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“It is all the more effective for being so simple.”

I would like to echo what my friend, His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Tim Finigan posted about ad orientem worship.  HERE
“[T]o explain to an eleven year old server the symbolism of the eastward-facing orientation of the Lady Altar which he used for the … Continue reading

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Ed Peters on Card. Kasper on Pope saying half of marriages are not valid

The distinguished canonist Ed Peters writes about the reckless comments made by Card. Walter Kasper the other day at Fordham University.  My emphases and comments.

Even if the pope said it, it was reckless to repeat it
Cardinal Kasper, in a lengthy interview that shows … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: About water boarding and the drowning of souls

In the wake of Sarah Palin’s remarks about water boarding terrorists as a kind of “baptism” (an image I think is at least tasteless and even verges on blasphemy) I received this interesting email:
While Palin’s comments were ill-advised and too … Continue reading

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Cri de Coeur

I have been exchanging email with a friend about the horrific circus-like spectacle of the baptism of a baby in the custody of two lesbians in Argentina.
After some digressions, which happen, I received this (edited):
But Fr. Manelli and his Franciscans … Continue reading

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Beautiful lies about Evil

I’ve gotta hand, once again, to Ed Peters for this great, clear, hard-hitting post at his blog In The Light Of The Law. He has no combox and so he doesn’t mind if I repost from time to time. That … Continue reading

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Prayers for Ukrainians

I remember in my prayers tonight the people in the Ukraine.  The people in this unfortunate corner of the world, with its beautiful culture and Christian tradition, have suffered so much in the last 100 years.
Tonight they are suffering more.
I … Continue reading

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Upcoming Synod, marriage confusion and ‘Casti connubii’

From a professorial reader concerned about the Church’s teaching on marriage, divorce, and the reception of Communion by the “remarried” come a helpful contribution.  He describes it (slightly edited):
I have to admit that I am concerned about the upcoming Synod, … Continue reading

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The New Evanglization moves forward: A priest’s 1st TLM!

At the blog Voice in the Wilderness, Fr. Shawn P. Tunink describes his experience of saying Mass in the older, traditional form of the Roman Rite for the first time.
Every Latin Church priest ought to be able to celebrate Mass … Continue reading

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Pete Seeger remembered

I hear that singer songwriter and erstwhile Communist Pete Seeger has died.  He was 94. May God be merciful to him and to all who pass to their eternal judgment, each and everyone.
Once upon a time here on this blog … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z posts his annual rant on BLUE vestments and then sings to you. POLL!

Some veteran readers here know about my annual rant about BLUE vestments during Advent.  Lest all other Advent considerations – such as the coming of the Lord – be overshadowed, herein I rant.
I believe this dopey liturgical abuse is fading … Continue reading

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