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Animi caussa: Some spittle-flecked nutty lib reactions to Benedict XVI’s latest

How are the papalotrous reacting to Benedict XVI’s reflections? Let’s look at Twitter. I pray that Benedict lives long enough to write another substantial work of theology. Because if he dies tomorrow and this stands his last published opus it … Continue reading

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Yet another good priest persecuted by the agents of Hell

A priest comes to a parish that has been mired in the guck of liberalism, dominated by aging-hippies and other agents of Hell. He starts to clean up abuses and bring something of Catholic identity back… which is his duty … Continue reading

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Vicious letter to a young, faithful priest

UPDATE 3 April 2019: There have been developments. I’ve seen two secular outlet stories. Daily Telegraph HERE and ABC HERE Fr. Rynne has been removed from his parish after a visitation by retired Bp. Peter Elliot. It also seems that Fr. … Continue reading

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Jesuit-run homosexualist Amerika’s latest pro-sodomy blasphemy

Jesuits.  What more is to be said? The Jesuits who run Amerika Magazine have a homosexualist agenda, that is, the promotion and normalization of sodomy. Look past the homosexualist fanaticism of Jesuit Fr. James Martin, and you find also the … Continue reading

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Germany: More dissent from nuns

Today started with a post about that caput malorum omnium that is Germany.  Let’s continue. The ultra-left La Croix stumps, not reports, on a German nun advocating women priests. If one had the slightest… slightest… understanding of priesthood as flowing from the … Continue reading

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CRISIS: Keen analysis of the implosion of the German Church

At Crisis you will find a devastating article by a friend of mine, Msgr. Hans Feichtinger.   He look at recent statistics of abuse in the caput malorum omnium, the German Church and what German bishops are proposing to do. HERE … Continue reading

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A “binding” German synod… What could possibly go wrong?

The German Church continues its imitation of the Body of Christ’s theological and disciplinary Necrotizing fascitis, more commonly known as “flesh-eating disease”. From the Catholic Herald comes news about a synod which the Germans want to hold. What could possibly … Continue reading

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VIDEO: This explains the Church in Germany

Germany seems to be the caput malorum omnium in the Church today.  Every weird, heretical, and just plain stupid thing comes from that dark swamp of arrogant confusion. “But Father! But Father!”, you libs are blubbering “you are the arrogant and confused … Continue reading

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More dangerous garbage from the National Schismatic Reporter

This is the sort of dreck that Fishwrap publishes on Ash Wednesday – destruction of the Church’s identity and life through “updating” the sacraments. Keep in mind that Christ instituted the sacraments during His earthly life. The Church has authority … Continue reading

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Stupid Idea: Sand in holy water fonts during Lent. Fr. Z opines.

You would think that this stupid idea would have been eradicated by now but, no. I am sure that in some places you readers will see that Holy Water has been removed from the stoops – at the beginning of … Continue reading

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The Rome “summit”, “gay” priests, and #sodoclericalism – Wherein Fr. Z rants.

You’ve probably heard that a book is timed to be released simultaneously in several languages at the beginning of the Roman episcopal “sex summit”.  Bishops from around the world are to meet to discuss important problems that scandalize and wound … Continue reading

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Interesting observation by @CCPecknold about laicization of McCarrick

Rumor has is that ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick – disgraced – may very soon be “laicized”, that is, stripped of the clerical state. Prof. Chad Pecknold of CUA has a piece today in the NY Post.  He has some interesting posts: … Continue reading

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POLL: Prayers after Mass

There is a poll at the ridiculously liberal blog Pray Tell which some of you readers might want to look at. The question of the poll: Should additional prayer texts be recited communally after the dismissal of the Mass? HERE While … Continue reading

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Card. Kasper attacks Card. Müller who publicly proclaimed Catholic doctrine

Be sure to check out these important posts and podcasts: PODCAzT 169: Bp. Athanasius Schneider on “the only God-willed religion” PODCAzT 170: Card. Müller – Manifesto of Faith: “Let not your heart be troubled!” The second of those presents Gerhard … Continue reading

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@DanHoranOFM -The Horan of Babylon – calls #MarchForLife “repulsive and futile”

Breitbart has a piece which shows the fruits of decades of slack theological training and compromised religious formation.  An LBGT promoting Franciscan, who teaches heaven knows what in the theological Babylon called Chicago Theological Union, has called the March For … Continue reading

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