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ASK FATHER: Could a “Pope Emeritus” under 80 vote in a Conclave?

From a reader…
Canonically speaking, if a Pope emeritus were alive at the time of the conclave to elect his successor’s successor, given he was a Cardinal and Pontiff, may he vote if he were under 80 years old? If he … Continue reading

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28 Feb 2013: Four years ago, Pope Benedict abdicated

It has been four years.  It seems longer.  I captured quite a few images from the live coverage HERE.

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11 February 2013: Benedict XVI announced abdication

On this dark day in 2013, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he was to resign his office at Bishop of Rome.  He would step down on 28 February.
He announced to a hastily assembled consistory of Cardinals and others:
Dear Brothers,
I have convoked … Continue reading

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Rutler on the Pope’s abdication

Someone forwarded what Fr. George Rutler contributed to Crisis about the Pope’s abdication.  Let’s have a look with my emphases and comments.
Benedict’s Decision in the Light of Eternity
What God knows is not necessarily what God wills. Each pope is guaranteed the protection … Continue reading

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