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Lefeverist smuggling tunnel discovered by Swiss Guards.

From the sometimes amusing Eye Of The Tiber: The largest cross-boarder Lefeverist smuggling tunnel to date was discovered in a midnight raid earlier today by Swiss Guards.  The smugglers fled, abandoning contraband with a street value of over 3 million euros. … Continue reading

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The Cassock

Use of the cassock. In England… and in Wales?… it was illegal to wear the cassock in public.  Perhaps it still is.  I believe there is a tale told that Queen Elizabeth paid the fine for John Paul II.  Se non è … Continue reading

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Translating ICEL

One of you alert readers sent this…

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Giant robotic spider perched on Notre Dame Cathedral

I spotted this on Twitter, with a great comment by Andrew Cusack: Best headline on Catholic twitter? — Andrew Cusack (@cusackandrew) August 1, 2017 From CNS: Ottawa archbishop surprised by negative reaction to robotic spider on cathedral OTTAWA, Ontario … Continue reading

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If Fishwrap and modernist Jesuits had their way…

Writers for the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter) and Amerika type Jesuits want us to become like these forward-looking, progressives whom they so idolize. This was sent by a friend.  Here’s a smattering with my emphases and comments. From American Conservative: Spin Of The Year [Accompanied … Continue reading

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Wisdom from Hugh of St. Victor

I picked up this great quote on Sententiae Antiquae. My emphases and comments: Hugo of St. Victor, Didascalion On the Study of Reading – Preface (Part I) “There are many whom nature has left so destitute of intellect that they are unable to grasp … Continue reading

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When the ghost of Gene Roddenberry designs a church

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” So runs the popular phrase. I hope with all my heart that that is true! Today a friend (and father of a priest) wrote an email with an astonishing link: When the ghost … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z meets Tracer Bullet, Private Eye

I’ve been busy with the Challenge Coin project.  More have gone out to friends and donors, two yesterday, a couple more today. It’s been awhile since we heard about the doings of Tracer Bullet, Private Eye.  I think the last update … Continue reading

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For my “Just Too Cool” Fun File

Speaking of Challenge Coins and speaking of Amazon (as I did HERE), here’s more fun. One of you kind readers, MA, sent a madeleine pan from my main Wish List. Many thanks, MA! This is how the pan arrived. Hmmm, … Continue reading

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Austen Ivereigh, liberal ex-editor of The Bitter Pill, attacks Fr. Z on Twitter

Spotted on Twitter: Soooo… Fr. Z is an RC integralist who prays like an evangelical fundamentalist. Ivereigh used to be the editor of a magazine.  He has clearly allowed his reading skills to get rusty. Oh, right.  He was editor of The Bitter … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different….

Each year I try to watch a lot of the Tour de France and some of Wimbledon. At the risk of making some Jesuits jealous, I have to post this.  

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Supper For the Promotion of Clericalism and a NOTE to MS. Winters – UPDATED

UPDATE 17 July 2017: Some of you are writing to me to ask for CCW cards.  I’m not the guy.  However, I passed the word to Fr. Heilman, who responded: They’ll be available at within the week. They must possess a … Continue reading

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BOOKS RECEIVED and the guy with the “Best Job In The World™”

UPDATE BELOW! ____ I have a huge stack of books to work through, but the books are still coming. I appreciate people who send books from my wishlists. First, Signs of the Holy One: Liturgy, Ritual, and Expression of the … Continue reading

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DANGER! COYOTE ACTIVITY! Winters v. Summorum Pontificum

Recently, Fishwrap‘s Michael Sean Winters, the Wile E. Coyote of the catholic Left, wrote an angry piece about the 10th anniversary of Benedict XVI’s great Motu Proprio, which was a kind of Emancipation Proclamation for all the priests of the Latin Church … Continue reading

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From now on you shall be fish fishers of… fish

From a reader…

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