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Thorn of the Crown bleeds with Good Friday and Annunciation fall together

God is great. Apropos my post about Lady Day and Good Friday falling together, which won’t happen again for over a hundred years. From CNS: Andria, Italy, Mar 25, 2016 / 06:38 pm (CNA).- A single thorn held to have … Continue reading

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Good Friday 3 April AD 33 – Lunar and Solar Eclipses as Christ died on the Cross

The fellow who made the video about the Star of Bethlehem (a compelling argument, I might add), also did some research about what happened in the heavens on Good Friday. Let’s break it down. Passover begins on the 14th day … Continue reading

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National Catholic Prayer Breakfast confirms a big guest speaker in addition to Card. Sarah!

This year on 17 May the 12th National Catholic Prayer Breakfast will be held in Washington DC. The keynote speaker is the great Robert Card. Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. A special guest speaker has also been … Continue reading

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7 December 1941: The Pacific Clipper makes a dangerous escape!

Fascinating! This would make a great movie.

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VERY COOL: St. Michael the Archangel flies again!

For years the famous Mont-Saint-Michel off the coast of France has been undergoing a lot of work.  Le Figaro has a story about the dismounting of the gilded statue of St. Michael from the pinnacle of the island town, from it’s monastic … Continue reading

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@BaroniusPress new website with versions of the Bible

Baronius Press makes beautifully bound Catholic books including my favorites the 1962 Daily Hand Missal (HERE) and Divine Intimacy (HERE). They also print a fine 3 volume Roman Breviary with English translations (HERE). They also have reprinted the Ronald Knox … Continue reading

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A new ride home from Bugatti

The new Bugatti has been revealed. From CNN: Bugatti Chiron: Meet the next ‘world’s fastest supercar’ [In Greek mythology Chiron was a centaur with a gift for healing. He eventually gave up immortality and was placed by the gods in … Continue reading

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Fun with Latin with Archbp. Léonard

Archbishop Léonard has some fun with Latin, imitating the way Roman professors spoke Latin. It still applies, by the way and also to the way the speak Italian. Fun. He has funny descriptions of some famous profs, such as Fuchs, … Continue reading

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Felix Bissextilis!

It is Leap Year Day.  In Latin this is bissextilis. For this intercalary day in the Roman Martyology we find this:     When there isn’t a 29 February, the saints are observed on 28 February. In 46 BC, on … Continue reading

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“This is the child that God wants to give to France.”

At the Getty Museum in Los Angeles there is now a splendid exhibit of tapestries of Louis XIV of France. This exhibit prompted a friend to forward the following about the birth of King Louis XIV and about one of … Continue reading

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Super Good News!

I just had some super news – truly – about a great development for the New Evangelization. I can’t say what it is yet because the right people have to make this public.  Still it is exciting enough that I … Continue reading

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22 February 1980 – The Miracle

I was at the University of Minnesota when the US Hockey Team beat the Soviet Union at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. I was particularly tuned in, because quite a few Minnesota players were on the team. From History: U.S. … Continue reading

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Justice Scalia spoke at Acton Institute

Back in 1997 Justice Scalia addressed Acton Institute’s 7th Anniversary Dinner in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He titled his remarks “On Interpreting the Constitution”.  He explained his originalist approach to Constitutional law, and the severe drawbacks that he saw with any alternative method of … Continue reading

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Astonishing new church in Russia

Church architecture reflects the faith of the people who build churches. These days many of the modern Catholic churches I have seen look more like municipal airport buildings than structures to house the most sacred thing humans can undertake, the … Continue reading

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GRAVITY EXISTS! (Just too cool… waaaaay cool.)

That is… gravitational waves exist. Last night during my sermon for Ash Wednesday, I used an image from Augustine’s Confessions.  Augustine, who authored the unforgettable “our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee”, described us and our love as working like … Continue reading

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