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Wherein Fr. Z is REJECTED by the LCWR!

I am sure you are filled with anticipation for the upcoming meeting of the LCWR to be held from 13-17 August at one of Orlando’s swankiest resort hotels, the Caribe Royale.
When I found their page for applying for media credentials, … Continue reading

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Sister goes door to door asking Catholics to return to Mass

Never underestimate the power of an invitation.
Once upon a time there were groups like Legion of Mary, which could canvass parish neighborhoods.  Once upon a time, priests even walked about neighborhoods working on a census.  Then again, parish neighborhoods were … Continue reading

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Catholic Health Ass. bends over for Pres. Obama’s HHS “compromise”

From Seattle Times.  Here is how the secular press views the bone-head BS stupid move of the Catholic Health Ass.
When you hear the words Catholic Health Association you should start thinking:
And now the news:
Catholic hospitals accept birth control compromise
In a … Continue reading

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New book about women religious!

If you want to understanding something about how many of the women religious in these USA have gone completely off their rockers, here is the book to get.
I have the first book, from 1997.  Now there is an updated, second … Continue reading

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Sr. Joan had better keep her eyes on the Prize!

Why hasn’t Sr. Joan Chittister returned to Tahir Square?
I posted about her historic journey HERE.
Remember how she pushed for the overthrowing of Hosni Mubarak?
Does her absence from the Square mean that she is rooting for Muhammed Morsi?
Where in the world … Continue reading

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Long lifetimes of faith and prayer

The other day I saw in the weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Madison that a religious sister was celebrating her 8oth anniversary of profession!  That’s impressive.
This also caught my eye today
‘Longest-serving’ cloistered nun dies in Spain
The Associated Press
A … Continue reading

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A new Catholic “whistle-blower” group

From Newsmax:
Catholic Priests and Nuns Unite to Fight Church’s Abuse Problem
A group of priests and nuns calling themselves Catholic Whistleblowers are pressing Pope Francis and the American bishops to take on those in the church who are still protecting sexual … Continue reading

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Need a review of what’s up with the LCWR?

If some of you are wondering what is going on with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, there is a good summary piece at the National Catholic Register.  That’s the Register, not the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap… which is … Continue reading

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How the LCWR, Magisterium of Nuns, get around the Church’s teaching and hierarchy

I missed this the other day. On review, it is important enough to post about.
Over at Fishwrap, the National Schismatic Reporter, there is an interview with the head of the LCWR, Sr. Florence Deacon, from 7 May, while she was … Continue reading

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I’m feeling bad for the nuns today

I am feeling really really bad right… sad even… for the poor oppressed nuns of the LCWR.  They are so “spiritually bruised” by male patriarchy (as Jamie pointed out the other day HERE).
Whenever feel bad, I like to sing a … Continue reading

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