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Great story of a humble man who saw the Blessed Virgin

Be sure to read this at the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald. The five-year-old who testified to the Knock apparition Today [21 August 2017] is the 138th anniversary of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin, along with St … Continue reading

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NEW MUSIC DISC from St Paul’s Boys Choir in Harvard Square

I have posted in the past about wonderful music CDs by the St. Paul’s Boys Choir in Harvard Square.  If you don’t have their Christmas disc, you are in for a treat.  The choir has a new recording! Here is … Continue reading

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Feedback that gets to me

Occasionally I get feedback that really helps. Today I received this: Wow. This, friends, gets to me. The token she mentions is something from my wish list, a recording of The Passion of Saint Thomas More by composer Garrett Fisher. … Continue reading

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What a contrast to the tensions over Confederate statues!

Honor! I picked this up from a tweet by a friend: Well this story makes an interesting contrast to the tearing down of #ConfederateStatues. — Samuel J. Howard (@Jahaza) August 15, 2017 In a nutshell: A WWII Marine vet … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Pius XII declaring the Dogma of the Assumption

The fabled pastor of my home parish, the late Msgr. Richard Schuler told stories about being in Rome when Ven. Pius XII infallibly declared the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin to be a dogma of the Faith.  He was present … Continue reading

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IN THE WILD: “Prayer For Vocations” spotted

I had a great text cross-country SMS from a colleague in the TMSM this morning at a little church in Shell Lake, WI.  Here is a poster at the parish… First, I am delighted that they found – note the … Continue reading

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BRICK BY BRICK in Montana! Priests making the TLM HAPPEN!

This is for your Brick By Brick file.  Had I known about this, I might have attended!  I spent a lot of time during my young summers between Billings and Greybull in N. Wyoming. From a reader… Have you heard … Continue reading

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Challenge Coin Update

I have received several emails from priests who have upcoming Jubilees as well as from men who will soon be ordained.  They, too, want to have challenge coins made as I did for my 25th.  They wanted to know where/how I … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z sends Michael Sean Winters a “Combat Rosary”

UPDATE: Winters responded!  HERE ___ ORIGINALLY Published on: Jul 31, 2017: The other day Michael Sean Winters, the juggernaut writer for the Fishwrap, attacked you readers here. HERE  He did so, because one of you asked me about the Most Holy Rosary as a … Continue reading

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For my “Just Too Cool” Fun File

Speaking of Challenge Coins and speaking of Amazon (as I did HERE), here’s more fun. One of you kind readers, MA, sent a madeleine pan from my main Wish List. Many thanks, MA! This is how the pan arrived. Hmmm, … Continue reading

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200 years ago: Jane Austen – RIP: a date of “note”

200 hundred years ago today, one of the great writers of the 19th c. died.  Jane Austen. I read today that the UK unveiled a new £10 note, printed on polymer, at Winchester Cathedral where the novelist is buried. A … Continue reading

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Have you ever heard of, or heard from, a “Notation Knife”?

Enjoy this fascinating video!  Biretta tip to The Catholic Thing. This is about a “notation knife”, which could be called a Benediction or Blessing Knife.  At the end, they have worked out parts to match the notation and have a little group … Continue reading

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Some Good News: His Hermeneuticalness is back in the saddle again

Sometimes I post “good news” posts.  We all need good news for a change, right? One piece of good news gets special notice today. My good friend Fr. Tim Finigan, PP of Margate, is posting more often again at his exceptional … Continue reading

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BOOKS RECEIVED and the guy with the “Best Job In The World™”

UPDATE BELOW! ____ I have a huge stack of books to work through, but the books are still coming. I appreciate people who send books from my wishlists. First, Signs of the Holy One: Liturgy, Ritual, and Expression of the … Continue reading

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Brick By Brick in Paris

I received a great note from a brand new French priest, ordained for the mighty city of Paris on the great Feast of St. John the Baptist.   He sent links for the video of his ordination in the Cathedral … Continue reading

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