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Being a Bill can be hazardous during this Administration

Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock?
Here is an original about the passing of laws:

This is the updated version from Saturday Nigh Live:

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Have yourself a tactical little Christmas!

The other day when I posted about how to make my “Tactical Clerical Shirts“, I also shared something a reader sent, about the “Tactical Christmas Stocking”.
I am not making this up – a black tactical Christmas stocking! $7.50

I now have more … Continue reading

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“Yeu arr teking zee pheud pheuteaux wit yeur zmarty pheun!”

Since I am in Paris, and shoot photos of feud weet ma pheun, I thought I would share again my last encounter with the Inspector from Feb 2014:

Just the other night Inspector Clouseau burst into the restaurant where I was … Continue reading

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Now is the time! Romanorum coetibus!

I think it was the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus who said that the Anglican Church existed in order to make irony redundant.
They took another step in perfecting irony by approving wyshops… errrr. women “bishops”.
There is a Vatican Insider piece … Continue reading

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It’s time to build camps! Dangerous illegal immigrants invading!

In Grand Marias, MN, there is a Restaurant called, fetchingly, “South of the Border”.  Not a lick of Tex-Mex in sight.  It’s pretty funny.
Apparently the Canadians up there in Canadia are having their own border problems.   A friend sent … Continue reading

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Is this building a… ?

At Church Pop there is a quiz.
Here is a sample.
Quick… is this building a:
Modernist Church … or a… Communist Building?

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A palindrome for St. Martin’s Day

From a reader from back on 11/11/11:
I thought that you and your readers might find this legend of Satan, St. Martin of Tours, and two exquisitely long palindromes, to be of interest particularly on this palindromic day of 11/11/11.
From The Book of … Continue reading

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A 5-year old shows us how it’s done

For those snobby dopes out there who think Joe and Mary Bagofdoughnuts in the pews are too stoopid to handle Latin or that hearing some chant is toooo haaaard.
Here is a 5 year old singing the common Christian table prayer … Continue reading

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The Winters of Our Discontent (AUDIO)

AUDIO version below
Does the sight of several yards of red silk cause you to break out in a sweat, even if only a little, and start to tremble? Do your fingers start to tingle? Do you get the inexplicable urge to … Continue reading

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Lighter Fare

I’t election day, and we are dealing with that. The Synod was a wreck, and we are dealing with that. Ebola is around, and we are dealing with that. Obama is still President and…. well.. we are dealing … Continue reading

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