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March for Life Solidarity – Your News?

I am in solidarity today with everyone who is participating in the March for Life, in Washington DC and elsewhere.
My first experience of the March for Life in Washington was last year. A great experience and a cold experience, … Continue reading

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OLDIE PODCAzT 127: The Eve of St Agnes and a Bleak Midwinter

Yesterday I neglected to repost, on the very Eve of St. Agnes, a PODCAzT I made a while back.  HERE
I, fan of poetry that I am, read out Keat’s poem, 42 Spencerian stanzas.  It is very romantic and torrid and … Continue reading

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You just can’t make up this stuff!

I saw something over at Fishwrap by Jamie Manson, whose credentials are only too-well-known.
Bear with me for a moment.   In order to get my point across I have to repost something I offered in 2012.  Enjoy and then see … Continue reading

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The HORROR! Fr Z’s recurring nightmare… thanks to a reader’s gift.

Once upon a time I wrote here about the book I hate more than any other book… ehvur.
Today I opened up a package to find that one of you readers… you wags you… send me a copy of the hated … Continue reading

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Fr Z’s Predictions for 2014

Fr. Z’s Predictions for 2014
1. Israel will attack Iran (still waiting for this one)
2. SCOTUS will rule in favor of the Bishops on the HHS Mandate (still waiting on this too)
3. The “AFFORDABLE” Care Act will continue to flop and … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ new interview: damage control on “trickle down” economics?

Interviews.  Interviews. Interviews.
Pope Francis gave an interview to La Stampa.
In the newest interview, the Holy Father is asked about reactions to his odd economic observations in Evangelii gaudium.
My translation:
Some passages in Evangelii gaudium attracted accusations from American ultra-conservatives.  [For an … Continue reading

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450 years ago today: Council of Trent closed!

Today is the 450th anniversary of the closing of the Council of Trent.
Let’s think about this for a moment.
First, the day the Second Vatican Council opened Pope John XXIII gave an address to the world and to the Council Fathers … Continue reading

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Solemn Mass ’45 style!

A reader sent me a note with a link to a movie (the whole thing on YouTube) called Christmas Holiday 1944.
From about minute 18 you will find a Solemn Mass. Very nice.
New Evangelization!

Technorati Tags: Extraordinary Form, movie, Solemn Mass, … Continue reading

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REMINDER: CD of music for Advent by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles

Last year the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, in Missouri, released a great music CD of music for Advent.
It is still available!
There are zillions of Christmas music offerings out there.  Advent?  Not so much.
This disk can help you keep … Continue reading

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“The book on Augustine which Pope Benedict would have wanted to write”… revisited.

I called it, “the book on Augustine which Pope Benedict would have wanted to write.”

You may recall my review of the book by Miles Hollingworth, St Augustine of Hippo, An Intellectual Biography.  As I said before, this is not a … Continue reading

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