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ASK FATHER: When is enough, enough?

From a reader…
When is enough, enough? I help facilitate the RCIA program in my parish and the other leaders in the name of compassion are constantly at odds with the teachings of Holy Mother Church. As one trying to be … Continue reading

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If you want peace, DEFEND LIFE!

There are rumors floating around about a restructuring of the Roman Curia, and a document which would replace Pastor bonus (will it be called”Mercenarius malus“?).
Something in an article in CNA (HERE) that caught, and disturbed, my eye.
The draft is under … Continue reading

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ESOLEN: How to kill vocations – Feminize everything!

Ultra Fr. Z kudos to Anthony Esolen who has a must-read, do-not-miss, go-there-to-read-it-now piece about making the Church effeminate and, thereby, killing vocations to the priesthood.
How to Kill Vocations in Your Diocese
Cardinal Raymond Burke has recently laid some of … Continue reading

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Holy Communion at mega Mass in Manila – POLLS

This is how Holy Communion was distributed during the mega-Mass in Manila.

Here is a poll.
Anyone can vote, but you have to be a registered participant to comment.

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Have Catholic Democrats heard Pope Francis’ denunciation of same-sex stuff?

From American Thinker:
Dogs and gays: Pope Francis and Catholic Democrats
By Robert Klein Engler
Has anyone besides a few pundits found it odd that many Catholic Democrats have spent more time worrying about dogs going to heaven than they have about whether … Continue reading

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SCOTUS to hear unnatural “marriage” case. It’s time to do reparation, invoke God with powerful prayers.

So, the Supreme Court will finally have to get into same-sex stuff.   I don’t want to call it marriage.  The best I can do it call it “marriage”.   Whatever the civil, legal terms are used, it it impossible … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: “Paul VI… had the strength to defend openness to life.”

From EWTN news:
Pope Francis took the opportunity during an address to families in the Philippines to praise Blessed Pope Paul VI’s encyclical opposing contraception and affirming Church teaching on sexuality and human life.
The Pope spoke Friday to families gathered at … Continue reading

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Permanent Deacons and clerical attire

I have written before on the topic of the use of the Roman collar by permanent deacons.  HERE
I saw that the weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Madison (where I usually am when not on the road) has a piece … Continue reading

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LONDON DAY 1: “Blognic”? After the 6:30 Mass?

Several people have written about meeting up with me while I am in London (which is only for a few days).
I don’t know if people regularly go to The Coal Hole after the 6:30 PM Mass at Corpus Christi on … Continue reading

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“Women aren’t women anymore.”

Card. Burke is taking it on the chin from a lot of nitwits right now because of his remarks about a feminization of the Church. He also mentioned the impact such a feminizing could have on vocations.
Agree or disagree with … Continue reading

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