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Bp. Morlino’s letter to dissident parishoners

I posted a while about about the people in the Diocese of Madison who are giving a group of priests and Bishop Morlino a hard time.  The article I posted mentioned a letter written by Bp. Morlino to the parishes. … Continue reading

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D. of Madision: liberals attacking faithful priests are harming the future of school children

Here is a sad story from the Diocese of Madison, which includes one of most liberal, in the negative sense, area in the US. I have met Bishop Morlino and the priests in question.  They are outstanding. From the Madision … Continue reading

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Bp. Morlino (D. Madison) staffs more parishes with traditional priests

For your brick by brick file… I have written about Madison’s bishop, Most Rev. Robert Morlino before (for example here and here). Pro-abortion activists, aging-hippie liturgy types, and proponents of wymynprysts really dislike this guy.  All the more reason to … Continue reading

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Where you are!

Here is a snap shot of the last five minutes or so of visitors. These locations are rough estimations in some cases, and I eliminated the "unknown" indications and vague ones such as "United States", or "Germany". It is always … Continue reading

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Where are you?

It has been a while since I showed you readers some of the places whence your fellow internauts are surfing to WDTPRS. Remember, these geopgraphical places are a little vague.  When you log on, you might actually be registered on … Continue reading

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