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My native place of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has its large share of loony dissent.  Some of it is so strange that you wonder if you are actually imagining it.
That said, I am not making this up.
From … Continue reading

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The Magisterium of Sophomores: another High School explosion

A little gift in time for World Youth Day.
Once again we have an example of the Magisterium of Sophomores.
Another ‘c’atholic High School blows up when they hear the truth about Catholic teaching.
Yah… I want to be part of a Church … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! Nominate the next Archbishop!

Some people in my native place, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, have in their bizzaro-world imaginations dreamed up a project to nominate the next Archbishop.
Yes, the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform, all four of them, have … Continue reading

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This has a nice 1984 quality to it, don’t you think?

What a creepy story.  What’s going on in your children’s schools?
Home schooling more and more seems like the best option remaining.
From Truth Revolt:
A 13-year-old boy from New Jersey was suspended from school for two days last week and forced to … Continue reading

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Univ. of San Diego (‘c’atholic?) holds “drag show”, Holy See intervenes

Did you see this?
The Cardinal Newman Society (check out their feed on the sidebar of this blog) has a story about a “drag show” at the University of San Diego, which is supposed to be a Catholic school.
My emphases
Vatican Says … Continue reading

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ARGENTINA: Lesbians to receive confirmation and have “their” child baptized in cathedral

You perhaps have heard that a bishop in Argentina, has approved the baptism of a child held in custody by two lesbians. HERE
Vatican Insider has an explanation by a “collaborator” of then-Archbp. Bergoglio in Buenos Aires.  HERE
Pope Francis, and even … Continue reading

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What’s up in Vienna’s Stephensdom?

This is pretty weird.  From a reader:
I have recently visited Vienna and was stunned by the beautiful churches of this magnificent city. One day I went to St. Michael’s church not far from Stephensdom and it was there and then … Continue reading

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More about the organization of ‘c’atholic dissidents (hint: Fishwrap)

In the last few days I electronically printed a couple posts (HERE and HERE) in which I talked about how the highly-organized, spiderweb-like Left, uses networks of small front groups to mask the activity of larger initiatives.  I applied that … Continue reading

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The Tablet’s Sourpuss – POLL BELOW!

I wrote HERE about the interview that Archbp. Gänswein gave to German TV in which he spoke, inter alia, about Francis asking Benedict for comments on one of his interviews.  I wrote that the interview reinforces my view that Pope Francis, … Continue reading

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Italian historian goes to the zoo about Francis and “resistance”.

I don’t know what Riccardi is smoking, but it ain’t maduro.
From Vatican Insider.  This is a few days old.  I am just getting to it now.
Riccardi: “Here’s who’s standing up to Pope Francis”
“Vatican Insider” interviews Italian historian Andrea Riccardi: [He … Continue reading

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