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What does the TLM mean to you?

From a reader:

Reason #19878 for Summorum Pontificum.

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There’s marriage and then there’s marriage*

I had a comment in my messages from an Observant Person who had the misfortune to read an article about Card. Kasper’s remarks on marriage in advance of the Synod.
The Observant Person pulled a strange quote from Kasper via CNS:
“he allowed … Continue reading

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@Pontifex Latin Tweet

Each day there are tweets from Pope Francis’ account.  They post more or less the same content in different languages.  Someone is busy!
Today we have this, in Latin:
Debiliores domi ultro curamus. Qua re humani generis ne imbecillitatem neve fragilitatem extimescatis!
Pay … Continue reading

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Economics of SEX

This video caught my eye, since I posted on the sidebar that I was reading Jay Richard’s Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem (which the people who helped Francis write Evangelii gaudium could … Continue reading

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JUST TOO COOL: Is there a way to put this on my wish list?

If only I could put THIS on my amazon wishlist!
This is an 1849 Colt .31 caliber revolver made for the Pontifical Swiss Guards!
Documentation indicates that some of these revolvers were sent “either to Vatican guards or possibly to supporters of … Continue reading

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Had this been a photo of Benedict XVI…

… the mainstream media would probably have written:

Instead, it is Pope Francis, so people just go “Awwwww….”

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Break out the bongs! Liturgy with Deacon Sandy. VIDEO

Everyone, go your attic or garage and find that old bong you squirreled away, dust off your guitars and mistune those strings. Tie the tie-died handband on and sit down on the floor by the coffee table. This is a … Continue reading

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My view for awhile again

Home again home again…
My Kindle is fired up (thanks to a kind reader) and I have already spilled coffee on myself on the way to the airport. Situation normal.

Meanwhile, you can guess which of these was mine – … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, Argentinian

I would not be in the least surprised were Pope Francis to abdicate when he turns 80.  As a matter of fact, I suspect he will.
On that, I saw at Rorate something from La Nación.
The Pope renewed his civil, Argentinian identity … Continue reading

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French food pheun photo folly. Wherein Fr. Z meets the Inspector.

Who knew?
Just the other night Inspector Clouseau burst into the restaurant where I was dining with friends… at the Ritz, as a matter of fact:
“Eez dees yeur pheun?! Yeu arr teking zee pheuteaux wit yeur pheun!  Dees ees not allowed, … Continue reading

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