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QUAERITUR: Is gambling a sin?

From a reader: I have recently started dating a woman who is a devout Catholic. I was baptized, but have fallen away from the church since I was young. Since I have love her so much I decided to start … Continue reading

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A different Epiphany hymn

On a lighter note for your Epiphany joy, here is an offering from the official WDTPRS Parodohymnodist, the great Tim Ferguson. He provides an introduction: I was just poking around my computer looking for a file and happened across a … Continue reading

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WDTPRS POLL: Color of Advent Vestments and my annual rant

Some veteran readers here know about my annual rant about BLUE vestments during Advent. Blue is not a liturgical color of the Roman Rite (though some use it for Marian feasts according to some old tradition in Spain and former … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: “bishops in soutanes with big, gaudy riiiiiiings”

We now shift away from the less important issues – salvation outside the Church and American exceptionalism – to focus on something of momentous significance. From a reader: At times I have seen priests wearing a short black cape over … Continue reading

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If you live long enough…

… you’ll see just about everything. Brick by brick. I have nothing else worthwhile to add to that. [youtube:]

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My Favorite Things… revisited

Years ago, long before the existence of WDTPRS, the official WDTPRS Parodohymnist – in the dark days of seminary – worked up new words to a tune familiar to all. To the Sound of Music tune "My Favorite Things": Dalmatics … Continue reading

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The Very Model Of A Modern Seminarian

This comes from a seminarian reader. Fr. Z: Lot of things in the news, thought I’d send something light. I’m a seminarian and longtime reader of your blog. I also like operettas. So, while I was waiting for something the … Continue reading

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ACT XXIV, SCENE 13. On the eve of the health care battle.

A tip of the biretta o{]:¬)   to American Catholic who got this in turn from IowaHawk. Enjoy!  And remember!  Talk Like Shakespeare Day is coming up! (with apologies to the Bard) ACT XXIV, SCENE 13. On the eve of … Continue reading

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Aging Hippie Paradise

No… this is not about the offices of the NCR. It is actually about a rap music song. I have always thought that rap did for music what S&M did for romance… but I digress. I came by a rap … Continue reading

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O Come, O Come Liturgical Blue!

Over at NLM there is an interesting and serious post about Latin Rite blue vestments in Spain.  There are some good photos over there (in which they specialize).  For example: H.E. Jesús Esteban Catalá Ibáñez, bishop of Málaga, celebrating First … Continue reading

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