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Latin for: “a little group, meeting, company, assembled for amusement”

Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point or two from the sermon you heard for your Mass of Sunday obligation? Let us know. For the EF, I spoke of the move I am currently enduring and sorting and getting rid of things. … Continue reading

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@BishopCoyne to start a digital Catholic High School

Bishop Christopher Coyne of Diocese of Burlington is setting up a “digital Catholic High School”.  Intriguing, no? Here is a part of an interview he did at Aleteia. Your diocese — Burlington, Vermont — announced plans to open the first … Continue reading

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A few things… with a special message for IOWA

A few things.. Those of you in Iowa… no matter the weather, please go caucus.  I suggest that you caucus for Bernie Sanders even if you are GOP or other.  Operation Chaos! Are you as annoyed with PDFs as I am? … Continue reading

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Candlemas Poetry – and also Candlemas Eve

Today is Candlemas Eve, and tomorrow is the Feast of the Purification.  We call it Candlemas because, with the references to light in the liturgy, we bless candles. Here are some poems for Candlemass First and foremost, making a reference to … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Deny Protestants Communion? Exempt them from the collection!

From a reader… If Protestants aren’t allowed to receive communion maybe they should not be allowed to put money in the collection plate either. Somehow I think an exception will be made for that. A couple things occur to me … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard at your Mass of Sunday Obligation? Let us know what it was. For my part, for Sexagesima, I spoke of receiving well the Word in God, in which Christ is … Continue reading

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Recent Posts, Thanks to Donors, Mass for Benefactors

First and foremost, help each other.  YOUR URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS Also, posts scroll out of view pretty quickly.  Here’s what’s been going on lately. Peters on Allen on Francis’s silence on abortion, etc. ASK FATHER: Father said say Act of … Continue reading

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Please use the sharing buttons! Thanks! Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read? Continued from THESE. I get many requests by … Continue reading

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Fr. Finelli’s podcasts about the Extraordinary Form

I direct the readership’s attention to the page of our friend and frequent commentator here Fr. Jay Finelli, iPadre. Fr. Finelli has a series podcasts about his experience of learning and saying Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Gosh… he’s up … Continue reading

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Do small communities (e.g., TLM) have a future?

A while back, a conversation was initiated by a post by my friend Msgr. Charles Pope about the number of people attending the Extraordinary Form.  My post about it HERE. At the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, there is … Continue reading

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