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ACTION ITEM! Book from 5 Cardinals in defense of marriage and tradition – UPDATE

Since it has been released elsewhere also, I can at least reveal the names of the 5 Cardinals and other authors involved in the book:
Walter Brandmüller
Raymond Leo Burke
Carlo Caffarra
Velasio De Paolis, C.S.,
Gerhard Ludwig Müller
Fr. Robert Dodaro, OSA
Fr. Paul Mankowski, S.J.
Prof. … Continue reading

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A couple months ago, the mouth-breathing Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram had our attention by kidnapping school girls.
Then ISIS struck and stole the limelight.
Then Hamas stole even more market share by rocketing Israel.
But wait! Then ISIS got back in the … Continue reading

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HAM RADIO and ECHOLINK revisited

A while ago, I posted about Ham Radio and many of you operators came out of the woodwork. The topic of Echolink came up.
I received this today:
Dear Fr. Z.,
Do you speak Italian? [yes] I think so, but if no, to … Continue reading

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Did Pope Francis really endorse airstrikes?

If you want to, you can read the full transcript of Pope Francis’ presser on the airplane as he returned to Rome from Korea. HERE
The issue of Iraq came up. American journalist Alan Holdren (Catholic News Agency/ACI PRENSA/EWTN): asked His … Continue reading

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CQ CQ CQ This is Whiskey Delta Tango Papa Romeo Sierra calling… ECHOLINK

Or I should say this is Kilo Charlie Niner Zulu Juliette November
This morning I chatted briefly with one of the congregants after Mass who is also a frequent commentator here and who is also a HAM radio operator.  Our chat … Continue reading

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TOLEDO Bad Water Emergency. Semper simus parati!

Every once in a while I get snippy snarky notes from people asking why item A or B is on my wish list. “Why do you have solar panels?… rifle slings? … water purifiers on your list?”
HA!  Semper paratus.
“There he … Continue reading

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Ebola Virus – No worries! Right?

I hear that victims of the highly infectious and contagious Ebola Virus are being brought to these United States.   Pray for these poor people.  It’ll be the first time this deadly and highly infectious and contagious virus will be … Continue reading

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2nd Amendment wins one in DC!

This is big news.  Via WaPo:
D.C. police won’t enforce handgun ban; stay of ruling overturning law will be sought
D.C. police were told Sunday not to arrest people for carrying handguns on the street in the wake of a judge’s ruling … Continue reading

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MS-13 gang recruiting among illegals flooding across the border

From Fox:
Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility for new Central American arrivals
MS-13 members are infiltrating a federal facility for Central American youths illegally entering the United States — trying to cross the border with criminal pasts and … Continue reading

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Many illegal aliens flooding across border have criminal records

In Texas, Gov. Perry is about about to activate elements of the National Guard as a force multiplier on the southern “border”.
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst made comments in the media, including…
I saw this at Breitbart:
Dewhurst asserted that the media’s portrayal … Continue reading

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