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Happy Birthday Blog!

On 8 December 2005, I posted this photo.  This blog project began. Today is the 11th anniversary of this blog. This photo was a shot from my apartment window in Rome on the evening of the day Pope Benedict was … Continue reading

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“People, Look East (except the priest)!”

Our Official Parodohymnodist, Fr. Tim Ferguson, has come through with a veritable scitament, a new version of an Advent hymn which most of you will recognize. To the hymn: People Look East 1. People, look east except the priest, The reform has … Continue reading

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Fidel’s Ignoble Exit and A Drink Suggestion

The jeep carrying Fidel Castro’s ashed today – wait for it – broke down and had to be pushed. HERE In case you didn’t know… HOW TO MAKE A CUBA LIBRE (or How to Make Cuba Free) Equipment Tall glass Long … Continue reading

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Fr. Z’s Annual Rant On Blue Vestments

The use of blue vestments during Advent has been dying out for several years as the aging hippies drop.  However, inspired by Pope Francis, perhaps we shouldn’t be so rigid and just – what the heck – use them anyway? … Continue reading

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Four Cardinals Ask Francis To Clarify IKEA Instructions

From the often amusing EOT: Four Cardinals Ask Francis To Clarify IKEA Instructions elling the press today that instructions of Pope Francis’ IKEA gift to them had numerous inconsistencies, four cardinals wrote a letter to him asking that he “resolve … Continue reading

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NOW AVAILABLE! Safe-Space Liturgy Of Post-Election Consolation

The other day we watched the libs meltdown. Being all discombobulated, some of the tender things weren’t able to cope with daily tasks.  They needed “safe spaces” in which they would receive hugs and reassurances and teddy bears. “What a … Continue reading

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Obama reads a “mean tweet” from Trump. Who’s laughing now?

This is from October, but I am just seeing it now.  I thought I’d share. Arrogance incarnate?

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Today through mutual friends I received news of a Serious Tragedy™ that befell a fine and, one might say, heroic priest. You would know this priest as the one who delivered the superb sermon before the presidential election on 8 … Continue reading

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God, Rigidity, and You!

Our Lord told us, in Matthew 5, “Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect.” Now, something that is perfect has no need to change.  Need to change implies imperfection. A god who changes wouldn’t be God … Continue reading

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A St. Martin’s Day Palindrome

From The Book of Days, Vol. II, R. Chambers, ed., W. & R. Chambers, Ltd., London & Edinburgh, 1864, p. 568: “Martin, having occasion to visit Rome, set out to perform the journey thither on foot. Satan, meeting him on the way, taunted … Continue reading

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The votes are as high as an Elephant’s eye…

I’m once again rising to a beautiful day! How ’bout you?

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The Lost Beatitude

Today, I am determined to be upbeat. I have in mind that beatitude that didn’t get into the Gospel, but which has been handed down through tradition. Beati qui non exspectant, quia non disappointabuntur.

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I’m sure you’ve heard the word “jesuitical”.

You may have read about how, during the airplane presser on the way back from Sweden, Pope Francis was asked a question about the ordination of women.  The Pope slammed the door hard, saying, “Never“, which on my planet, which … Continue reading

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The latest on the Reformation from Lutheran Satire (with some digs at us along the way)

We have to laugh at ourselves once in a while. Right? I really enjoy these guys over at Lutheran Satire. They present a refreshing view.

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Pius XI is back on the job after a nice vacation

A few days ago I got a note from a reader that, on the Vatican website, it was no longer possible to access the documents of Pope Ratti, Pius XI (1922-39).   Immediately, I thought, “AH HAH!”  “Ah hah! …”, … Continue reading

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