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Pope Francis and the cuillère à sauce individuelle and grand liturgy

Last night I watched a movie I haven’t seen in years from a brand new blu-ray disk (thanks CEF!) on the big hi-def screen: Babette’s Feast. This movie has it all. I can say “everything” now because it is the Pope’s … Continue reading

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Cooking in the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue

I have adjusted, again, to not having a full kitchen, but I have not surrendered. I cook as I will. I even make Julia’s recipes!  But …. …tonight I made a “Cornish Hen” with with spices, and curry, in my … Continue reading

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Monday Supper

My literary group met yesterday. We are reading Yeats these days. I made supper for 9. Some images (sorry… no long explanations. Busy day). The Christmas Pudding! I begin the broth for Tortellini in Brodo.  It isn’t quiet enough to … Continue reading

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Friday Salad

It’s Friday and time not to eat meat. The entree was spectacularly… dull. The salad started with my macerating stuff. In the bowl: a splash of decent balsamic vinegar, a jot of olive oil, a small clove of chopped garlic, … Continue reading

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Sunday Supper: More Hot Plate Adventures

For lunch today I thought of something Eastern, in honor of the Magi, but something not Chinese. Since I am working with a hot plate, I wanted to keep it simple. Chicken Tikka Masala. Start with boneless, skinless chicken thighs … Continue reading

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Christmas Supper

The old phrase is “Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing.” UPDATE

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PUDDING REPORT: Christmas Pudding 2012 is underway!

Things are underway on this “Stir Up Sunday”, the Last Sunday after Pentecost. “Stir Up” comes from the first words of the Collect for Holy Mass in the Usus Antiquior. I decided that for this round I would use the … Continue reading

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Sunday Supper: Coq au vin with a difference

It has been a while since I offered a “Sunday Supper” post. I am committed to urging you all to think about good, slow, and sometimes important meals, with people, on Sundays. Alas, today I was not with people for … Continue reading

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“Stir Up Sunday” is NEXT SUNDAY. Start planning!

For the last two years I made my own English-style Christmas Pudding. Delicious. A whole different theory of cooking. The flavors are amazing. Remember THIS? This year I am going to pay attention to Stir Up Sunday. 25 November is “Stir … Continue reading

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Friday Supper

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