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Digging at the guts

You might recall that the computer which powered the Z-Cam is down and out.
I ordered an gizmo which allows you to connect a hard disk drive to a USB port.  This is a SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter … Continue reading

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Registration glitch resolved

I mentioned Zuhlsdorf’s Law in another post.
Apparently, and for no reason I can discern, the self-registration function here switched itself off.
I was wondering why I didn’t see new registrations coming in for my thumbs up (or down, as the case … Continue reading

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Instead of posting or writing, I am in a cage match with technology.
Zuhlsdorf’s Law* clicks in again!
My printer died and no workaround will fix it.  I have tried it on three different computers.
*Zuhlsdorf’s Law: Whenever you want to show … Continue reading

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Liturgical translation drama at the USCCB. Is it finally over?

You have to admire Bp. Trautman.  He kept his powder dry and his plan of attack hidden, saving his very last musket ball for the end.
He raised a motion that the bishops should see the Gray Book of the Antiphons, … Continue reading

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