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KC, MO: anti-Catholic atrocity scheduled before Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

When anti-Catholic atrocities take place, Catholic bishops should act.
I read in the Kansas City Star (a McClatchy paper), that some “Lutherans” are going to host a sacrilegious, fake catholic “ordination” of a woman by the usual wymyn suspects.  HERE  It is … Continue reading

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I read Mass this morning. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

I read Mass this morning. No, actually, I sang Mass this morning, but saying “read Mass” is more fun. It annoys liberals.
We have various phrases which means basically the same thing, but with certain nuances. And old-fashioned description of what … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Final Flights Edition

Two more flights to wind up this calendar year. Alas, it has to be one from Orlando. Happily it’s a short hop to the next, and last leg. I think Orlando may be the airport I hate more … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: last trip edition

Off again, hopefully for the last trip of the calendar year!

And boarded…

I’m reading Peter Kwasniewski’s new book. HERE


I’m reminded of the big band song from WWII. “You’re 1-A in the Army, but you’re A-1 in my heart!”
The (Delta) screen is … Continue reading

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In The Wild: motorcycle edition

My new “Zed Head” mags are everywhere.
Here is a photo sent from a reader who found a way to get the image onto his motorcycle helmet.

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Fr. Z to priests going to Rome for the Jan ’16 CCC conference (or other reason)

I have wanted to attend the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy conference in Rome from 5-9 January.  I’m doing travel arrangements right now (and I sure could use some donations for it… I don’t get C.Ed. allowances, etc. … Continue reading

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Sunday Chicken

I was in Paris not long ago and one dish that I didn’t get to have there was Coq au vin. I therefore determined to make some. It has been a while. Since my Sunday night plans opened up, I … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Allons Y Edition

Vacation having come to an end, it’s time to hit the long and dusty. Paris is worth, among other things, another visit.

This is the part I like the least.

Back in these USA!
Last leg.

It’s short.

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Paris – Day 7: Shells and bones

Today brought better weather. We had a trip to the Bon Marche again, almost like a pilgrimage. But there were various motives I cannot now explicate.
On the way…

And the place itself.  Fascinating.

Did you know that large format wine bottles have … Continue reading

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“Yeu arr teking zee pheud pheuteaux wit yeur zmarty pheun!”

Since I am in Paris, and shoot photos of feud weet ma pheun, I thought I would share again my last encounter with the Inspector from Feb 2014:

Just the other night Inspector Clouseau burst into the restaurant where I was … Continue reading

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