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‘c’atholics for Choice and Can. 915

The head of the faux-catholic, pro-abortion, Soros-funded “Catholics for Choice”, Jon O’Brien, ought to be publicly corrected by our bishops in these USA and then denied Holy Communion according to can. 915 until he publicly recant his spiritually dangerous positions.
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WSJ: Long interview with D. Madison’s happy culture warrior, Bp. Morlino

The the Wisconsin State Journal there is a long interview with His Excellency Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison (aka “The Extraordinary Ordinary”), occasioned by the approaching 1st anniversary of the election of Pope Francis.   Full transcript HERE
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Bishop Robert C. Morlino: 1st Anniversary of Pope Francis’ Pontificate

With a tip of my biretta to Badger Catholic:

“Truth and charity can never be separated.”

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Liberals still celebrate Anthony Kosnik’s book, once used in seminaries

From The Catholic League about an attack on Pope Francis by the emboldened catholic Left.
Remember, the liberals think they have the big right now.  They are hiding behind support for Francis because they hoped that he would approve their homosexual relationships and … Continue reading

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Albany Sourpusses

Here is another example of when laypeople, who have been twisted in their faith by catholic media like The Fishwrap and the Call To Action type organizations in their orbit, go to the zoo about the appointment of their new bishop.
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Pope Francis’ new interview: his answer about Benedict XVI and Popes Emeriti

His Holiness Pope Francis gave a substantial interview which is published simultaneously in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera and an Argentinian source.  I read it in Italian.
The interview makes it clear that there were more than one recording devices used. … Continue reading

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Francis at Santa Sabina

I am watching the Holy Father process to and enter the first Roman Station Church, Santa Sabina on the Aventine Hill.

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Francis Pellverizes™ the Roman Curia

As you know, Pope Francis set up a Secretariat for the Economy (SftE) and has appointed Card. Pell to head it up.   Since this Secretariat will control money it will, if it gets off the ground, be very powerful.  This … Continue reading

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@Pontifex Latin Tweet

Each day there are tweets from Pope Francis’ account.  They post more or less the same content in different languages.  Someone is busy!
Today we have this, in Latin:
Debiliores domi ultro curamus. Qua re humani generis ne imbecillitatem neve fragilitatem extimescatis!
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Pope Francis’ Holy Week Schedule

In today’s L’Osservatore Romano I saw the Holy Father’s upcoming schedule for Holy Week.
Notice anything interesting?

What we won’t be seeing:


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