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Lib ‘c’atholic outcry in … 3… 2… 1

Lib catholics often fall into the camp of those for whom every utterance of Francis is like to an oracle of the 5th apparition of Vishnu.   They insist that everything he says and does is of the Magisterium.  Anyone who dares … Continue reading

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Canonist Ed Peters eviscerates bishops – one in particular – who won’t apply law

Right away go over to canonist Ed Peters’ place and read his vivisection of Card. Cupich. It’s not just Cupich whom he has eviscerated.  It’s all the bishops who refuse to implement the Church’s Canon Law.   I believe bishops take … Continue reading

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Stupid angry lib (I know, tautology) at The Atlantic against priesthood

UPDATE 22 May: Fr. Robert Sirico responded to Mr ex-priest, angry lib Carroll, also in The Atlantic. Sirico’s piece is as measured as Carroll’s is unhinged.  It is as succinct as Carroll’s is prolix.  As clear as Carroll’s is muddled. ____ … Continue reading

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Irish Ass. of Catholic Priests in toddler meltdown mode against Francis over no women deacons

There are, apparently, still some priests left in Ireland for the tens of people who still want the sacraments.   Evidence for this claim is found in a story at  It concerns that pungent group, the Ass. of Catholic Priests.  … Continue reading

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GERMANY: Pro-women’s ordination group: “We want to take Mary off her pedestal”

The German Church seems to be the caput malorum omnium. In the wake of the dissolution of the misplaced aspirations of promoters of female diaconate, comes this. From CNA: German bishop supports ‘Church strike’ for women’s ordination Munich, Germany, May 15, … Continue reading

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Lib liturgy positivists force people to stand after Communion

We’ve seen notices from a diocese of chancery decrees (bullying?) imposing that people remain standing after Communion, instead of having personal freedom to kneel in prayer and awe about the Presence within them.   No, No!  You MUST STAND. My friend … Continue reading

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Student ‘steals’ pro-life sign on camera, gets arrested, but she’s the victim!

This is largely satisfying in an awful sort of way.   Listen to this brainwashed girl, a great example of the subversive work of decades within “education” and pop-TV, etc. From WND: Student who ‘steals’ pro-life sign on camera shocked by … Continue reading

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What priests – and you too – will have to deal with

I spotted this on Twitter. It’s not just the anti-Catholicism that comes from the outside that troubles us. More troubling is the anti-Catholicism from within. It has ever been so, since Judas sold the Lord. This is what faithful priests … Continue reading

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Francis and the Deaconess Study Commission

At Crux Charles Collins (quondam Vatican Radio speaker) has some cleared-eye comments on recent remarks made on an airplane trip by Francis about the possibility of the ordination of women to the diaconate. In his view, and I agree, Francis … Continue reading

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A “Say the Black” moment from a … Jesuit!

At Jesuit-run Amerika there is an unexpected article.   It – I’m not making this up – is a call for priests to stop making up prayers and doing their own thing during Mass.  No, really.  At a Jesuit publication.   Jesuits … Continue reading

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Animi caussa: Some spittle-flecked nutty lib reactions to Benedict XVI’s latest

How are the papalotrous reacting to Benedict XVI’s reflections? Let’s look at Twitter. I pray that Benedict lives long enough to write another substantial work of theology. Because if he dies tomorrow and this stands his last published opus it … Continue reading

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Yet another good priest persecuted by the agents of Hell

A priest comes to a parish that has been mired in the guck of liberalism, dominated by aging-hippies and other agents of Hell. He starts to clean up abuses and bring something of Catholic identity back… which is his duty … Continue reading

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Vicious letter to a young, faithful priest

UPDATE 3 April 2019: There have been developments. I’ve seen two secular outlet stories. Daily Telegraph HERE and ABC HERE Fr. Rynne has been removed from his parish after a visitation by retired Bp. Peter Elliot. It also seems that Fr. … Continue reading

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Jesuit-run homosexualist Amerika’s latest pro-sodomy blasphemy

Jesuits.  What more is to be said? The Jesuits who run Amerika Magazine have a homosexualist agenda, that is, the promotion and normalization of sodomy. Look past the homosexualist fanaticism of Jesuit Fr. James Martin, and you find also the … Continue reading

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Germany: More dissent from nuns

Today started with a post about that caput malorum omnium that is Germany.  Let’s continue. The ultra-left La Croix stumps, not reports, on a German nun advocating women priests. If one had the slightest… slightest… understanding of priesthood as flowing from the … Continue reading

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