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Global Islamic War on Christians

I have been spot reading in John Allen’s new book, The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecution.
Along the same line, I saw this at CNS:
Sen. Paul: ‘Worldwide War on Christians is Being Waged by a … Continue reading

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23 OCT – Masses for Bl. Karl of Austria – WHERE and WHEN

I have noticed in some of the churches I have visited during our pilgrimage to Rome that Mass will be celebrated in honor of Bl. Karl of Austria
My good friend Fr. Robert Pasley of Mater Ecclesiae in the Diocese of … Continue reading

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SYRIA: Bombs in confessionals

I am catching up on the news.  To my horror I saw a story at Vatican Insider, to my knowledge only in Italian at this point, wherein the the Syrian Melkite Greek Catholic Patrairch, Gregorios III, revealed during a visit to … Continue reading

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Hijinx on Bill O’Reilly with a socialist prof from Notre Shame

Last night on Bill O’Reilly’s show we were treated to a nutty display by a … and I can’t believe I am about to type this … full professor at Notre Shame.  Prof. Candida Moss attacked O’Reilly for not mentioning in his … Continue reading

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A Roman Mystery: The Lost Tomb of St. Jerome

If there have to be reality TV shows or treasure hunt movies, I propose finding the tomb of St. Jerome (+420) in the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome.
I may write a novel!  It would have vampires, I think, … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Pope Francis announces date of canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II

Pope Francis announced during a consistory the dates for the canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II. 27 April 2014 – Sunday of Divine Mercy.
Latin, of course, because of the nature of this official papal act.

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QUAERITUR: Feast of St. Michael on a Sunday? Fr. Z responds with a Michaelmas sermon.

From a reader:
Today in the old calendar is the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost. [Indeed, it is.]
It’s also September 29, the feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Michael. [Indeed, it is.]
Propers for the TLM I attended today were … Continue reading

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St. Vincent de Paul – “full with the priestly spirit”

Today is the feast of the great St. Vincent de Paul.  Here is his entry in the Roman Martyrology:
Memoria sancti Vincentii de Paul, qui, spiritu sacerdotali plenus, Parisiis in Gallia pauperibus addictus, in facie qualiscumque dolentis vultum agnoscebat Domini sui; … Continue reading

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“The first-fruits of the faith in the northern regions of America”

Lest we forget this day (Sept. 26) our precious Catholic heritage.
Deus, qui primítias fídei in amplíssimis Boreális Americæ regiónibus sanctórum Martyrum tuórum Joánnis, Isaáci eorúmque Sociórum prædictióne et sánguine consecrásti: concéde propítius: ut, eórum intercessióne, flórida christianórum seges ubíque in … Continue reading

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More Padre Pio joy on his feast – Musical Setting of his “Prayer” (VIDEO)

I have an affection for Padre Pio.  My bishop, retired now, was the “ponente” of the cause of St. Pio when he was still a member of the Congregation for Causes of Saints.  I got a good look at the … Continue reading

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