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VIDEO Spectacular view of the Basilica of Monreale … by drone

After the dreck we have had to wade through lately, here is something of beauty.
Here is a voyage within the Basilica Santa Maria La Nuova di Monreale in Sicily, a magnificent 12th c. Normano-Byzantine edifice which must number among the … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: Newly discovered ancient Byzantine edition

A reader sent me a link to an article at The Mail about a newly discovered mosaic floor of a 1500 year-old Byzantine church some 30 miles south of Tel Aviv, Israel.
There are lots of photos available, but here is one … Continue reading

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VW coolness

Very cool.

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The Goldfinch

A while ago I was in New York City and I visited, eagerly, the Frick Gallery to see an exhibition of paintings from the Mauritshuis which is making its way around the world: Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting from … Continue reading

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Airsoft Altar Boys

From a reader:
Howdy from the heart of Texas Fr. Z! We decided to get our Altar Boy group together to play airsoft (military simulation that fires plastic pellets) at a local airsoft field. This is why we’re referred to as … Continue reading

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¡Vaya lío! Flash ‘Mass Mobs’ help struggling parishes.

From the Buffalo News:
‘Mass Mob’ breathes life into Catholic church [Nice of them to demote the Church to 'church', no?]
Sam Kolodziej Jr. had a few more people than normal in his pew on Sunday morning.
In fact, there were a couple … Continue reading

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Spirit and Oppy on Mars

I saw a great tweet with the hashtag #10YrsOnMars and a very cool picture from a collection of images from the surface of Mars!   They were taken by the intrepid Mars rovers.  HERE
Here’s one.

Poor little Spirit.  RIP.

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Trappists in USA start making beer!

The Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy make excellent beer.  Would that we could get it here!
Now it seems that some Trappists in these USA are trying their hand at the production of this material proof of God’s love.
From the Boston … Continue reading

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D. Trenton: Guardians of the Altar

Watch the libs have a spittle-flecked nutty about this one!
I see that at the Cathedral of the Diocese of Trenton, where Bp. David O’Connell reigns, there is a group called the “Guardians of the Altar”.  This, according to the diocesan … Continue reading

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Ex ore infantium

There are lots of these “unknown people show their hidden talents” TV shows now.  Sometimes they produce some surprises.
This one? Wow.
9 years old.

Mi piace, è bella… bella.
She is singing a well-known aria from Puccini’s short Gianni Schicchi: Il mio babbino caro. … Continue reading

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