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ACTION ITEM! Prayers for His Hermeneuticalness – Fr. Finigan

May I ask that the readership offer some prayers and penances for the intention of my good friend Fr. Timothy Finigan? He is quite ill and awaiting the results of some tests. He would much appreciate your prayers. Over the … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! For the Covington men at a crucial turn in their young lives!

Since I have been in Tokyo, I haven’t been tracking the US news very much.  I’ve only slightly followed the disgusting Covington Matter. This morning I caught up. I learned that Bp. Foys addressed the school, but parents weren’t allowed … Continue reading

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Prayer Request from Fr. Z – UPDATE

UPDATE BELOW Originally Published on: Nov 30, 2018 If I could interrupt for a moment to request some prayers. Without being overly dramatic, I was hit by a motorcycle today. I am wrapping up a visit to Paris.  I went to … Continue reading

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URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Australia and removal of all abortion restrictions

From a reader… Dear Fr Z I read your Blog all the time. At the moment we have some horrendous legislation before our parliament, with voting to commence next week. The vote will be an attempt to remove all legal … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Convert -“Should I do as my fellow Romans do?”

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I am a recent convert to the Church from a Continuing Anglican Church. I was a 45 year Anglo-Catholic. I make what I consider to be the appropriate Signing and obeisances during the Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, … Continue reading

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ZUHLIO RETURNS! On the Synod and “Send In The Saints”

Recently, in the pages of First Things, Archbp. Chaput of Philadelphia published a theologian’s views of the Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Synod of Bishops about “young people”. A couple points leap out. First, I note in a piece at LifeSite … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Should we pray for or against the success of the Synod?

I’ve had a few questions in email about the upcoming Synod.   People are worried that it is rigged.   Imagine such a thing!  “Surely NOT!”, you might gasp. Questions have ranged from the new constitution for the Synod’s operation to whether … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Invalidly married niece coming to visit with husband. What to do?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: First, great blog, thanks for all your hard work and sharing your insights and knowledge! Second, I have a question for you re: my niece and her new husband. I’ll be as brief and organized as … Continue reading

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Special message, prayer from Card. Burke for @fatherz readers and others

On 8 August 2018, at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe near La Crosse, WI, I asked Card. Burke to say a prayer for the Church and for the clergy. Perhaps you, too, would say a Memorare for the … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! Urgent prayer request for a priest

A friend of mine asks for: “An army of prayer for Fr. P!” I don’t know who he is or what’s up, but if my friend asked me to ask you, then it must be important. In your kindness, pray … Continue reading

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READER FEEDBACK to post: Why we Say The Black and Do The Red

The other day I posted an excerpt from an offering by Peter Kwasniewski at NLM, under my title:  “Why we Say The Black and Do The Red“.  In a nutshell, the traditional manner of proclaiming or chanting the readings during … Continue reading

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READER FEEDBACK: “I want to be treated as an adult when it comes to catechesis and the Sacred Liturgy.”

From a reader, reacting to my post: Communion in the hand. Wherein Fr. Z rants and provokes. Firstly, I want to thank you for your recent post/rant about “age appropriate food” when it comes to the Catholic Faith. I have … Continue reading

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Sometimes I receive pretty serious email.  This just came in. Please pray for my Grandfather, he just signed the paperwork to be euthanized. God bless Father and thank you  

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PARODY SONG ALERT: A Pirate Looks at … Solemn Masses

I received a note from one of you readers, who was channelling his inner Zuhlio. Frequent reader, occasional poster. I’m stationed up at ___ Air Base waaaaay up in ___, and we’ve been stuck in doors due to a winter storm. While … Continue reading

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Please, in your charity, offer up a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel for Fr. D, who is in the midst of monumental changes. Please, please… do this for this good priest. Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in battle, be … Continue reading

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