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New Ecumenical English Missal? Committee members named?

I am sure that you have all seen this piece by now from this liturgy site HERE.  My emphases and comments:

New Ecumenical English Missal
A rumour has been growing about a possible review of the Roman Catholic missal translation, but no one … Continue reading

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Something funny for Friday

This blog has been pretty serious of late.
Here is a completely ridiculous video. I’m really just trying to stop being the only person who has not posted a cat video.

So… I bet most of you have seen the movie…. … Continue reading

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Wherein Father chuckles

Over a Fr. Hunwicke’s place I read a line that made me chuckle:
Now, look here, Father, if you can’t be more pastorally sensitive and inclusive, I shall have to forbid you to say the Novus Ordo … so you’d better get your … Continue reading

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Ursuline sisters wows an audience

Half the people on Earth are writing to me about this.  Let’s file this under “Lighter Fare”?
An Ursuline sister sings on one of those “who has a talent?” TV shows in Italy.

Since half the planet is writing about this, I … Continue reading

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The Tablet’s Sourpuss – POLL BELOW!

I wrote HERE about the interview that Archbp. Gänswein gave to German TV in which he spoke, inter alia, about Francis asking Benedict for comments on one of his interviews.  I wrote that the interview reinforces my view that Pope Francis, … Continue reading

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“OTT Dog, getchyer OTT Dog right here!”

As seen in Rome today.

I think with the “hot dog and ketchup” you also receive a complimentary copy of the classic Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma by Ludwig Ott.

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Lent, Gator Meat, and You… and I

In this week’s digital edition of the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, I saw this cartoon:

Not a lot of gators in Ol’ Blighty, except perhaps plodding around in the offices of The Bitter Pill, but I think we are having … Continue reading

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Z-Swag: in the wild

One of you readers sent me this photo of Z-Swag, in the wild!  It was posted on Twitter as well.
After washing, my @fatherz travel mug makes a worthy beer glass (pictured with libation, breviary, etc., on the road)
A beer in … Continue reading

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Lent, Alligators and You – Revisited

Once again, someone wrote to ask me if it is okay to eat alligator on Friday during Lent.
Is this a put on? Is this a joke?
Of course it’s okay to eat alligator! And crocodile, if you have some.
A couple years … Continue reading

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FRANCE: Dead and Not-Yet-Dead Unions!

I saw an alarmingly amusing story at Charisma News:
Marriage Equality Takes Deadly Twist: Woman to Marry Deceased Fiancé
President François Hollande has allowed a French woman to marry her dead fiancé, under a little-known law dating back 55 years.
Pascale Liéard, 48, … Continue reading

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