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Latin for: “a little group, meeting, company, assembled for amusement”

ADVENTCAzT 23: Thieve back hearts that bleed in sin

Here is ADVENTCAzT 23, for Monday in the 4th Week of Advent. Those who love God do not protest, whatever He may ask of them. These 5 minute offerings, to help you prepare for the upcoming feast as well as for … Continue reading

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I received some sad news today.  The woman who made the most beautiful rosaries I have ever seen or used died, under tough circumstances. I spoke with her daughter tonight and told her that I would ask for prayers.  I … Continue reading

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1000 years of border changes in 3 minutes

This is mesmerizing. Think of all the strife and grief which produced those arbitrary changes.

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The defense of ‘Amoris laetitia’ by recourse to the Two Synods on the family

My friend Fr Gerry Murray has an analysis piece at The Catholic Thing which could be useful in your discussions about Amoris laetitia. There are elements of Chapter 8 which are objectively unclear.  Many want clarifications, as is reasonable.  Some … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Snow Scare Edition

Off again despite the warnings of a civilization ending winter storm.  I burned miles to keep warm. Honestly, the weather reports and reactions thereto have become ridiculously hyperbolic.  I suppose everyone is trying to cover their posteriors because of something … Continue reading

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Nativity statues stolen from Little Sisters of the Poor elder care facility

Here is something truly vile. Pray to their Guardian Angels.

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass of Obligation? Let us know! And be sure to participate in the POLL on Rose vestments.  HERE

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Good news and bad from the Monks of Norcia!

I have good news and bad from the wonderful Benedictine Beer Monks of Norcia.  You know that Norcia was flattened and that the monks have really had to scramble and adapt. This note came in their recent news: While there is … Continue reading

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A must read Open Letter to Pope Francis about Amoris Laetitia

I wrote about this in another post here today. Upon reflection I’m posting about it again to make sure that more people will see it. […] Third, this is an examination of erroneous claims some are making on the basis … Continue reading

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And there was a great battle in heaven…

These days I get a lot of email asking me to explain what is going on in the Church today.  The question is often accompanied by heart-felt, often heart-rending words of personal pain. What is going on the Church is … Continue reading

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ADVENTCAzT 12: “You are the royal door for the heavenly King…”

Here is ADVENTCAzT 12, for Thursday of the 2nd Week of Advent, Immaculate Conception. Today features a lovely hymn. These 5 minute offerings, to help you prepare for the upcoming feast as well as for your own, personal, meeting with … Continue reading

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Please use the sharing buttons! Thanks! Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read? Continued from THESE. I get many requests by … Continue reading

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“People, Look East (except the priest)!”

Our Official Parodohymnodist, Fr. Tim Ferguson, has come through with a veritable scitament, a new version of an Advent hymn which most of you will recognize. To the hymn: People Look East 1. People, look east except the priest, The reform has … Continue reading

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Douthat on The End of Catholic Marriage

I’m out and about and so can’t do more than point you in the direction of Hell’s Bible (aka NYT) where the redoubtable Ross Douthat has written more about the Great Matter of what’s up with the Church’s teaching on … Continue reading

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HOT Cyber Sales! 50% Off Sale On All Indulgences

From a often amusing EOTT: Vatican Offering Cyber Monday 50% Off Sale On All Indulgences Even though far more Catholics shopped online than in churches on Black Friday weekend, they are apparently not done yet. A new EOTT survey released … Continue reading

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