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Three Days of Darkness concludes, Gaia, appeased, rumbles approvingly

I posted the other day about the opening rite of the Three Days of Darkness, the “REC” (aka wreck) or Religious Ed Congress in Los Angeles, actually in Anaheim. HERE
There was, as one wag applied to the screen-shot I took, … Continue reading

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How tiny liberal loon crank groups provide cover and distraction for larger, more dangerous initiatives.

In Religion Dispatches which is associated with USC, Patricia Miller opines.
Who is Patricia Miller? She is described on the page:
Patricia Miller is the author of Good Catholics: The Battle Over Abortion in the Catholic Church. She has written extensively about … Continue reading

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‘c’atholics for Choice and Can. 915

The head of the faux-catholic, pro-abortion, Soros-funded “Catholics for Choice”, Jon O’Brien, ought to be publicly corrected by our bishops in these USA and then denied Holy Communion according to can. 915 until he publicly recant his spiritually dangerous positions.
His … Continue reading

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Most heresies don’t spring full-grown from the head of Zeus

A priest friend forwarded this from Pat Archbold at the National Catholic Register:
The Seven Stages Of Heresy
Stage 1.
Immoral practice is clearly condemned and anathematized. The eternal salvation of souls is at stake. Some people still do it, but they are … Continue reading

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Deacon Sandy rides again!

Remember the 60′s throw-back deacon in Milwaukee?  Deacon Sandy?  Refresh your memory HERE.
Because it’s Lent, and because this guy shouldn’t get a pass, here is a recent video of him in action, reading the Gospel and “preaching”.
I am going to … Continue reading

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FRANCE: Dead and Not-Yet-Dead Unions!

I saw an alarmingly amusing story at Charisma News:
Marriage Equality Takes Deadly Twist: Woman to Marry Deceased Fiancé
President François Hollande has allowed a French woman to marry her dead fiancé, under a little-known law dating back 55 years.
Pascale Liéard, 48, … Continue reading

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Liberals still celebrate Anthony Kosnik’s book, once used in seminaries

From The Catholic League about an attack on Pope Francis by the emboldened catholic Left.
Remember, the liberals think they have the big right now.  They are hiding behind support for Francis because they hoped that he would approve their homosexual relationships and … Continue reading

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More perversion of something that was good.

I am not making this up.
From Breitbart:
As millions of moms consider digging into pocketbooks for Girl Scout cookies this year, they may be interested to know about the hiring of Krista Kokjohn-Poehler … Continue reading

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FRONTLINE documentary “Secrets of the Vatican”

I have just watched the PBS Frontline hit piece “Secrets of the Vatican”.
The objectives of the show are to pin all responsibility for every case of clerical sexual abuse not just on local authorities but on “the Vatican”, to detach … Continue reading

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So a Lesbian walks into a Muslim barbershop…

… a lawsuit ensues.
This story underscores something increasingly common: more and more people want to force you to their will and they will use intimidation and government agencies and violence to force your conformity.
Let’s watch what happens, when special interest … Continue reading

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