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#ActonU 2019 Day 4: Great people… great content

I’ve been to a lot of conferences.   Often, things get behind schedule due to lack of planning and discipline (which is disrespectful of the participants and speakers). None of that at Acton University!  Things run on time.  You never have … Continue reading

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VARIA: Concrete parish project of reparation (PDF); Fighting back in Chicago; Disasters, death and YOU!; a little Latin (AUDIO); some super Catholic trivia.

Some various notes. Today I received the PDF of a booklet made for Sacred Heart parish in Grand Rapids, MI (the city in which you find the HQ of ACTON INSTITUTE).    This is what one parish is doing to … Continue reading

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ACTON INSTITUTE is accepting applications for the $15K 2018 Novak Award

Here is a public service announcement.  I received this from ACTON INSTITUTE: Now Accepting Applications for the 2018 Novak Award There is a little over two months left to apply for the Acton Institute’s esteemed Novak Award. The deadline to apply … Continue reading

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Washington DC – Wed 6 Dec – Free @ActonInstitute conference – live stream

I received this from a nice people at ACTON INSTITUTE: We have a free conference event coming up in Washington, D.C. this Wednesday. Father Sirico will be speaking at it, as well as Dr. Sam Gregg.  HERE [The topic is … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Bishops. Can’t answer? Then perhaps this isn’t your strongest suit.

Originally posted on: Nov 20, 2017 @ 11:03 In my text chats one of my interlocutors proposed: “Get someone from ACTON INSTITUTE to make a list of 10 questions that any bishop or priest should be able to answer correctly BEFORE opining … Continue reading

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Great VIDEO @ActonInstitute – @DrSamuelGregg on threats faced by religious believers around the world

Here is a sample of the content of Acton University. Description: Samuel Gregg, Director of Research at the Acton Institute, delivers the opening plenary lecture of Acton University 2017 at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gregg’s lecture focuses … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Marine Edition

Having concluded the festivities and intelllectual enhancement with Acton U, I turn my nose westward along with that of my car. As part of the adventure, and to avoid lots of construction around Chicago I’ve opted for the ferry from … Continue reading

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#ActonU 2017: Day 2

Day 2 started, as always, with Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form. In another room, there is the Ordinary Form (I think they use electric piano over there).  There is also, this year, an Orthodox Prayer service and a Protestant. … Continue reading

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#ActonU 2017: Day 0

We have gathered again in Grand Rapids MI for Acton University 2017. Once again there is a huge and diverse group from all over the world. Tonight we have registered and greeted lots of old friends and now our first … Continue reading

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Michael Novak – R.I.P.

I learned this from Acton Institute’s PowerBlog: Theologian, public intellectual, and close friend of the Acton Institute, Michael J. Novak Jr., passed away last night on February 16, 2017. Acton Institute President Rev. Robert A. Sirico reflects on the passing … Continue reading

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Fr. Sirico of @ActonInstitute on Pres. Trump’s Prayer Service

My friend Fr. Robert Sirico of ACTON INSTITUTE was one with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto for coverage of the Prayer Service the day after President Trump’s inauguration. Fr. Sirico and ACTON INSTITUTE make lefty catholics such as those at the … Continue reading

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Acton Institute’s Fr. Sirico comments on Pope Francis’ remarks on money

Did you see the comments which Our Holy Father made about money, capitalism, etc? Fr. Robert Sirico of ACTON INSTITUTE is well situated to add some comments of his own about money, capitalism, etc., to build on what the Holy … Continue reading

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Libertarians unmasked!

Like a bad commercial jingle that has become annoying ear worm, libs such as the catholic writers at the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) accuse anyone who favors expansive, dynamic free markets of being a Randian who hates the poor and – *GASP* … Continue reading

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Acton on giving the powerful a pass because they are famous

I am presently reading Lord Acton by Roland Hill.  US HERE UK HERE  It was highly recommended to me by Fr. Robert Sirico of ACTON INSTITUTE. I found this passage, which deals with Acton’s most famous quote, relevant to one of the … Continue reading

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“What’s the difference between a dissenting Catholic and a Protestant?”

On the heels of my post earlier today about bad Catholics, on the one hand, and the oblivious who drift (or dash) into some amorphous new “religion”, on the other, I note that Fr. Robert Sirico of Acton Institute has … Continue reading

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