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REVIEW: Voyage to Alpha Centauri: A Novel by Michael O’Brien

I recently finished reading Voyage to Alpha Centauri by Michael D. O’Brien. (UK LINK HERE)
I hope he writes in this genre again!
This novel deals with an expedition in the future aboard a massive, city-like ship the Kosmos to a planet … Continue reading

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Spirit and Oppy on Mars

I saw a great tweet with the hashtag #10YrsOnMars and a very cool picture from a collection of images from the surface of Mars!   They were taken by the intrepid Mars rovers.  HERE
Here’s one.

Poor little Spirit.  RIP.

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Drought in California? ¡Vaya lío! Revive the Oratio Imperata, traditional public Processions

At Catholic Vote I saw an entry about how the bishops of California are praying for rain. It’s pretty dry out out there on the Left Coast.

SACRAMENTO Catholic bishops called for divine intervention Tuesday as California endures what appears to … Continue reading

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WDTPRS O Oriens: Winter Solstice and thoughts on time

This is the Solstice day, for the Northern Hemisphere the day which provides us with the least daylight of the year.  From this point onward in the globe’s majestic arc about the sun, we of the north, benefit from increasing warmth … Continue reading

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Will Comet ISON survive tomorrow’s brush with the Sun? UPDATE to the UPDATE!

From Astronomy Pic of the Day, which I check every day.  Click for a visit.
Will Comet ISON survive tomorrow’s close encounter with the Sun? Approaching to within a solar diameter of the Sun’s surface, the fate of one of the most unusual comets … Continue reading

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“I’ve got to have 5 more minutes!” No… wait… different thing. COOL SPACE PHOTO!

Here is a super cool photo from Astronomy Pic of the Day:

No, this isn’t the Enterprise escaping from the collapsing anomaly by reversing the polarity and ejecting the core and… you know….
What’s up with this?
APOTD Explanation: 
In a flash, the visible spectrum of … Continue reading

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“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”

From the Beeb:

An international team of astronomers has detected the most distant galaxy yet.
The galaxy is about 30 billion light-years away and is helping scientists shed light on the period that immediately followed the Big Bang.
It was found using the … Continue reading

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Events of terrible beauty

One of these days, there will be another Carrington Event.
There will be a huge coronal mass ejection from your planet’s yellow star that strikes your planet square on.  The result will be a vast electromagnetic pulse which fries almost all … Continue reading

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18 Oct: Faint Lunar Eclipse

Just to remind us of who we are and who we are not, this is from SpaceWeather:
Space Weather News for Oct. 18, 2013
FAINT LUNAR ECLIPSE:  On the night of Oct. 18th, the full Hunter’s Moon will pass through the outskirts … Continue reading

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Serotinal autumnal nyctemphemeral parity

Today is the Autumnal Equinox. The Sun crosses the celestial equator on its southerly course at 20:44 GMT (at the very time I scheduled this to auto-post itself). You knew that because in the traditional Roman calendar, so much more … Continue reading

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