Francis. He puzzles me sometimes.

There are times when I have listened to Pope Francis or have read what he has said, and I am left scratching my head.

I have stated here quite a few times that, sometimes, I have no idea what he is talking about or to whom he is addressing himself.

Apparently I’m not alone.

At Hell’s Bible there is an article about the USCCB meeting.  HERE

Francis Card. George of Chicago, a seriously smart guy, has the same questions.

“He says wonderful things,” Cardinal George said about Francis in an interview on Sunday, “but he doesn’t put them together all the time, so you’re left at times puzzling over what his intention is. What he says is clear enough, but what does he want us to do?”
Cardinal George, who is 77 and being treated for cancer, remains a voting cardinal until age 80 and says he would like to travel to Rome to see Francis: “I’d like to sit down with him and say, Holy Father, first of all, thank you for letting me retire. And could I ask you a few questions about your intentions?”

If even Card. George is sometimes puzzled, I feel somewhat confirmed.

When I have asked Argentinians about Francis, I have been told that they often express themselves with hyperbole.  I don’t know how much stock to put in that generalization, but… hey….

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More reasons to by Mystic Monk Coffee and to shun Starbucks

So, Starbucks has a concert supposedly to honor veterans.  They invite people to perform whom they knew would do an anti-war song from era when vets were scorned and they invited a rapper whose lack of class is demonstrated through the foulness of his language… during a televised event that families and children could watch.

Starbucks, in addition, also has a commercial featuring a cross-dresser in an effort to mainstream, even more, open perversion.

Buy Mystic Monk Coffee.

Help the Wyoming Carmelites build their new monastery.

They have their Thanksgiving Blend (ground) right now.  In K-Cups too!

Their Christmas Blend is available.

Mystic Monk Coffee!

It’s swell!

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Rite of Exorcism approved in English

On Aleteia I saw a story about the approval by the US bishops, meeting in plenary sessions now, of the English translation of the more recent, 1999 (revised 2004) rite of Exorcism. 179 to 5

It is of vital importance that we train up more exorcists and that we begin to take activity of the Enemy more seriously.

Frankly, from everything that I hear, the newer rite does not hold a candle to the older, traditional rite. I am not sure about the use of English versus Latin, but exorcists have told me that demons can from time to time correct an exorcist’s Latin errors. It seems that Latin annoys them more than the vernacular.

Food for thought.

Remember, everyone, that the rite of exorcism is a sacramental.  But the absolution after a good confession is a sacrament.  Reception of the Eucharist in the state of grace is THE Sacrament.   They have huge effect on the work of the Enemy.

Examine your consciences and…


Moderation queue is on.

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Fr. Michael Rodríguez – UPDATE

You might remember Fr. Michael Rodriguez in the Diocese of El Paso.  He has raised his voice several times in a strong way.  He has also been saying Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

At the blog Veneremur cernui there is an update.  I pulled out the main part with his inserted comments, and I add my own.

As of yesterday, November 10, 2014, Fr. Michael Rodríguez, is no longer the Administrator of Sacred Heart Mission in Shafter, TX.  He has been given a six-month sabbatical in order to discern God’s Will for the future. Fr. Rodríguez remains a priest in good-standing of the Diocese of El Paso. He will most likely be looking at options for priestly ministry beyond the Diocese of El Paso. Fr. Rodríguez has been offering the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively for the past three years, and this has led to increasing difficulties for him with the local hierarchy. [While I prefer the Extraordinary Form, I am happy to help a priest in a parish if they need the Novus Ordo.] Fr. Rodríguez asks for your prayers, and he especially asks you to pray for the small group of faithful (about 50) of the Presidio-Shafter area who are heartbroken over the loss of the Traditional Latin Mass and parish life based on the Traditional Latin Mass.


In a few days a number of us will begin a continuous series of nine-day novenas imploring the intercession of Our Lady and the saints on Fr. Rodríguez’s behalf. I will email more information on that in a few days. Moreover, we will pray a 54-Day Rosary Novena on his behalf from Dec 10 – Feb 1, that is between the Marian feasts of the Immaculate Conception and the Purification of Our Lady, (also the feast of Our Lady of Good Success). We invite all to join us in offering these prayers. Thank you very much for your prayers and support.

You might want to add a prayer or two of your own, for everyone involved.

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ACTION ITEM! Online Support for Card. Burke! – UPDATE

I have been watching the online petition in support of Card. Burke as a “Thank you!” for his service.

It’s time to really fire this up.  This is an ACTION ITEM!


As of now there are 20018 signers.  Let’s see if we can’t blow that number out of the water!

I know you readers and Zed-Heads can do it.   Let’s hit their 25K goal first.  Then we’ll see if we can’t raise the bar!

Here’s a screenshot of the number, on left side of the page after you click.



UPDATE 12 Nov:

As they close in on 25K, they have moved the goal posts to 40K.


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ASK FATHER: Tactical Clerics

Speaking of clerical garb, I am, oddly enough, fairly often asked about my black clerical shirts.

I have adapted some 5.11 Tactical shirts, both ripstop and cotton, and both short and long sleeved, into 5.11 Tactical clerical shirts.

Here’s the deal.

