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A palindrome for St. Martin’s Day

From a reader from back on 11/11/11:
I thought that you and your readers might find this legend of Satan, St. Martin of Tours, and two exquisitely long palindromes, to be of interest particularly on this palindromic day of 11/11/11.
From The Book of … Continue reading

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A 5-year old shows us how it’s done

For those snobby dopes out there who think Joe and Mary Bagofdoughnuts in the pews are too stoopid to handle Latin or that hearing some chant is toooo haaaard.
Here is a 5 year old singing the common Christian table prayer … Continue reading

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The Winters of Our Discontent (AUDIO)

AUDIO version below
Does the sight of several yards of red silk cause you to break out in a sweat, even if only a little, and start to tremble? Do your fingers start to tingle? Do you get the inexplicable urge to … Continue reading

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Lighter Fare

I’t election day, and we are dealing with that. The Synod was a wreck, and we are dealing with that. Ebola is around, and we are dealing with that. Obama is still President and…. well.. we are dealing … Continue reading

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Z-SWAG In the Wild: Zed-Head gear

I received a note from a reader today:
If a note of appreciation helps you to keep going, consider this a thanks.
PS. I’m sewing a Zedhead patch on the back of my leather biker jacket.
I ride a Yamaha Road Star 1600cc
I … Continue reading

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Wymyn At Wyrk. “Priestesses” doing their thing. Hijinx ensues.

Someone sent me this for an anti-birthday gift. I think he was trying to shorten my life. He failed, however. I believe laughter is supposed to lengthen life.
You simply have to grit your teeth and get into the part where … Continue reading

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Robin Hooders saving people from parking fines

I saw this at the Free Thought Project:
Parking Meter Activists Under Fire After Saving Drivers $80,000 in Fines
Stepping in between the State and their revenue stream can be quite hazardous.
Activists in Keene, New Hampshire have adopted a charitable strategy in … Continue reading

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Oh the humanity!

Okay… we orthodox, faithful, conservative Catholics are the most flexible people around, but this simply needs some sort of intervention.
Michael Voris is in Rome.  He was doing some coverage of the Synod and has stayed also for the trad events … Continue reading

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Sistine Chapel “rented” out to Porsche?

Someone allowed the the Sistine Chapel to be “rented” for a corporate event. HERE  Someone else in the Holy Sees denies that it was “rented”.   However, a big German corporation gave money to the Holy See and, after that, … Continue reading

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The Robber Synod!

Given today’s events in the hall of the Synod, when the bishops rose up as a body to fight against the obvious manipulation carried on by the leadership of the Synod (Card. Baldisseri).   The Synod was being stolen from … Continue reading

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