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Miracles and You. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

The Canonical Defender Ed Peters has been asking for prayers and even the intercession of God with a miracle for his injured son, blogger and good Catholic activist Thomas Peters.  Thom is doing better but he has a long way … Continue reading

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Mary Stachowicz – murdered by “gay” man – a Martyr for the Faith, says Bp. Paprocki

Homosexuals often commit the most physically brutal crimes that the police see.
[UPDATE: Some people in the tweetosphere are having a spittle-flecked nutty about the sentence I wrote, above. At least I think that is why there is a spittle-flecked nutty … Continue reading

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Today in the Roman calendar is the feast of St. Pius I, Pope and martyr (+155).
On such a glorious feast as this, I remind the readership of the wondrous
Our friend (who hasn’t been around much, come to think … Continue reading

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Catholic priest killed by Islamist troops, possibly beheaded

On I read that there is going to be some sort of Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee meeting (HERE).
I also read (HERE) that practitioners of the “religion of peace” murdered a Catholic priest, Fr Fran?ois Mourad, in Syria near the Turkish … Continue reading

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2nd miracle for John Paul II takes another step forward

One news source I saw this morning says that the theologians who are consultants for the Congregation for Causes of Saints have put their stamp of approval on a second miracle for Bl. John Paul II.
Without going into details (you … Continue reading

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OLDIE PODCAzT 119: The Holy Name and Blasphemy

From 2011:
Today is the feast of St. Bernardine of Siena (+1444) in both the Extraordinary and the Ordinary Forms of the Roman Rite, and therefore I use this opportunity to offer something from one of his discourses about the Most … Continue reading

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St. Golden Girl

Today is the feast of St. Aurea (in Greek Chryse, “Golden Girl”) of Ostia.  She is an ancient martyr.  You can read about here in these ancient Acta, HERE.
There is on the edge of Ostia Antica, the fascinating ruins of … Continue reading

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The Pope wasn’t killed by a nail to the skull

Because of the abdication of Benedict XVI we had reason to turn the pages of our history books back to the resignation of Celestine V.
Who can forget that image of Benedict, then Pope, laying his pallium on the glass case … Continue reading

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Pope Francis canonizes the Martyrs of Otranto, slain by Islamic invaders

Today Pope Francis conducted for the first time the venerable rite for the canonization of saints.
Among the new saints are the Martyrs of Otranto.  In his sermon, Francis said:
Today the Church proposes for our veneration a group of martyrs who … Continue reading

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9 May: St. Isaiah, Prophet of the Old Testament – and a few more

Many people don’t realize that Holy Church considers some Old Testament figures to be saints with their own feast days.
We don’t celebrate them at the altar, but they have their day.
Actually, if there were no other saint in the liturgical … Continue reading

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