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Access to #FilialCorrection Crimethink webpage blocked in the Vatican

UPDATE: See comments, below, for possible alternative explanations involving filters.
As reported by Corriere, the Vatican spokesman said: “nessun blocco, la notizia e falsa”… “ma figuratevi se facciano questo per una lettera di sessanta persone”.  Also the head of the Vatican … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI “walked through the ferocious pack of media dogs without losing his composure”

Read this whole thing.
From CNA comes this about the Pope’s visit to Germany.
A highlight:
“(D)amage to the Church comes not from her opponents but from uncommitted Christians.”
And also,
“The Pope gave appropriate directions. The fate of the Church and of the faith, … Continue reading

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The Theological Studies dust up, NCR, creeping infallibility, and the ecclesial vocation of the theologian

There is a bit of a dust up concerning the journal Theological Studies, a prominent English language publication, sometimes useful and much venerated by liberals.
In 2004 Theological Studies published an article by two theologians arguing that the Church should change … Continue reading

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