Years ago I tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money for poorly made but expensive clerical shirts, the white ones with button hole in the back of the collar and with doubled cuffs.  So, I go a place like TJ Max and get factory seconds, remove the collar from the collar band, put in my own button hole and, badda bing, a far better quality shirt for a fraction of the price.



If for the white shirt, why not for the black shirt?

Okay, but what about good black shirts?  Shirts for law enforcement uniforms!

But, quoth I, what to do about the Roman collar?

Then it occurred to me that the detachable collar that many of the seminarians in Rome use would be ideal.  Just swap out the nasty plastic white collar for a nice, comfortable linen collar and, badda bing, I’d be in business.


Thus, the 5.11 Tactical Clerical Shirt was born.

Remove the collar, put in the button hole, attach the Roman collar.

Mind you, these photos make the shirt look a little grey.  It ain’t.  I assure you, it is very black, blacker than most clerical shirts.






The trick to making this work is that the shirt’s top button, at the neck, must be sewn in such a way that it has a bit of extra “give”.  That is, as I sow it on, I leave it a bit loose and then, as I pass the needle up through the cloth, before threading it through a button hole, wrap it around a couple times, if you get my drift.  This is because the button must button not only the neck of the shirt, but must also button into the inside of the linen collar.


The shirt has some great features.  Remember, it really is black.  I lightened it so you could see details.

Behind the breast pockets there are deep pockets with vertical openings that close with hook and eye.  The pockets extend down under your arm.


Across the back there is a vent, which helps when it is warm.


There is reinforcement under the arms and grommets to allow for some air movement.


Just above the elbow there is a loop.  Inside the sleeve there is a strip with a button and hole, so you can roll your sleeves up and strap them into position above the elbow.  Handy.


The shirts are also treated so that they are stain/liquid resistant.  Very handy.

Team up your tactical clerical shirt with some 5.11 pants (I keep a stole and oil stock in the mag pocket when I don’t have an extra… you know… in the mag pocket), and you are ready to hit that long To Do List.

BTW… thanks again to the reader who made a leather stole “envelope” for me.  It’s great.

So, there you have it: the 5.11 Tactical Clerical.


I just found – I am not making this up – a black tactical Christmas stocking! $7.50


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Glorious Roman church eye-candy

At the Mail online there are some spectacular wide-angle photos straight up at the ceilings of some Roman churches.

Here is one.

These churches are expressions of identity.

They express who Catholics believed they were and who they believed the Church to be.

Today we have lots of churches that look like municipal airports.

It is still possible to build beautiful, theologically rich churches.  It just isn’t done too often.  More often now that 10 years ago, perhaps.  I’ll grant that.

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The knives that were out for Card. Burke, are now being sharpened for…

Marco Tosatti, more and more a guy to follow in the Italian press for analysis of churchy things, has a piece at La Stampa about Card. Pell and how things are going in the Curia.

I don’t have time to translate the whole thing for you right now, but here is a sample:

How annoying Pell is …

There are those in the Curia who are seeking to de-legitimize the straightforward Australian Cardinal, head of the Secretariat of Finance, underscoring his brusque and direct character. Also, because of his speeches and the Synod on the family. But perhaps there are other motives…

Now that the departure of Cardinal Burke from the Signatura has been formalized, taking power away from one of the most straightforward and independent voices, in the Roman Church, in the Curia they are talking about a slithery maneuver to de-legitimize the Australian Cardinal George Pell, head of the new financial and economic Secretariat. He, like Burke, is someone who does not mince his words.

They became aware of this at the Synod, when the Australian Cardinal forcefully burst out against the secretary [Card. Baldisseri], who was suggesting the hypothesis of voting by raised hands, instead of in secret, on the texts. And he continued to speak even with his microphone turned off [how Reaganesque!] before they turned it back on for him, exclaiming “There has to be transparency! Everyone ought to be able to express himself as he wants!” It was certainly an exchange of opinions that wasn’t very muffled, which reached its apex when, at the suggestion to treat the whole situation with a communiqué through the press office, Pell let fly, “We don’t trust their communication!”, or something similar. At this point, applause erupted, with many of the Synod fathers all speaking together.


I must dash.  Perhaps one of you can finish it, or I can get to it later.

In any event, it doesn’t sound as if this day of the Synod, at least, was replete with boring consensus, except insofar as the Synod Fathers were in angry consensus about how they were being manipulated.  My spies from the Synod tell me that it was pretty tense and that there was more than a few voices raised.

So, the knives that were out for Burke are now being sharpened for Card. Pell.  Bet on it.

Card. Pell has a tough job.  He has to reign in curial financial incompetence and corruption.  Not easy.  Not one bit.

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Dominican Sisters’ new CD: The Rosary

The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist released their second CD, The Rosary.

You will remember their 2013 Billboard chart-topping album, Mater Eucharistiae. HERE

You might start thinking ahead toward Christmas shopping.

Their new album, The Rosary, presents the prayer of the Rosary itself, meditations, and original music.

These are definitely not LCWR types or nuns on a bus.

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VIDEO: Pontifical Mass in St. Peter’s

There is a German language video available about the recent Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage I participated in with a group of American and Canadian pilgrims. It has some good footage of the Pontifical Mass celebrated by His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke in St. Peter’s Basilica.

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