)

The pesky, trouble-making canonist Ed Peters – I am glad he is on the side of the good, the true and beautiful, by the way – over at his site vivisects a priest.
After reading this, I made popcorn and then … Continue reading

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Obama first approved ejecting God and Jerusalem from the party platform, and, after heat, got it changed later

The Catholic League has an interesting take on the Democrat Convention (DNC) and the reinsertion of God and Jerusalem into the party platform, and some information I didn’t know when I wrote about the topic HERE.
Goat rodeo.
THE POLITICS OF GOD’S … Continue reading

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In the face of this sort of revolt, what does one do?

I am torn between, on the one hand, pity for these men whose priesthood and ministry was tainted from the onset by bad formation and poor leadership and, on the other, contempt for them as arrogant quislings.
From Vatican Insider:
Germany: Catholic … Continue reading

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