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Informal but interesting

“Well! This is different!”, quoth I. The First Lady’s Rally Prayer POLL.

Yesterday I watched the TV coverage of Pres. Trump’s massive rally in Florida. Apparently, lines were a mile long to attend. My jaw nearly dropped when First Lady Melania Trump began with the Lord’s Prayer. As this developed, “I thought … Continue reading

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POLL: Did you see Rose vestments on “Gaudete” Sunday 2016?

Here is a little poll for your 3rd Sunday of Advent, Gaudete. Please choose an answer and add a comment in the combox. Anyone can vote, but only registered members can comment. UPDATE: Here are the new rose vestments in … Continue reading

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POLL: For All Souls Day Mass 2016 what color vestments did you see?

Even though today is not a Holy Day of Obligation (as yesterday was in most places… and if you didn’t go to Mass…), many of you have gone to Mass or will go later. In the Usus Antiquior, the Traditional … Continue reading

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FOLLOW UP POLL: 26 Sept 2016 – Trump v Clinton

We had a poll before the 26 September debate.  I had a pre-debate post (with food) HERE. Did the debate change anything? Was there anything that happened during the debate that moved the needle for you? And… Anyone can vote, … Continue reading

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URGENT POLL – 26 Sept 2016 – Trump v Clinton Debate

PLEASE SHARE THE POLLS WIDELY! A great deal hangs on the outcome of tonight’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (boooooooo).  I, for one, would vote for the corpse of Millard Fillmore to keep the later out of … Continue reading

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POLL: For whom will you vote in the 2016 Presidential Election?

I’m curious.  How are you denizens of these USA (who can vote legally) leaning right now regarding the upcoming presidential election. Make your best choice.  If you wish to comment, the combox is open to registered and approved participants here. … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! Survey on Deaconettes! Please help.

In the wake of Pope Francis mentioning a “study” about deaconettes (which I think was already done – but, as they say, “Quis sum ego ut iudicem.”) one of you alert readers alerted me to a survey that the women’s … Continue reading

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It’s time to scare the hell out of kids – POLL

Here’s an idea… require all students at Catholic schools to attend a course taught by an exorcist. In Spain…. Students at Spanish college forced to take exorcism class A publically funded college [!] in Spain has told students that it is … Continue reading

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POLLS: Holy Thursday Foot Washing – What happened where you are?

This year for the first time it is licit that women’s feet be washing during the entirely optional “Mandatum” in the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Holy Thursday. NB: Before this year, those who were doing so, did so in violation … Continue reading

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Card. Dolan: “Where’s the Catholic Sandy Koufax?”

Because it is Spring (or close enough) and because in Spring all right-thinking souls turn their thoughts and hopes once again to that summa of sports, baseball, and because the Old English origin of the word “Lent”, lencten, means “Spring”, and … Continue reading

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POLL: Covering images for 1st Passion Sunday, 5th Sunday of Lent

We are really getting into it now. From this Sunday, traditionally called 1st Sunday of the Passion, it is customary to veil images in churches.  In the Gospel in traditional Form of the Roman Rite we hear: Tulérunt ergo lápides, ut … Continue reading

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Priest shortage = self-inflicted wound

My old pastor, the late Msgr. Schuler used to make mordent remarks about the suicidal vocations efforts of the Archdiocese. “They’re like people during a famine who wring their hands and discuss how they are all going to starve to … Continue reading

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POLL – VIDEO: Should there be a basic quiz before you are given a ballot?

We are in soooo much trouble. We let these kids vote! Look what the education system as accomplished. Yes, that video is from 2014. Does anyone think that the situation has improved in the meantime? Basic civics… history… gone. Could … Continue reading

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POLL: #AshWednesday Ashes and You

Some people are under the impression that Ash Wednesday is a Holy Day of Obligation. It is not. Lent is an important season in the yearly cycle of a Catholic Christian’s life.  The inclination toward a feeling of obligation is … Continue reading

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Pope Francis to play himself in a movie… uh huh. POLL

UPDATE 2 Feb: See below… ____ ORIGINAL  Published on: Feb 1, 2016 From Variety (not The Onion… not Eye of the Tiber): Pope Francis will play himself in the new religious movie “Beyond the Sun,” marking his acting debut and the first … Continue reading

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