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Concerning New Evangelization, fallen-away Catholics, invitations, liturgical worship

In another entry, about implementing Summorum Pontificum in a parish, my correspondent mentioned awareness that we must help fallen away Catholics back to Holy Church. In this Year of Faith we should act concretely to bring Catholics back to the sacraments. … Continue reading

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Excellent piece by Fr. Blake on hope and what Holy Mass is all about.

My English blogging priest friends have had a good innings today.  (I hope I used that phrase correctly). I posted about a great entry on Fr. Finigan’s blog (HERE).  Now I am compelled to post as well about Fr. Ray … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Lack of support shown to a convert.

From a reader: I joined the Church at this year’s Easter Vigil and am so glad to be Catholic. My family and most of my friends are very supportive, but there are a couple who are so derisive of my … Continue reading

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