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The Ghost of Lib-Mass Yet To Come

Someone sent me a link to an article in Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times) about “experimental worship” and moving beyond institutional church… sort of like what the National catholic Reporter praises.
There is some pretty crazy stuff in the … Continue reading

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Behold the extinct “Graceful Obama-toothed” lizard

The First Gay President, who, someday in his third or fourth term, after helping to run the global economy into the sewer through massive US debt and hyperinflation, will get around to rolling back the oceans and solve global warming, … Continue reading

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“Stir Up Sunday” is NEXT SUNDAY. Start planning!

For the last two years I made my own English-style Christmas Pudding. Delicious. A whole different theory of cooking. The flavors are amazing.
Remember THIS?
This year I am going to pay attention to Stir Up Sunday. 25 November is “Stir Up Sunday”, … Continue reading

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UK: Legal path set to deny charitable status to Church which exclude anyone from Communion, sacraments

Tales of the Bizarre.
This is from LifeNews:
UK Catholics might lose charitable status for not offering communion to everyone
LONDON, November 7, 2012 ( – A Conservative Party MP has accused the government’s Charity Commission of attempting to suppress Christianity … Continue reading

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Sort of Sunday Supper…. sort of… and a fun blog suggestion

You may remember that I have posted about cooking some ancient and medieval dishes.
Today I discovered a blog dedicate to ancient cooking with a delightful name: Pass The Garum.
Garum, of course, is the ancient equivalent of ketchup.  It is the … Continue reading

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Liberals only invoke their Catholicism when it agrees with their Leftism

Radio talk-show great Dennis Prager analyzes pro-abortion catholic VP Joe Biden’s abortion response during the debate.  HERE.
A taste….
Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism?
In the vice presidential debate, the two candidates, both Roman Catholics, were asked about their religious beliefs, how they … Continue reading

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Nuns On The Bus Warmed-Over: a stop at Ohio Dominican University

Apparently the Nuns On The Bus are still going ’round and ’round with their blatantly partisan political agenda.
From a reader:
The “Nuns on the Bus” tour has C-Bus for its next stop. This is the group that has been touring the … Continue reading

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And now…

Chinese priests and nuns forced into government “study classes”
Another hurtful article by Nicole Winfield of AP about the SSPX
Uhhh… “Demosthenes”!
1st Sunday of October: Plenary Indulgence – Supplication to the Madonna of Pompeii
WDTPRS 27th Ordinary Sunday: … Continue reading

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Küng calls for – wait for it – DISSENT!

When I see articles about Fr. Hans Küng, I am tempted simply to make popcorn and enjoy the show.
Question to the readers: How long will it take before Fishwrap has some piece which refers approvingly to Küng’s latest?
Here is a taste the reportage … Continue reading

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Obama’s Justice Dept. suing Gallup Polls after results they didn’t like. Coincidence?

Obama Thugs Rough Up Gallup For Polls They Don’t Like
The Obama Administration’s Justice Department announced, on August 22nd, that it was joining a lawsuit by a former Gallup employee and whistleblower against the Gallup Corporation for allegedly overcharging the … Continue reading

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