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I point the attention of the readership to something at American Catholic.  This is dreadful, but I sense that much of our struggle for our Catholic identity will be circumscribed by situations like this.
The University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN) says, “Stick … Continue reading

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Life with Capuchins? Take me back to jail!

A priest friend sent this, no doubt to amuse and edify.
From the Daily Mail:
Criminal serving his sentence with monks pleads to be sent back to prison… because monastery life is too hard
A convicted criminal who was serving out his sentence … Continue reading

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Another triumph for peace in our day

Huge progress has been made in the Vatican in the cause of peace!   In the wake of the planting of the peace tree (HERE) and the peace match (HERE), a bold new policy initiative will certain have a calming, peaceful … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Punching the Archbishop after he punches you

From a reader…
At the conclusion of a friendly and fruitful meeting between a number of laity and the archbishop this evening, the archbishop punched me in the arm in a he man football kind of way.
My question is this, is there any particular … Continue reading

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Francis to new bishops…

Yes, Our Holy Father does have a way of stopping us in our tracks and rereading the sentence.
Not exactly rhetoric in the lofty style, but rhetoric is about getting the point across in way that either persuades, moves … Continue reading

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Vatican Officials Ask Filipino Faithful to Use Images of Christ, Not Pope
Gesture Falls In Line With Pope’s Call to Keep Eyes on Christ
Use images of Christ, not the Pope, is the message Vatican officials have been trying to send … Continue reading

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“The Wile E. Coyote of contemporary liberal Catholicism”

You all must go to First Things and read Robbie George’s response to the loony tunes attack made on him by Fishwrap’s (aka National Schismatic Reporter) Michael Sean Winters (hereafter aka the Wile E. Coyote of contemporary liberal Catholicism).
The piece is replete with descriptions of … Continue reading

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VIDEO: How long can you stand it?

A priest friend of mine posted this elsewhere with the challenge… can you make it to the end of this video?  How long can you stand it before you click off?

And to think… some men don’t want to go to … Continue reading

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Learn from Luther… and kneel to receive Holy Communion!

The brilliant Fr. Hunwicke has a keen eye.
To wit:
Learning from Luther
Cardinal Marx believes in learning from Luther. Today, Rorate publishes a nice early engraving of Lutherans receiving Holy Communion into their mouths, and kneeling.
Nuff’ said.
Here is the image.

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Assessing the importance of stuff that happens

This struck me as useful for assessing the hic et nunc:

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