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Help Carmelite nuns who make altar linens

There are several groups of sisters whom I like to support.  I just received a note from another: the Carmelites of Port Tobacco. Frankly, I had to look that up to see if it was a real place and group. … Continue reading

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LCWR UPDATE: Fidget Spinner, Mickey Mouse, and interesting gestures

Update from the annual meeting of the LCWR: Not photoshopped: What do you want to bet that some of these same gals back in March 2016, during the political campaign, accused Trump supporters of being Nazis when they raised their … Continue reading

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LCWR Assembly BEGINS! “Shifting from I to WE”

The annual conflab of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) starts today at a luxury location in Orlando. I am still downcast about how they rejected my request for press credentials.  It was so traumatic.  I still choke up. … Continue reading

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Women religious: compare and contrast

Something at the SSPX website caught my eye. Here is a photo from a story of the profession of vows of some sisters associated with the SSPX: “Two American Postulants Join the Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Italy” … Continue reading

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Sr. Simone “the Contemplative” Campbell

I read a story about Sr. Simone Campbell, of Nuns on the Bus fame.  You will remember how she lobbies constantly and vocally for the platform of the Party of Death (aka Democrats) including abortion-promoting Obamacare (aka Unaffordable Care Act). … Continue reading

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Singing nuns… they’re back!

Every month I get a small donation from the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa.  They are great! And they sing. Singing nuns… they’re back! Have a look at this. On 7 Feb 2017, the sisters sang the National Anthem at … Continue reading

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Wimple by Wimple in New Jersey

A few days ago I was in Florence and I saw things and places associated with Savonarola.  This, of course, reminded me of the smoke-scented glycerin soap made by the wonderful Summit Dominicans, the great “soap sisters”, called “Savonarola”… get it? … Continue reading

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1962: Of Manners in Church, of the Vernacular, and of Vocations

One of you readers sent me a link to a video from 1962, made in Ireland, about the changes in the Ritual for administration of sacraments, especially of Marriage and Baptism.   They talk about the New Ritual, the introduction of … Continue reading

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FROM THE ARCHIVE: 1993 – When Mother Angelica EXPLODED!

Today something passed my screen which reminded me of that incredible Catholic TV moment when Mother Angelica exploded about the shenanigans at World Youth Day in 1993 where a woman portrayed Christ for a Way of the Cross done in … Continue reading

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A joyous young woman enters Carmel

This is pretty cool. A friend alerted me to this video of a young woman entering a Carmel.   More HERE. You young women out there, think about it. I don’t think that God is calling fewer women per capita … Continue reading

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The Pink Sisters

From KIII TV in Texas. These sisters are a sister order to that of a holy sister with whom I worked in Rome. CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) – In a time when our world is thirsty for hope and peace, … Continue reading

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They’re baaaack!

I’ve just learned via RNS that the NUNS ON THE BUS are back! Nuns really get around these days. They are also being summoned to Rome for chats. But I digress. Nuns on the bus will ride to political conventions … Continue reading

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More nuns called to Rome! Sisters of Mercy

More hand-wringing at Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter) over another summons of US nuns to Rome for a chat. They can join the Loretto Sisters, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the line is getting longer. Sisters of Mercy also being … Continue reading

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An imaginary dialogue of US nuns and Vatican officials

As the number of leaders of groups of US women religious being summoned to Rome has been growing, an expert on the status quaesitionis of the same US groups, Ann Carey, offers some insights in the form of a dialogue.  You all … Continue reading

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A Litany to Sr. Joan Chittister (… no… really!)

You’ve seen the recent stories about leaders of US women religious being summoned to Rome for to explain the situation. On the heals of another such story today (HERE) comes this, which I spotted at Church Militant. Apparently the US … Continue reading

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