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Anniversary! (HINT: Nolan Ryan)

I like anniversaries.  At least, I like them sometimes. Here’s one I like. I saw when I was looking for something else. Today is the 22nd anniversary of when Nolan Ryan beat the … out of Robin Ventura!  HERE You … Continue reading

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2 August until midnight: “Portiuncula” Plenary (or Partial) Indulgence

From midnight tonight to midnight 2 August, you can gain the “Portinuncula” Indulgence. Catholic Encyclopedia St. Francis, as you know, repaired three chapels. The third was popularly called the Portiuncula or the Little Portion, dedicated to St. Mary of the … Continue reading

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CQ CQ CQ – Special #HamRadio Update – Cool Catholic Event Edition

First, don’t miss my latest CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Saturday – QSO / QSL Card 1st Draft That said, I have to update with something fairly spiffy. First, before I get to Ham Stuff, an interlude to keep you in … Continue reading

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Friday Fun

Expert TV Bomb!

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Wherein a friend is promoted!

Fr. Z kudos to a friend of mine, William, for his promotion to the Papal Order of St. Sylvester! He showed me some of his new gear today. Papal Knights still have the privilege of riding their horses into St. … Continue reading

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16 July: Apollo 11 lifts off

Who can forget this? 16 July 1969. Very cool slo mo. Imagine what this would have been like with today’s tech? Still.. it is simply awesome. Saturn V!

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NASA has released photos of Pluto and its moon, the aptly named Charon. The craft New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto today, 14 July 2015. Here is a false color composite:   New Horizons’ almost 10-year, three-billion-mile journey … Continue reading

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More “tactical clerical” attire

You clerics out there might recall that I have been making, or having made, tactical clerical shirts by adapting 5.11 uniform shirts.  HERE and, amusingly and most recently, HERE. Fathers, you are clerics and officers of the Church Militant.  Stay … Continue reading

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UPDATE REVIEW: The ULTIMATE Priest’s Gift – Super Cool Portable Altar

Do you remember when I posted about the coolest gift for a priest ever?  HERE  There is  a carpenter who makes portable altars of wood, rather like a suitcase, with wings that fold out, and an embedded altar stone. St. … Continue reading

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Minnesota: Extraordinary Form with preaching in Spanish

Brick by brick in Minnesota! From a priest in my email: This Friday, July 3, I will be offering Mass at 7pm at St. Mark’s -350 Atwood St, Shakopee -in the «Extraordinary Form» – also known as the Old Latin … Continue reading

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