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Latin for: “a little group, meeting, company, assembled for amusement”

A Novena of Prayer to the Holy Spirit: Day 1 (Audio)

Let us, upon our knees, pray in a special way to God the Holy Spirit during this time between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost.
This is one way to pray.  I invite the readership to join in.
Each day … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Were there any good points in the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass of obligation?
Please let us know.

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Hey, trads! Take these words to heart!

I haven’t linked much to Rorate since they declared war on me, but this post exquisitely expresses something that I have tried to convey for years.
It deserves wider attention:
You are wandering through a city filled with historical landmarks. You enter … Continue reading

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MUST READ: Fr. Wylie’s hard-hitting sermon at Holy Innoncents (Manhattan, NYC) – How traditionalists are treated by priests and bishops

Remember my post “Dear Traditionalists,…” ?  I meant what I wrote then and I still mean it now.  In part, I wrote:
Do you want this?  Do you?  Or, when you don’t get what you want handed to you, are you … Continue reading

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MUST READ: Ed Peters on Bp. Galantino about “expressionless persons praying rosaries outside abortion clinics”

I wanted everyone to see this.
You remember the remarks made about those “expressionless” people reciting Rosaries outside abortion clinics by the Secretary of the Italian Bishops conference, His Excellency Most Rev. Nunzio Galantino.  I wrote about that HERE.
Ed Peters, who … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

It’s back! My not so subtle way of poking you to pay close attention to the sermons you hear on Sunday, so that when there is a good point, you can relate it to others succinctly.
Was there a good … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Bye for now, KC

It was a quick trip, too quick, but duty calls.

As I leave Kansas City, I thank my amiable hosts, whose son was, today, ordained a deacon.  They always try to provide the best for the weary clerical guest.

Thanks to Fr. … Continue reading

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CDF and LCWR: A “Dialogue” by Prof. Esolen. Fun and sad.

At The Catholic Thing, Anthony Esolen has a great dialogue, I use the word a little loosely, which typifies much of what the LCWR is doing in the face of the CDF’s guidance.  Let’s have a look at a little … Continue reading

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“It is all the more effective for being so simple.”

I would like to echo what my friend, His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Tim Finigan posted about ad orientem worship.  HERE
“[T]o explain to an eleven year old server the symbolism of the eastward-facing orientation of the Lady Altar which he used for the … Continue reading

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FUN! In Fishwrap, Barbara Marx Hubbard “responds” to Card. Müller’s remarks to the LCWR.

The champion of all things Left, the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap), has run the response of Barbara Marx Hubbard, LCWR’s 2012 keynote speaker, to Card. Müller’s recent pointed speech to the same LCWR.
Barbara Marx Hubbard’s (BMH hereafter) new-gnostic stuff is … Continue reading

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