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Latin for: “a little group, meeting, company, assembled for amusement”

Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a GOOD point in the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass of obligation?
Let us know the good stuff, please.
Also, be sure to check out Your Urgent Prayer Requests.

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WDTPRS – 5th Ordinary Sunday – On the march!

Let’s look for a bit at Sunday’s Collect.
Familiam tuam, quaesumus, Domine,
continua pietate custodi,
ut, quae in sola spe gratiae caelestis innititur,
tua semper protectione muniatur.

This Collect was in the pre-Conciliar 1962MR, the so-called “Tridentine” Missal, for the 5th … Continue reading

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Legatus: Day 2

The theme of pretty much the whole day yesterday was: courage.  We have to be courageous now and stand up for what we believe, for the Enemy is not going to relent.
Last night Archbp. Chaput was the celebrant for Mass. … Continue reading

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Cookoo for Cocoa Popes!

Someone went ahead and carved a life-size Pope Francis out of chocolate.
No, really.
Yes, people in their zeal to honor the Holy Father sometimes do odd things.

“But Father! But Father!”, some of you are saying, “That chocolate should have been melted … Continue reading

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Are the aging-hippies burying Benedict’s legacy?

I have written a few times about the priest in the Diocese of Brentwood, UK, a man of a certain age who – inexplicably – was in charge of the diocesan liturgy office, who sent a letter to The Tablet … Continue reading

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Will the Holy See ever wake up about the United Nations?

Let me get this straight.
While berating the Catholic Church for sexual abuse of children, the United Nations criticized the Church for opposing legalization of abortion… the ultimate child abuse… and wants the Church to change her teachings.
I had an email … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

This Sunday is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, also called the Purification.
Did you hear a particularly good point in the sermon you heard at Mass to fulfill your Sunday obligation?
Meanwhile, here is something for your edification.  This … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Candlemas

Today is the final “peak” arising from the liturgical cycle of Advent/Christmas/Epiphany.  Today, called in the traditional way and according to the older Roman calendar the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Holy Church would cease to … Continue reading

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The New Evanglization moves forward: A priest’s 1st TLM!

At the blog Voice in the Wilderness, Fr. Shawn P. Tunink describes his experience of saying Mass in the older, traditional form of the Roman Rite for the first time.
Every Latin Church priest ought to be able to celebrate Mass … Continue reading

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Papa was a Rolling Stone! Oooo yah!

I’m just sayin… for you young’uns…

And for all you cats and kitties out there, just because I really like The Temptations… it doesn’t get much better than…

Feeling young again on the blogosphere.

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