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ASK FATHER: Criticizing a priest’s homilies

From a reader…
Father, our parish priest is a good man, well versed in Scripture, in the encyclicals. He is also charismatic.
However, his preaching is dreadful. He uses the homily as an opportunity to teach and goes on far too long. … Continue reading

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Ass. of US Catholic Priests met in St. Louis. Average age….

Tom Fox of the National Schismatic Reporter (aka The Fishwrap) posted about a group of priests who just met in St. Louis.
A friend sent an email with the link and the comment:
I believe that this defines the words “irrelevant”, “inconsequential” … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: How to support a friend’s vocation to the priesthood

From a reader:
Father, I have a close friend who has been as close as a brother to me who is discerning the priesthood. I think he would make a wonderful priest or even religious brother. What steps can I take … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Excommunication after abortion and absolution

From a reader…
When I was very far away from the Church in apostasy, I asked a girl to take emergency contraception (not sure if she was pregnant). I knew that this was an excommunicable act, but I persisted because I … Continue reading

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The motive of the murder of Fr. Walker and assault on Fr. Terra

In one story about the arrest of the man suspected as the murderer of Fr. Kenneth Walker in Phoenix, I read this:
The person who brutally attacked two Phoenix priests might have a lot of anger toward people and … Continue reading

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About the lives of Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra

There is a long piece at AZCentral today about Fr. Walker, recently murdered, Fr. Terra, recently assaulted, and the Extraordinary Form they celebrated.
Here is some of it.  Read the whole thing there. My emphases and comments.
Before attack, ancient rite defined priests’ … Continue reading

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PHOENIX: Developments in case of Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra

You will want to see this.  HERE  Bp. Olmsted makes remarks on camera.
Among other things that story says that they have now a description of the suspected perp and that Fr. Terra can talk finally:
Parishioner Bill Haley told … Continue reading

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PHOENIX: More about the murder of Fr. Walker

Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP, 29, was shot to death by an unknown killer who also assaulted another priest, Fr. Joseph Terra, 56, who is in critical condition.
Fr. Terra was able to give Fr. Walker absolution.
The news coverage is strong in … Continue reading

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Reverend Fathers: It’s someone else, until it’s you. Wherein Fr. Z implores.

Reverend gentlemen, the murder of one priest and the assault on another in Phoenix compels me to remind you to…
Our schedules are busy.  Sometimes we have to drive even farther than lay people.  But go to confession.  Take … Continue reading

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Ordination Anniversary (video)

Many priests observe the anniversary of their ordination at this time of year. It is a common time for ordinations, probably because Ember Days were common times for ordinations and Ember Days fall during the Pentecost Octave.
It is my anniversary … Continue reading

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